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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Unknown
  • GT Interactive
  • Mature


Can I Have Some General Strategies?

Well, one thing I don't really like about this game is the difficulty. When the game throws five Lizard Enforcers at you at the same time, even on the easiest level, it just doesn't seem fair. You could try and edit the USER.CON to lower their strength, or you could also try to think when attacking the enemies. The best thing to remember is NEVER to go face- to-face with an enemy. Strafe back and forth, and fire. Run backwards if necessary. Shotgun ammo is usually abundant, so you're be best off using this weapon the most. Hiding behind walls and pillars provides some cover, so you can peek over the edge to look for anything to shoot. I found the best way to play the game is a combination between mouse and keyboard. I used the keyboard with my left hand to move Duke, and my right hand to aim, fire, and open doors. Using a Gravis Gamepad isn't too bad either, especially when you need fast response time you can't get with the keyboard. Remember that going to the bathroom and drinking water will increase your life. If you're low on health, shoot a fire hydrant, and drink from it. Doing so will increase your health by one each time. If you stick around long enough, you can get full health! Whenever you find Laser Tripbombs on the wall, don't bother running through -- you'll be toasted, or at least very injured. Instead, take a Pipebomb and throw it near the beams, then detonate. This will trigger the beams if you tossed it right. If you don't have any Pipebombs, shoot the bomb (not the beam) with a rocket. Try ducking under it if you don't have either of those weapons. Or as a last resort, lure an enemy through the lasers. If you suddenly start taking damage, and you don't know why, press the Backspace key. You'll twirl around at 180 degrees, so you can check who's on your six. Very useful, since you don't have that little Marine-face indicator you may have gotten used to in Doom. Many of the enemies in this game duck and start to fire. This makes your shots do less damage. Basically, just do the same things they do -- hit the dirt and fire back.


This is another one of those items that really seems to be only effective in multiplayer. When you use this item, a hologram of Duke will appear in front of your current position. It will stay in that place, distracting enemy fire. You can also turn it off and replace it anywhere you want. Great for a diversion!


Just like those illegal drugs, Steroids will increase adrenaline flowing through Duke's body. In the game this will mean that you will run VERY fast, and that your kicks are very powerful (like an equivalent to the Berserk Pack from Doom). Generally best when you run out of weapons, or you need to run away very fast. Remember kids -- don't imitate Duke and take these drugs, as they are bad (legal disclaimer) .

Night Vision Goggles

Unlike the Light Amplification Visor from DOOM, these goggles will NOT light up an entire sector. It only makes enemies in the dark visible. The rest of the room remains dark. Whenever you are wandering in light-deprived areas, put these on so you won't get killed by unseen enemies. Goggles can also be very useful in Dukematch. If your opponent can't see you, but you can see them...well, that's an obvious advantage. :)

Protective Boots

Aren't those puddles of radioactive goop and lava annoying? Now, you can get past them without doing damage to your lovely physique! Whenever you run over a harmful surface with these in your inventory, it won't do any damage. They are used automatically. However, the Boots DO take damage and wear out, so use them sparingly.

Portable Medikit

There isn't much to say about this--you can take this medical kit wherever you want. When you use it, it fills your life up to 100. It can only be used so much, but don't be afraid to use it. Unlike other games with items like this (like Heretic), if you are about to die, Duke won't use the Medikit automatically. Even if you have 90 HP left, it's worth using it to gain a bit more life.


Just what you think it would do: you can fly. In addition to using a Jetpack as an escape method, you can also use these to solve levels easily. For instance, if there's a high window you need to reach, just fly up. It's also fun to fly up, look down, and rain a fire of shots onto the bad guys. Just don't fly too high and let the fuel run out, otherwise you're a goner! Once your jetpack fuel reaches 15% or lower, find a spot to land.

Sea Mines

There's not a whole lot to say -- they look like giant balls with spikes in them. Swim into them and they go boom. Tip: Don't swim into them. Attempt to worm your way around them. Try using View Mode to see a larger view of your surroundings.

Scuba Gear

There are certain sections in the game that you will almost certainly drown in if you don't have Scuba Gear. Just as in real life, having one of these will allow you to be underwater for a long period of time. There is, of course, a limited supply of oxygen, but it does last awhile. You shouldn't have to worry about drowning until the tank gets to about 15%.

Organic Turret

This really doesn't require a lot of explaining. Turrets are simply wall, ceiling, or floor mounted guns. Although they are equipped with the same kind of weapons as normal Assault Troopers, the guns fire rapidly, and they major damage. Plus, unless you're close, they tend to be hard to hit. Get close and shoot when you discover a Turret. If that's not an option, try blowing it into subatomic particles with an RPG.


You probably won't find too Sharks too often. You find them occasionally swimming in the water, and they have a tendency to nibble at you. They won't do too much damage though. Simply blast them before they get close, and you'll be fine.

