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  • Action, Adventure
  • Omega Force
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  • Teen
  • March 27, 2003


Unlock Jiang Wei (Shu)

Play evry last level for every act until you get Battle of Tian Shui. Wait for Zhuge Liang to tell his plan, then go kill Jiang Wei's sub-offic er, but don't kill Jiang Wei, after that beat the level.

Cao Ren: 10th Level Weapon (Roc)

Set Difficulty to hard mode. Choose the siege of fan castle level. I suggest you get two players to do this. You must quickly destroy the siege ramps that are moving to the east and west gates and the catapaults at the south and north gates. You must quickly do this before they give up on the castle. After all of the catapaults/siege ramps are destroyed Lu Meng will charge, Kill him. You cannot kill ANY OTHER enemy generals before you Lu Meng. After Lu Meng is killed the weapon will be yours.

Dian Wei: 10th Weapon (Mad Bull)

Set difficulty to hard mode then select the battle of Wan Castle. To get this weapon have one player be Cao Cao and the other be Dian Wei. The person who is Cao Cao must NOT GET HIT AT ALL. Dian Wei must meet with Cao Cao then defeat every single enemy on the level until there is no other enemies remaining. Once all enemies are gone you must trigger the movie where Cao Cao says " curses we have been trapped" then Xu Zhu will break through a door. After that movie Zhang Xiu will reappear and you should then a message will appear that Dian Wei has recieved his ultimate weapon Mad Bull. (REMEMBER: Cao Cao CANNOT be hit AT ALL for this to work.)

Pang Tong: Level 10 Weapon

Set Hard mode as Difficulty then choose Battle of Luo Castle. To get his weapon you must first decline the duel from Zhang Ren then lure him over the southern bridge and then destroy it. After that kill Zhang Ren and the weapon is yours.

Lu Bu: Guan Du Level Appearance

This must be dome in Musou mode. Get to the level at Xi Pi as Cao Cao forces Destroy the carriage that will make Yaun Shu appear as a ally for Lu Bu. Do not kill Diao Chan, but make all Lu Bu's men surrender and kill the general at the top, because he will not surrender. After all that is done, Lu Bu will retreat with Diao Chan. Then, go to Guan Du and Lu Bu will appear. He mostly appears when you destroy the Wen Chou compound. Note: If you kill Lu Bu, Yuan Shoa's morale will drop massively, allowing you easy victory.

Riding On A Horse

When you are by a horse press X to get on the horse (it doesn't matter which horse it is) (if is doesn't work, keep trying. I did it my self) (If you have a problem, then please comment on this cheat code).

Wu Tales 5: Guan Yu God Of War

In Chapter four, skip the battle of Xia Kuo. *NOTE If the Fall of Wu is Chapter 5, then in the Battle of Yi Ling clear the stage without defeating Guan Yu.

Shu Tales 5: Battle Of Tian Sui

When you reach Chapter Three skip the battle of Bo Wan Po (you may complete the battle of Chang Ban) then move on to Chi Bi and make sure the fire attack fails. You can do this by defeating Zhuge Liang and Huang Gai, or you can defeat Cao Cao before they have a chance to succeed.

Shadow Rider Saddle

Play the Battle At Tong Gate level as the Shu forces. First, defeat the four generals in the bottom right corner, then defeat Xu Huang's sub-officer and then Xu Huang. Defeat Cao Cao's two sub-generals, then wait for Han Sui to meet with Cao Cao. After that, fight Cao Cao's men until his morale is one star. Wait for both of the following things to happen: an intermission sequence showing some of Cao Cao's men finding lots of horses; and Han Sui declining defection where he says "Ma Chao is like a son to me". The special item will then appear near the bottom right enemy Gate Captain. (note works better with 2 players)

Zhou Tai Level 10 Weapon

To obtain Zhou Tai's level 10 weapon, Dusk, play his legend under hard difficult setting. When the level starts, go right to the castle that Sun Quan is in, and defeat the guard captain that is blocking the door. When you do, the doors will open, then run straight to Sun Quan, and trigger the "Talk to Sun Quan event" by going to him. Once you do, a message will appear saying that Zhou Tai has gained the ultimate weapon Dusk.

Power Rune

To obtain the power rune, play Zhuge Liang's legend under any setting, and do exactly what it tells you. Example, if it tells you to defeat Yue Ying, defeat her right away!

Storm Harness

To obtain the Storm harness, play Dong Zhuo's legend under any setting. Kill Yuan Shao when he appears. The message saying that a valuable item has been discovered will appear, and it will be at the Northeast corner of the map.

