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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Unknown
  • Microsoft
  • Teen
  • September 1, 2001


Play Multiplayer By Yourself

You can play in multiplayer mode by yourself if you have 2 computers and a LAN. Join the game from both machines. From Player2 click on Player1. This will make Player2 follow and defend the Player1. This is especially effective if you have a strong character and you are trying to quickly advance a new one. (Player2 should be the weaker character.) If Player2 becomes unconscious, or the two get separated, you will have to reclick to relink them.

Use Summoned Creatures As Cannon Fodder

As soon as you get the ability to summon creatures, get in the habit of keeping them with you. Especially if you are the only person in your party. "Throw" them out in front of you to draw fire, or trip any traps. Open a door, cast the creature in and then shut the door to let them take out the badies. Once your creature is dead, repeat the process as often as needed. With a little work, you can also cast them on a platform and then lower the platform while keeping your character safely at the switch.

Equipment Loses 50% Value After Sale

When you are buying equipment, prices stay the same during your session. As soon as you close the shop screen and reopen it, your equipment will be worth only 50% of what you payed for it. (Do all your decision making during the same session.)

Always Buy Biggest Potions

When you are buying potions, often there is only one big bottle and lots of little bottles. To make more big bottles show up, click the POTIONS button after buying all the big bottles. The screen will refresh with more big bottles.

Extra Easy Skill Levels

To get extra skill levels all you have to do is go east and find some witches and they will summon many demons. Kill the monsters(not the witches)that they summon. If you are on god mode it is a heck of a lot easier(+zool) and lots of demon summons(sixdemonbag).

Duplicate Items

If you have a LAN at your house (or wherever you play) you can duplicate items by doing the following. Put Dungeon Siege on two of the computers, first. After that, go into your 'My Documents' folder and go to the Dungeon Siege 'Save' folder. Find the files with your character's name and copy and paste them into the same folder on the other computer. The character is now on both computers so start a lan game with one and join with the other. Now take the item you want duplicated and drop it. Make the other pick it up. Then save and exit out to Windows and repeat the copy and pasteing again. After that is complete both your characters will have 2 of the item and you can duplicate again giveing each character 4 of the item... This does work, i have done it. It works great for good rings that raise stats, or that awesome weapon that everyone will trade ya for.

Faster Skill Gain

In the Eastern Swamp there are witch's there who summon creatures, they usually group in 4's kill 1 or 2 and let the others continue to summon creatures. DO NOT KILL THE WITCH'S just kill the creatures they summon.

A Hint

Right-click to change spells. Rather then opening up your paper doll, selecting your spell book and then shuffling spells around, simply right-click on the spell in the main UI and it will bring up a list of all available spells in your spell book. You can then left-click on the spell you want and it will change on the fly!

Another Hint

Increase your framerate. To help get better framerates be sure that you have shadows set to "Simple" or if you are on a lower-end machine - just turn them off all together. You won`t miss them -- not with all the other eye candy you`ll be looking at -- and you might just gain 3-5 more FPS in the process.

Another Hint

Slow the game down. If you`re finding things going too fast for you, you can slow the speed down by using CTRL -. This will give you time to figure out what`s going on. You can speed it back up by simply pressing CTRL +.

Another Hint

Use quick-slots. Use the 1-4 keys to quickly select your four hotkey slots. This way you can select 3 or 4 in the heat of battle and use that Healing Hands spell to raise a fallen party member.

Another Hint

Organize your party. Group your party by using the ctrl+F1-F8 etc. This allows you to group all the skill typed characters together. When you want to select your group of archers, for example, press F1 (whatever key you assigned your group to) and you can easily select them. You can do the same for mages and fighters as well. CTRL +A automatically selects all party members for you.

Another Hint

Plenty of Potions. The worlds of Dungeon Siege are immense. On your long journeys between towns or shops, it is critical to have enough mana and health potions. You will not always be able to find enough potions as you battle the monsters along the way. So make sure you buy enough health and mana potions to last on the long trip. Also, keep in mind when buying potions that Rejuvenation Potions can only be used once. You use the whole rejuvenation potion when you drink it, so you`ll need plenty of them.

Another Hint

Remap hotkeys. Remap camera controls and potion hotkeys for ease-of-use. Consider mapping WASD keys to rotate and raise/lower the camera. Then choose R and F to remap your health and mana potion hotkeys as well. This allows you to use your mouse to focus on the battles and leave the camera control to your hotkeys. You`ll never have to take your eyes off the screen to sip a health potion either.

Another Hint

Save often! The default quick-save key is F9. You can also quick-load by using F11.

Another Hint

Right-click to attack. Also use right-click to target. That way if you miss clicking directly on your enemy, you won`t go running head-first into harm`s way.

Another Hint

Quick purchases. When buying potions instead of using left mouse drag into inventory box. Use CTRL+right-click to automatically put potions into your inventory without having to drag-and- drop.


Cheat Mode

Press [Enter] during game play and type [Plus] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code, type [Minus] followed by the code.











Small Character


Remove Textures


Remove A Fog Of War


Record A Movie


Maximum Damage




Enable Selection Rings


Enable Mouse


Display Game Version


Clicks Not Required


Chunk Factor


Big Character


Always Chunky


999999 Gold


150 More Demons


Cheat Mode

Press [Enter] during game play and type [Plus] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code, type [Minus] followed by the code.


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