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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Koei Corp
  • Teen
  • September 23, 2002


Get Nemen King

To get the Nemen king you go to the level "The Nemen King" can be any mode. To get him defeat him seven times, when you do that go to his castle and defeat him there he'll appear every where so go there quick.

Nu Wa's 4th Weapon

To get Nu Wa's 4th Weapon, go to the battle at Wan Castle under Zhang Xiu's forces on hard mode, kill Dian Wei, find the Special item, and kill Cao Cao to end the level. You should obtain Nu Wa's 4th Weapon, Nu Wa's Rapier that easy. (Her weapon name is almost as original as Fu Xi's.)

Fu Xi's 4th Weapon

Go to the Surprise Attack on Liu Biao under Liu Biao's forces on hard mode and kill Huand Gai. A special item will appear at the dead end with absolutely nothing in it. Then kill Sun Jian to end the level. If you want to make sure you get the weapon, kill Huang Gai's sub-officers first. If you do it right, you should obtain Fu Xi's 4th Weapon, Fu Xi's Sword. (Original name, huh?)

Gan Ning's 4th Weapon

To earn this weapon, set the difficulty to hard mode and go to the Battle at He Fei as the Wu forces. (Not The Siege of He Fei Castle.) Head to Cao Cao's fortress the moment you start the level. Then wait until Taishi Ci gets ambushed by Zhang Liao's bowmen. After he dies, it should tell you that a supply unit has appeared. Try to kill the supply captain as quick as possible, as he will try to retreat the moment his unit appears. After you retrieve the weapon he drops, go kill Cao Cao. If by any chance the level does not end when he dies, go to Sun Quan. All the level's remaining officers will be after him. After you kill them, escort Sun Quan to Cao Cao's base. The level should then end. Either way you do this, you should still obtain Gan Ning's fourth weapon, Sea Master.

Lu Bu's 4th Weapon: Sky Scorcher

Play the Huo La Gate on the hard difficulty setting. Play as Dong Zhuo's forces. Take out Yuan Shu and the gates. Then go straight up from there where Lui Bei is. Take out Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, then Lui Bei. After you do that a Supply Unit will appear in the north and head to where the other one does in the middle in the north. Lu Bu's Sky Scorcher will then be found. you will love this weapon.

Sun Jian's 4th Weapon

Play the Surprise Attack on Liu Biao on the hard difficulty setting. Take out the bottom gates and then take out in order Huang Zu, Zhang Hu, Kuai Liang(for safe measures), and Lu Gong. the Special Items message will show up. His fourth weapon can then be found about the same palce you started but in the upper right corner of the bottom half.

Hu Loa Gate: Hidden Items

In Hu Loa Gate, on top of the Han Shui Gate is a Musou +10. On the Hu Loa Gate is a Life +10.

Tong Gate: Hidden Items

You can get an easy Life +10 at the top left by your gate. To the top right of their gate is a Musou +10. Chose the allied team (not Cao Cao's) to do it in less than seven minutes.

Surprise Attack On Liu Biao: Saving Sun Jian

In order to save Sun Jian from being crushed, you must kill Kuai Liang before Sun Jian arrives at the area that he is normally killed in. Try going directly to Kwai Liang without fighting any Gate Guards or Lu Gong. This will stall Sun Jian. Another way to save him is to play as his character.

Yellow Turban Rebellion: Hidden Items

There is a Musuo +10 near the Gate for the Yellow Turban to the far left. Head down close to the outside land and you will find it there. The Life +10 is found just outside the river opening to the castle on the north side. There is also another Musou +10 at the second protrusion from the south on the West Castle Wall. There is also another Life +10 at the second protrusion from the north of the East Castle Wall.

Yi Ping: Hidden Items

Chose the easy difficulty setting to get +4 Four Attack from both Gan Ning and Lu Meng and +4 Defense from Sun Shang Xiang and Lu Xun. Life +10 and Musou +10 are also in the maze. Complete this in less than 25 minutes with a fourth weapon and good stats.

Zhou Yu Singing And Dancing

Play through Musou mode under any difficulty setting as Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao to have Zhou Yu as the singer/dancer in the ending sequence. He still has the woman's voice, and does the same exact dance.