Zhou Tai Level 10 Weapon

Do Zhou Tai's legend under hard mode. Go straight to the castle when the level starts, and defeat the guard captain that is guarding the castle doors. Once you defeat him, the castle doors will open, and you will need to run straight to Sun Quan, and then a video should come up where he talks to you. After that, a message should appear that says,"Zhou Tai has gained the ultimate weapon Dusk"

Storm Runner

To obtain storm runner, play Lu Bu's musou or free mode in campaign against Cao Cao. Go south from your starting point and kill Cao Zhang. After doing so, the enemy will ambush you. Destroy Xu Huang(ambush party leader)and head south of the battlement. Go to the area on the left and the other enemy ambush party will flee because you've spoiled their ambush. Once you spoil the ambush, go to the center of the battlement and eliminate the officer there. The north battlement gate should open. Then head south and kill the officer in front of Cao Cao's fortress and its gates should open. Go into the fortress and defeat Dian Wei. The doors will close and Xiahou Dun will ambush your forces in the northwest. Defeat the gaurd captain in the fortress and hurry towards Xiahou Dun's unit.Defeat Xiahou Dun and a valuable item will be discovered in Cao Cao's fortress. Its around the area where Cao Cao is sitting. Take the item and defeat Cao Cao.

Fire Arrows

First, you must get the level "Unification of Jing". All you must do to get this level is play Wu Musou Mode once allthe way though. Then play again but in act 3 play Campaign for Jing first. After you beat it it will be Wu tales. Select Unification of Jing. Once you start the level defeat Wang Lang's sub officer and a supply team will appear. Defeat the supply captain for the item, then beat the level.

Power Scroll

Never lose weapon deadlocks. Play the Yellow Turban Fortress on the Yellow Turbans side (free mode/easy). Defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei. The Supply Captain will appear at the North East gate. Defeat the Supply Captain to receive the item box.

Rapier Level 10

Play the Yellow Turban Menance level on hard. You must have a Level 9 rapier. Defeat the officers on the west and east sides of the castle then defeat the officer that ambushes in the castle then defeat the officer that ambushes at the north gate of the castle. After doing this you should get the level 10 Rapier

Sun Quan Level 10 Weapon (Master Wolf)

Play the Battle of He Fei on the hard difficultly setting on the Wu side. Wait until Zhang Liao lures Sun Jian across the bridge and destroys it. After Zhang Liao disappears wait till he reappears near Sun Jian and then kill him. This should give you Sun Quan's level 10 Weapon. It's ok to defeat other officers before killing Zhang Liao.

Xu Huang: 10th Level Weapon (Marauder)

Select hard mode difficulty. Choose battle of Guan Du. All you must do is let the the rams destroy the walls of Guan Du. After the walls fall you must destroy Wu Chao supply depot. After Wu Chao is destroyed the weapon will be yours.(I suggest that you dont kill any enemy generals that way the rams will be better protected and wont be destroyed.)

Sima Yi: 10th Weapon (Dark Feather)

Set difficulty to hard mode and choose Wu Zhang Plains as the level. All you must do is defeat Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, and Ma Chao. The catch is Sima Yi must kill them no one else. After they are all defeated a message will flash across the screen that Sima Yi has obtained his ultimate weapon "Dark Feather". (I recommend having Lu Bu as the second player to help weaken them so Sima Yi can move in for the quick kill.)

Dong Zhuo: Level 10 Weapon (Horror)

First off you must set the difficulty to hard mode then choose the level: Lu Bu's Revolt. All you must do is eliminate every single enemy on the level (including regular troops) until only Lu Bu is left (make sure you kill ALL of his troops too). Once only Lu Bu is left he should say "For now on I walk this path alone." After that a message should appear that Dong Zhuo has received his level 10 weapon Horror. Then kill Lu Bu and the level will end and you will have your level 10 weapon for Dong Zhuo.

Wu- Tales The Mandate Of Heaven

To unlock the level "The mandate of heaven." Play the level on mosou "Hu Lao gate." Don't play the level "Shi shui gate." Then after you beat that level it will say "Wu-tales, the mandate of heaven."

Taishi Ci Level10 Weapon

Go to the campaign for the Wu Territory. Defeat Yu Mi before he retreats then defeat Zhang Ying.

Help At The Nanman Stage (Wu/ Shu Side)

At the begining of the stage kill Yong Kia's two sub-officers and then kill him and then Dong Tu Ne and that other guy near him will defect to your side.

