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  • Role-Playing, Strategy RPG
  • Unknown
  • Koei Corp
  • Teen
  • September 15, 2002


Getting Lu Bu

To get Lu Bu you go through the Cao Cao campaign until they give you a choice to attack Yuan Shu or attack Lu Bu with Liu Bei. Form an army of you're choice and attack Yuan Shu's capital. After you defeat him it will tell you that you have to attack Lu Bu. After you win, it will bring up a scene where Lu Bu is begging for his life. Cao Cao and Guo Jia get into an argument but eventually Lu Bu joins.

Travel Further Faster

When you are on one side of the map and you need to get on the other side disband your army and rebuild. This is mainly for the beginning of the game but comes in handy when you need to get home to quell a rebellion.

Liu Bei Campaign

When doing the campaign as Liu Bei, first you must defeat Coa Ren. Afterwards, Lu Bu offers a truce. DO NOT take it. Instead, defeat him swiftly in the four turns you have. When your battling him, use alot of tactical combos against his troops to capture him and use him in future fights against Cao Cao.

Easy Win

If you hate having to go through the hassle of defeating the enemies listen up. Equipt a guy with taunt or pit. Use it on the flag holder and gang up on him. Also, try to get your flagholder's special. It will come in handy.

Instant Bow Riders (Cao Cao's Force Only)

How to get harness: I'm not sure but I know you have to get to the chapter where you have to take over Cheng Du from that Basxxxx Sun Quan and that sissy pimp Liu Bei that thinks he's cool because he conned the great Guan Yu and the Beach Ball Zhang Fei to do blood brothers with him. Oath in the Garden my a$$. I had left Dynasty Tactics for three months so when I loaded my data, I saw I had "Harness". When you get the special item harness, it gives you +30 expierience and can turn any cavary or horsemen into bow riders. The trick is you equip the item, Deng Ai for example, his horsemen will be able to turn to Bow Riders. After you upgrade Deng Ai, un-equip the item. Then take Han Hao for exaple and repeat the steps. It works best when you can't get those frustrating 1-10 Exp. points to upgrade Xiahou Dun of Xiahou Yuan to Brigaders! Remember to un-equip "Harness" when your done.

Item Locations

Character:		Item: 

Bei Ping		Legends- skill fortitude
Chang An		Avenger- STR +15
Cheng Du		Arbalest- archer EXP +30
Han Zhong		War manual- skill spy
Jian An		Spell book- INT +10
Jian Ning		Treatise- LEA +10
Jian Ye		Sun Tzu- skill genius
Jiou Chuan		Arabian- skill speed
Liao Dong		Book of Gods- INT +20
Ling Ling		On Valor- skill zeal
Luo Yang		Seven star- STR +20
Pan Yang		On policy- skill diplomat
Ping Yuan		Way of peace- INT +15
Pu Yang		Pike- Infantry EXP +30
Ru Nan		Wo Tzu- skill guard
Tian Shui		Harness- Calvary EXP +30
Wan		The 6 books- Skill strategie
Xiang Yang		Book of arms- Special EXP +30
Xin Pi		Xun Tzu- skill fame
Xu Chang		Blue blade- STR +15
Ye		3 strategies- skill wile
Yu Lin		Histories- LEA +20
Yu Nan		Wu Tzu- skill support
Zi Tong		Analects- LEA +15

Items Obtained By Generals

NOTE: To receive item you must have high combos of 3 or above

Blue dragon- skill might got by Guan Yu
Crescent- skill menace got by Lu Bu
Lao Tzu- skill hero got by Yuan Shao
Meng Da- skill overlord got by Cao Cao
On archery- skill archery got by Huang Zhong
Sun Blade- STR +10 got by Sun Quan/Ce

Long Distance Army Swaps

One of the obstacles in the game is having a strong force on one side of the map while needing that force on the other side. Since the distance per turn rules bar any army from getting across the map in one turn, this can lead to a second rate army having to fight a first rate army. If the two distant armies are connected by territory (linked to the capital), you can simply trade one army for another by using the following trick. Choose "Form" at one army and remove all the generals and strategist (swap the commander for a different one). Then, swap those free generals and the commander for the generals on the weaker army. Another benefit of this is that later in the game, when you want to expand, you can set up armies with only a commander (smaller armies allow for more armies), and send them out toward cities you want to take. If you think that you might have to fight a battle to take a city (if it is not empty), use the general swap trick for an instant army.

Early Unit Types

If you have an item that increases the EXP of a certain unit category (for example, Arbalest - Archery EXP +30), equip it on a person with the corresponding unit category. After doing so, choose a certain unit type with the higher EXP points. After you have selected one, you can unequip the item, and have the new class with your basic EXP.


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