Overlord (Boss #2)

AKA Moon Assault Commander, this guy can best be described as a dinosaur with dual-missile launchers. He's surprisingly fast, can stomp right on top of you, and he shoots projectiles faster than the Devastator, and about the same strength as an RPG. See the end of Episode 2 section for tips on how to beat this really nasty bugger.

Battlelord (Boss #1)

There are actually two variations of this boss -- you will fight the tougher one at the end of L. A. Meltdown. You'll find the others in various parts of Lunar Apocalypse and Shrapnel City. The only difference is that the one at the end of the first episode takes many more hits than the others. In addition to having a chaingun, the Battlelord also has quick-firing mortar shells that, if they get close to you, can make your day very bad. Check the episode 1 hints for strategies on how to beat the first boss. When fighting these guys at other points in the game, just stay back, hide behind something, and fire away with an RPG.

Fat Assault Commander

You can definitely know when these guys are in the area with their voice (they seem to be saying "suck it down"). Assault Commanders float around and fire rockets at you, just like the kind that you fire out of an RPG. If they get close to you, these enemies will start to spin, shredding you. Whenever fighting these enemies, stay at a distance AND DON'T STOP MOVING! The quickest and easiest way to deal with one of these buggers is to shrink them, and then squish them.

Protozoid Slimer

Remember the facehuggers from the Aliens movies? These creatures seem to bare a remarkable resemblance. They hatch out of eggs, and sort of jump around the place, looking for prey (mainly, you). And, just like Alien, they have acid blood, so watch your step when you kill one of these buggers. Once they find you, they'll latch on to you and start gnawing. You'd better kill them quick. The best strategy is a back away quickly, firing a Ripper cannon. If they get close enough, just take your Shotgun to get them off your face.

Sentry Drone

The best way to know when these guys are coming is the sound that they make -- they sound suspiciously like the Imps from DOOM. In any case, when they see you, they charge at you and explode when they get close enough. Run backwards and shoot the Drones while they're homing in on you. They seem to take a couple of hits, so one shot won't do it.

Lizard Enforcer

Also known as Lizardmen, Enforcers are the black- clad lizards with noserings that fire their chainguns at you. They also have a tendency to hock some radioactive goop at you. If all of these attacks weren't enough, they are also very fast, and can leap right next to you and attack. Luckily, they don't take as many hits as, say, an Octabrain, but they are a tough kill. If you MUST face them head on, make sure to have lots of armor. Whenever fighting one of these guys, don't stay still, but keep moving and shoot them with any weapon you have (a Shotgun seems to work well). Also, they usually kneel before they spit something at you, so get ready to move when they stand still.


This guy is the enemy that really ticks me off. If you hear the annoying scream that they make, beware! They look like large, floating squids, and they take tons of hit. In addition to firing psychic blasts at you, they can bite you to shreds at close distances. However, the psychic blasts can be dodged (move quick!), and if you keep far away, you'll obviously be safe from their teeth. Personally, I think the best way to deal with them is to get at a far-away distance, and blast them unto death with an RPG or Devastator. You can use other weapons, but it will take many, many rounds of ammo to kill them.

Recon Patrol Vehicle

RPV's are those flying vehicles you see in the air being flown by Pig Cops. Your best bet is simply to run past them, and hope they don't hit you. However, if this is not an option, find some cover and fire up with either an RPG or a Devastator.

Pig Cop

It's easy to recognize these guys -- giant pigs in LAPD uniforms. They carry shotguns, and take many hits. You probably won't want to face these guys head on, so find some cover and fire away from behind there. When they duck, you should duck, so you have a better shot. They occasionally drop used body armor or their shotgun.

Assault Captain

These guys are essentially the same as the Assault Trooper, except their vests are red, and they transport around randomly. Very annoying, and they have a tendency to transport right behind you.

Assault Trooper

These are the normal lizard troopers you see around, wearing green vests. They carry a laser pistol that really doesn't so a whole lot of damage, but can fire rather rapidly. They also have a tendency to turn on their jetpacks and fly around. They occasionally drop pistol ammo.

Laser Tripbomb

Tripbombs can only be set on walls, and after two seconds it emits a laser beam. Anything that hits the beam will cause the bomb to detonate, doing major damage. Several Tripbombs can be set close to each other, creating a web of lasers. And when one bomb goes off, the other bombs near by will be tripped too, causing a really big BOOM. Truthfully, this weapon is close to useless in one player mode (except against certain bosses). In fact, I've seen Pig Cops walk right through these without sustaining any damage. Check the multiplayer section for more info pertaining to setting traps with these weapons.