Easy Kills

Stay by the Gate Captain, but don't kill him. Enemies will keep running out. Kill those enemies. (Again, don't kill the Gate Captain)(I haven't tested it out myself yet, but it was told to me by a friend. I rented it, & he told me after I brought it back.)

Yellow Turbans/ Zhang Jiao

To unlock the Yellow Turbans Forces, simply beat every campain. (Wei, Wu, Shu, Lu Bu, Dong Zhou, Yuan Shao, and Nanman

Unlocking Taishi Ci

Play Sun Ce in musou mode on the level with Lui Yong as the comander. First defeat Taishi Ci, then a scene appears were Sun Ce says "Make a new world with me." Then finish the level and he will be unlocked.

Zhang Zhaos Force

To get this force beat the game with meng hou.

Defeating Lu Bu

This trick will take quite a long time, but is worth it. Before facing Lu Bu, charge up your Musou. Then, charge towards him (from behind, if possible). Use your Musou on him. After he is on the ground, use this chance to run away. Charge up your Musou again and return to attack him. Your Musou could be more powerful when your life bar is red. This will set Lu Bu on fire.

Easy Stats And Experience

If you have a strong character capable of completing levels with a difficulty rating of about six or more and you need upgrading, go to the Mt. Ding Jun level. Fight for the Shu side. Once in the level, fight your way towards Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He. If you defeat Xiahou Yuan, he will give you +4 attack and 1228 weapon experience points. Zhang He will give you +4 defense and a little less experience points. If your character is not strong enough to battle at Mt.Ding Jun, select the Battle of Guan Du level and fight for Wei. There are many officers and Zhang He, Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei all drop +2 power-ups. Go to the Unification Of Jiang Dong level in the Wu Territory under the medium difficulty setting. All generals and their officers give a minimum of +2 to attack/defence, and the rest give +4. The difficulty for the level is only rated for 4 on medium difficulty. Weapon experience is not very high, however, and you will only acquire about 3000 weapon experience points (more if you juggle the Named Ones).


You do not have to do anything special in order to get an Orb. They appear randomly. For the Orb element to take effect, you must have a full Musuo bar. If your character has a level 10 weapon, then a full Musuo bar is not required. Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level on the Han side. Once you start, there will be two forts (left and right). Go to the left fort and defeat the officer outside the gate to get the gate open. Once inside, go to the bottom left corner. A crate should be there, near a fence. Open it, and an item that should be an Orb will appear. To help you get these Orbs easier, equip the Seven Star Luck.

Typhoon (Edit Officer Level 10 Spear)

First, you must have an Edit Officer with a level 9 spear. Then, go to the Si Shue Gate level. Kill only officers that are not in one of the two fortress. Once Sun Jian retreats and Yuan Shao says "Is there no one who can defeat Hua Xiong?", defeat Hua Xiong. Next, go into the main fortress and kill the main general's two sub-officers. After awhile, Zhang Liao will appear as backup for the enemy. Kill Zhang Liao then go into the supply depot (the fortress nearest to your main camp) from the back entrance and kill the officers in there. Then, defeat all other enemy generals besides the main commander. Next, after all officers are gone, defeat the commander. If your weapon was level 9, it should now upgrade to level 10, Typhoon. Play under the hard difficulty setting using a created officer with a level 10 spear. When the level starts, go south, and kill (in order): Li Su, Gao Shun, and Niou Fu, Then, wait for Sun Jian to retreat, and for Hua Xiong to charge. When Yuan Shao says "Are there no warriors here that can defeat Hua Xiong?", go forward and fight Hua Xiong. Killing his sub-officers is not necessary. Then, go past where Hua Xiong was located and kill Li Jue's two sub officers, Li Meng, and Yang Feng. After defeating those two opponents, wait for Zhang Liao to appear and defeat him. After defeating him, go north, past where Li Jue is located, up to the back entrance of the enemy supply depot. Defeat Wang Fang and Fan Chou. After this, you should get a message that reads "…has obtained the Ultimate Weapon Typhoon." Then, just finish the level.

Fu Xi (Edit Officer Level 10 Sword)

To get the 10th level great sword, play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level in the Ji Province. When the stage starts, move out and defeat Pei Yuanshao, Zhang Man Cheng, Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, Zhang Bo, and Cheng Yuanzi in that order. You need to be maximum class and have the level 9 Holy Avenger.