Zhen Ji Dancing

Successfully complete the game with Dian Wei to see Zhen Ji dancing

Alternate Costumes

Press A or X when selecting a character to choose between two costume colors.

Battle At Yi Ling: Easy Defense Level Up

Play the level with a new character with at least their second weapon. Kill Sun Shang Xian and Lu Xun with a 20+ hit combo for a total of Defense +16. Repeat this as needed.

Battle At Yi Ling: Easy Attack Level Up

Play the level under any difficult setting. Acquire a second weapon for your character. Then, kill Gan Ning, Lu Meng and Cheng Pu with a 20+ hit combo or kill them with one Musou attack only. Gan Ning and Lu Meng together provide Attack +16. Then, kill Cheng Pu the same way to get a total of Attack +18 for the entire level. Repeat this as needed.

Zhuge Liang's Special Item

Play The Battle Of Wu Zhang Plain level under the hard difficulty setting. Choose the Shu forces and use Zhuge Liang. Let the first Wei reinforcement appear and kill Cao Xiu, who is the main general for the reinforcement. After you done that, the special item message will appear for Zhuge Liang's fourth weapon.

Zhu Rong (Nanman Forces)

Play The Nanman Campaign level under the hard difficulty setting. Chose the Nanman forces and use Zhu Rong. Let two of the generals from your force retreat. When the morale is low, Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan will say something like "We can do no more" and "This battle will do us no good". Once they are finished saying that, they will retreat. After they retreat, the special item message for Zhu Rong's fourth weapon will appear.

Zhou Yu's Special Item

Play as Sun Quan's forces at the battle of Chi Bi. Wait for Zhuge Liang to blow the winds then defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang He. The special item message will appear. Zhou Yu's fourth weapon can now be found in the center of the ship.

Zhen Ji's Special Item

Play the Jie Ting level under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Jiang Wei and his fourth weapon can be found around Zhuge Lian's camp.

Red Hare Saddle

On Hu Loa Gate, once you defeat Lu Bu a supply unit will appear (usually to the north). Defeat the supply captain and you will get a secret item.Then finish the level and equipt it anytime.

Power Scroll

At the battle of He Fei, defeat Gan Ning to get the Power Scroll.

Get Buckler

Play the He Fie level as the Wu side. Allow Taishi Ci to get killed in the arrow attack, then retreat with Sun Quan to the lower right corner of the level, to the broken bridge. You will jump over the bridge with Sun Quan. About five minutes later, Zhang Liao will attack Sun Quan. Defeat Zhang Liao and he will drop the item.

Get The Bodyguard Manual

At the Siege Of He Fan Castle level, go to where Xhu Zhu is located. Defeat him on the ridge and the "Special Item Discovered" message will appear. Complete the level and you will have the Bodyguard Manual, which makes your bodyguards stronger

Huan Gai's 4th Weapon

Play Huang Gai under the hard difficulty setting at the battle of Chi Bi for Allied forces. Follow orders to execute the fire attack against the Wei (Cao Cao's) forces. Defeat Zhang Liao (and possibly some other generals as well) before defeating Cao Cao. A "Special Item" should be found near the place of prayer at the southwestern end of the map.

Get The Art Of War Scroll

Play The Siege Of Hei Fei Castle on any difficulty. Defeat all generals except Sun Quan and the special item message will appear. Go to the big boat that Sun Quan is on to receive the Art of War Scroll. It doubles the time of the effect of the Defense and Attack times two for thirty seconds and Musou full for ten seconds.

Get Nu Wa

Clear Musou mode with Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, and Zhen Ji.

Get Fu Xi

Clear Musou mode with Cao Cao, Lui Bei, and Sun Quan.

How To Get Lu Bu

To obtain this wonderful character you must go to the Huo Lao gate level on Hard diffuculty. You must kill 1,000 characters and kill Lu Bu. Once you do this you will have Lu Bu.


All Shu Genarals

Press White, Black, X, Y, White, R, L, Black at the main menu. A sound will comfirm right code. [note. do this cheat several times.]

In-game Reset

Press Start + Back during game play. Note: This only works in certain screens.


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