In what seems to be somewhat of a homage to Hexen, the Freezethrower shoots miniature crystals very fast. When you hit the enemies enough, they freeze, and then you can shatter them. This weapon isn't very well documented in the manual, so here's an explanation: one shot with a Freezethrower will not automatically freeze any enemy. In fact, it does damage to the enemy, and quite a bit of it too. Before the enemy dies (i.e. he has one hit point left) he will freeze, which will allow you to go up and shatter him. However, if he thaws, just hit him with any weapon and he'll die. This all means that you can use Freezethrowers against bosses (something you can't do with a Shrink Ray). Also note that the projectiles of the Freezethrower will bounce off walls and hurt Duke, so be careful when firing! Contrary to the instruction book, ammo packs come in 25, not 50.


This weapon is hurled at a arc, then lands on the ground. You can then detonate it by pressing the fire button again. Like other 3D games, the longer you hold down the button, the farther Duke will throw the bomb. You can also aim up or down to change the arc. There are a few interesting tricks you can do with a Pipebomb. For instance, to throw multiple Pipebombs, then set them off at once, throw a bomb, press the 6 key, throw another one, press 6, etc. Then, throw one, and press fire to make them all go off in a blaze! You can also lay Pipebombs on the floor by ducking and pressing fire. Pipebombs are most useful is either attacking enemies at a different vertical height, or when setting traps in Dukematch.

Shrink Ray

Just what it sounds like ... it shrinks the enemy to a tiny, harmless being where it can then be splatted. One shot usually does it to all enemies, except bosses. A pretty good weapon, although ammo tends to blend in the background and is difficult to find.

Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher

A bazooka-type weapon, more commonly known as the RPG. It shoots out rockets that make bad guys explode into a rain of blood. You shouldn't be close whenever firing this weapon -- in fact, you REALLY far away when shooting one of these, as their blast radius is bigger than the standard rocket in other 3D games.


The obligatory first-person shooter shotgun.

Ripper Cannon

More commonly known as the Chaingun in earlier versions, the Ripper is a three barreled cannon that fires rounds very, very fast. A very useful weapon for tearing several enemies to bit, although you can find yourself running out of ammo terribly fast.


Ah, yes. The good old pistol. This is actually a pretty good weapon, since it fires its rounds very fast. However, after 12 clips of ammunition, Duke has to stop and reload his gun, which means a delay in shooting. Make sure that you can dodge the enemy's shots while a new clip is being inserted.


For those of you who've played Rise of the Triad, remember the fun you had whenever you brought out the dual pistols and mowed the enemies down? Well, replace those two pistols with two rocket launchers, and you've got a good idea what the Devastator is (and how much fun it is to use). Basically, it fires tiny missiles very, very fast. The shots aren't as powerful and don't cause as big of an explosion as an RPG will. Just like the Ripper, it eats up ammo incredibly fast, so be conservative. Contrary to the instruction book, you get Devastator ammo in packs of 15, not 50.

Mighty Foot

This weapon is simply your foot. Not very strong, yes, but it doesn't use an ammo, and can be used to kick grates and things like that you shouldn't need to waste ammo on. You can also do a "quick kick" by pressing the tilde (~) key, which means you can smash something without having to lower your weapon and kick it. If you want, you can make Duke do what people have dubbed the "scissor kick". Change to #1 weapon, then while pressing Ctrl, also press the tilde key. Now, Duke is kicking both of his legs at once!

Cycloid Emperor (Boss #3)

Also known as Bad Ass, this guy can really dish out punishment. In addition to throwing rockets out of his too claws, he also spits out several of the waves that Octabrains attack with. For a guy that's so big, he moves awfully fast, and like the rest of the bosses, can squash you silly. Check out the episode 3 area for info on how to beat him.

Bathroom Break

Once on LEVEL 2, Go to the comic shop and go in the back and find the bathroom. Go up to a urinal and press the SPACE BAR button. Duke will put his gun down and start to use the bathroom.

Opponent Viewpoint

Begin a modem multiplayer game and enable recording on the options screen. Then while playing a game, press K to view the game from your opponent's view point.


Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes: 


dncornholio or dnkroz		Toggle God mode
dnstuff			All weapons, maximum ammo, all keys
dnitems			Maximum armor, all keys
dnkeys			All keys
dnweapons			All weapons and ammo
dnunlock			Toggle all doors
dninventory			All inventory
dnmonsters			Toggle monsters
dneat			Full health
dnnuk			Full ammo
dnhyper			Unlimited steroids
dnscotty[episode number][level number]   Level select
dnending			End episode
dncashman			Press [Space] for money
dnview			Alternate viewpoint
dnskill[skill level 0-4]		Change skill level
dnclip			Walk through some walls
dnrate			Display frame rate
dndebug			Display debug information
dncoords			Display coordinates
dnshowmap			Display entire map
dnbeta			"Pirates Suck" message
dncosmo			"Register Cosmo" message
dnallen			"Buy Major Stryker" message
dntime			Display message
dntodd			Display message


While in play press "dncornholio"


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