Red Hare Saddle

At the Battle Of Xia Pi level, while on Lu Bu's forces, do not kill any enemy officers. You can kill peons, it is recommended that you not do this until you have gotten the item. Let Guan Yu find the Red Hare, then defeat Guan Yu. He has high attack and high defense. To do this easier, play in two player mode. Use the second player to defend Lu Bu. When Guan Yu finds the Red Hare, go and kill him. This way you do not have to worry about Lu Bu dying.

Shadow Rider Saddle

Play the Battle At Tong Gate level as the Shu forces. First, defeat the four generals in the bottom right corner, then defeat Xu Huang's sub- officer and then Xu Huang. Defeat Cao Cao's two sub-generals, then wait for Han Sui to meet with Cao Cao. After that, fight Cao Cao's men until his morale is one star. Wait for both of the following things to happen: an intermission sequence showing some of Cao Cao's men finding lots of horses; and Han Sui declining defection where he says "Ma Chao is like a son to me". The special item will then appear near the bottom right enemy Gate Captain.

Survival Guide

In order to get Survival Guide, you need to have the two Qiaos. To do this, use Wu and complete the Yellow Turban Fortress and Yellow Turban Rebellion. Then, go to Xiao Qiao save her and her sister, Da Qiao. The "A valuable item has appeared" message will appear. Then, complete the mission.

The Way Of Musou

First, get Guan Yu's Escape for Wei. Do this by chooseing Yellow Turban Rebellion first in Act 1, then in Act 2, clear both stages. After the Battle of Guan Du in Act 3, it will be Wei Tales, Guan Yu's Escape. When at Guan Yu's Escape, equip the Red Hare saddle, if available. Pass the fifth gate and a Supply Team will appear around the fourth gate. Dart back, kill the Supply Team, and get the item he drops. Forget about Guan Yu and all the other generals when you get the item, and focus on the Carriage. It is somewhat easy to defeat.

Wind Scroll

To get the Wind Scroll (which boosts your weapon range), play the Battle of Xu Chang level as the Shu Forces. When Yue Ying begins to set up the Siege Ramp, protect her. However, you also have to kill Xu Zhu before your rear flank dies. Note: The Red Hare is recommended. Kill the people around Hu Zhi, and him if desired. Find and kill Man Chong. You do not have to kill Man Chong and Hu Zhi, but it is recommended. The Siege Ramp will appear. Find and kill Xu Zhu before the Flank dies. There will be a precious item report. The item will appear around the top of map, slightly off center. If that was too long to do, just make sure Yue Ying sets up the ramp and that you kill Xu Zhu before the rear flank dies.

Eclipse (Edit Officer Pike)

Play the Hu Lao Gate level on the allies side under the hard difficulty setting. You must have a level 9 Star Pike. Defeat Lu Bu to get the weapon. You can get this weapon in Free Mode.

Phoenix Tail (Edit Officer Sword)

At the Yellow Turban Fortress, as the Allied Forces under the hard difficulty setting, Kill the following in order: He Yi, Pei Yaun Shao, and Chen Yaunzhi. You must complete killing them in under six minutes. The weapon should have +54 attack power and at level 9.

Hex Mark Saddle

Win all the Musou modes until you get the Yellow Turban Musou mode. Choose the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level. Win it, then choose the Liu Bei invasion battle. Defeat Zhou Yun and Guan Yu before all the backup troops arrive. Then, defeat all other enemy generals (to ensure Zhang Jiao's safety). Bring Liu Bei's health down to about half and the special item report should appear on the little island on the lower right corner of the level.

Zhang Fei: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle At Chang Ban Bridge level under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou En, and Xiahou Ye to keep Zhao Yun alive. Accompany Liu Bei down the path across the bridge. The Chang Ban Bridge yell event with enemies in the bridge will occur. J A Do is left in the castle. A message will appear, Rescue him; go on a horse to get there fast. An event where J A Do defeats Xiohou Yaun will happen. Zhao Yun must still be alive. The weapon message will appear.

Zhang He: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle Of Jie Ting level under the hard difficulty setting, surround Ma Su and defeat him. Then, defeat all enemy generals and sub- generals.

Zhang Liao: Level 10 Weapon

In Lu Bu Musou mode, play the Battle At Si Shui Gate under the hard difficulty setting as Zhang Liao with your level 9 weapon. Defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei, then complete the level. Then on Hu Lao Gate, do not defeat any enemy generals until the enemy's fire attack event. To activate it, go directly towards Sun Jian, Cao Cao, or Liu Bei and it will commence. Then, defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei.

Yuan Shao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Guan Du level under the hard difficulty setting as Yuan Shao. Protect the ramming vehicle until the castle wall falls. You will then get the Sword Of Kings.

Qiao Sisters

In order to get the Qiao Sisters, clear the Wu Musou mode once. Then play it again, but play the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level first, then the Yellow Turban Rebellion level.

Sun Jian: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Search For The Imperial Seal level under the hard difficulty setting with Sun Jian. You must defeat Li Jue, Zhang Liao, Diao Chan, and Lu Bu. Finish the level with Sun Jian's level 9 weapon to get his level 10 weapon.

Meng Huo: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty setting as Meng Huo on the Nanman Forces. Kill every character that is playable. Note: Make sure you personally kill the character and have his level weapon. You will get his level 10 weapon, King Of Beast.

Meng Huo And Zhu Rong

Note: You must be in Musou mode. Defeat Meng Huo seven Times throughout the stage. At least one defeat must be a duel. Also, duel and defeat Zhu Rong. Complete Musou mode and Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will be unlocked.

Lu Bu: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Lu Bu Rebellion level. Clear the entire stage of every enemy so that only Dong Zhuo remains alive. Be sure to kill every general and sub-general yourself. Lu Bu will earn his Level 10 weapon. Note: If the weapon does not appear after only Dong Zhuo is alive, move around the map awhile. There may still be ambush troops you did not encounter.

Lu Xun: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle of Yi Ling level under the hard difficulty setting, protect and keep Zhu Ran alive until he successfully triggers the fire attack. Enter stone maze, and pass through it.

Ma Chao: Level 10 Weapon

In the Chen Du Suppression level go to the left side of the map to trigger the appearance of enemy back-up troops. Kill the enemy back-up troop generals Pang De and Ma Dai. Note: This can only be done in Musou mode, because the generals will be Ma Chao and Ma Dai in free mode.

Liu Bei: Level 10 Weapon

In the Battle of Ru Nan under the hard difficulty setting, meet with Zhao Yun after he appears on the map (about ten to twenty seconds into the game at the bottom right horizontal path). After the Zhao Yun swears allegiance event, defeat Li Dian, and join with Zhang Fei. At the Xiahou Yuan appearance, defeat Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears (about 4:30 to 5:30 into the game), defeat Yu Jin, defeat Xu Chu. At the Xiahou Dun appearance, defeat Xiahou Dun, defeat Zhang He, and defeat Yue Jin. Note: Other than defeating Li Dian after meeting with Zhao Yun and defeating Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears, all other enemy generals can be defeated in any order.

Lu Bu

Play in Musou mode as Xiaouh Dun. On the Hu Lao Gate level, defeat Lu Bu.

Huang Zhong: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle Of Jian Ye level under the hard difficulty setting, before defeating the real Sun Jian, defeat Huang Gai, Taishi Ci or Zhou Tai. Next generation Suns attack event, defeat Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang in any order

Zhao Yun: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Bo Wang Po level. Follow Zhuge Liang's instructions. First, lead Xiahou Dun to the designated fire attack spot in the middle path of the map left area. After the fire attack event, defeat Xiahou Dun. The Han Hao attack message will appear. Zhuge Liang next tells you to lead Han Hao to the designated ambush spot in the top path of the map left area. Guan Ping ambush troops will appear. Defeat Han Hao. At Zhuge Liang's next instruction message, lead Yu Jin to the designated ambush spot on the upper bridge. Guan Yu's ambush troop will appear. Defeat Yu Jin, Zhuge Liang. Order Zhang Fei to fire attack on enemy food supply. After the fire attack is successful, clear the path of enemies for Zhuge Liang to enter the enemy castle. The Zhuge Liang meeting Cao Cao event will appear. Zhao Yun earns his Level 10 Weapon. If after you have cleared all enemy generals and soldiers except Cao Cao, and Zhuge Liang stands in front of the enemy castle but will not enter, you can lead Cao Cao to follow you out of the castle to meet with Zhuge Liang.

Zhou Tai: Level 10 Weapon (Dusk)

To get Zhou Tai's weapon, Dusk, play under the hard difficulty setting. Zhou Tai must have the weapon Dawn, at level 9. Go to the Nanman Campaign, and play on the Wu Forces. Using the Red Hare for this is recommended. Ride down and kill Wu Tugu, then get into Meng Huo's castle before Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne defect to the Wu side.

Zhou Yu: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle For Fan Castle level. At 10:20.00 into the battle, the enemy Supply Team will appear at the top right corner of the map and move towards the castle's right entrance. Defeat the Supply Team Captain before the Supply Team reaches the castle

Zhuge Liang: Level 10 Weapon

First, clear the Battle Of Jie Ting level, then choose the Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains level. Go to the left path and approach Zhang He. After the consecutive arrow vehicle event, defeat Zhang He. Approach the enemy base, and start the enrage Sima Yi event. A Supply Troop appearance message will appear. Backtrack and defeat Xiahou Dun to protect the Supply Troop. The "Supply Troop broke through battle lines and reached the ally base" message will appear. Note: This weapon can only be earned in Musou Mode. If you do not clear the Battle Of Jie Ting level first, there will be no Supply Troop appearance.

Art Of War Scroll

Follow the exact procedure to get the Charge Bracer, but with Dong Zhou's campaign at the Campaign against Sun Jian. Kill the generals until the Supply Captain appears, then kill him to get the item.

Charge Bracer

Play the Sun Jian Invasion Battle level on Yuan Shao's side. Enter the castle at the top before the enemy backup troops arrive. A supply team will appear to the south of the castle. The Supply Team will not stop to attack you; they will just keep running. Defeat the Supply Captain to get it.

Elephant Saddle

Play the Nanman Campaign level as the Nanman forces. In order to get the item, you must get on an elephant and ride into the enemy's main base. The special item message will appear in your main fort. The best way to get an elephant is to play as Huang Gai and use his attack where he lays a bomb. Lay it near one of your elephant units and the rider will fall off.

Guan Yu: Level 10 Weapon

Kill all the Wu generals at the Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty setting. Make sure that all your soldiers switch sides before you kill the Wu generals.

Huang Gai: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty setting, eliminate all enemy entry points before the fire attack, then defeat Cao Ren, Cao Hong and Cao Pi.

Opening Edit Option

Unlock all 42 generals in the game to also unlock the "Opening Edit" option.

Cao Cao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty setting with Cao Cao. First, approach Pang Tong to see through his trick, then defeat Zhuge Liang to stop the wind prayer. Next, defeat Gan Ning and Lu Meng to trigger the all out attack. Then, defeat Huang Gai to stop the fire attack. Finish the level with your level 9 Sword of Heaven to get Cao Cao's level 10 sword.

Dian Wei: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Wan Castle level. Defeat Hu Che Er, then join with Cao Cao. After the Cao Cao conversation with Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will retreat. After the castle gate closes, clear the map of enemies for Cao Cao to advance. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two fire blocking exit messages will appear. After the Xu Chu breaks through wall event, Dian Wei earns his Level 10 Weapon.

Wei Yan: Level 10 Weapon

On the Jing Zhou Strategic Battle level under the hard difficulty setting, defeat the enemy ambush troop general Xing Dao Rong, defeat Liu Du and Liu Xian, do not defeat Jin Xuan (decline the duel), and defeat Han Xuan's sub-general Yang Ling. After Huang Zhong exit castle and attack message, defeat Huang Zhong, Wei Yan and Huang Zhong defect event.

Xiahou Dun: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle of Xia Pi level under the hard difficulty setting, after the Xiahou Dun shot by an arrow event, defeat Diao Chan.

Start/Select Hint

If you want to exit out of a level and go back to the main menu, hit Start and Select at the same time and you will be transported back to the main menu.

Counter Atack!!

During "Guard Mode" (holding L1) before the enemy attacks you. Press the triangle (without letting go of L1) and it should counter back the enemy's attck. This skill needs a lot of practice to work efficiently. Once you have mastered this skill you will have a greater chance of winning in a duel with a powerful warrior such as "Lubu". (Musou(s) are uncounterable.)

Liu Bies Child

In the stage of Chang Ban there should be a huge castle in the middle of the stage. If you clear the castle of all officers Exit the castle when you exit though the game will announce that Liu Bies child is still in the castle. Go to your history and it will tell you the location of the child (he's in a big red box). Once you get the child he gives you mousu full for 60 seconds!

Complete Gaiden Stage

You have three choices: 1. Don't defeat Dong Zhuo, let him find the seal and defeat him before he escapes. 2. Defeat everyone quickly and smash open all 100 boxes in this stage which includes the red boxes. 3. Defeat everyone quickly and wait till 27 minutes has passed at which time a soldier will tell you the real location of the seal.

Bug At Yellow Turban Rebellion - Walk On Air (JP Version)

Character - a high jumper such as Zhang He. Equip - Fly Boots. At the top left area of the map is the fort with all the explosions. At the top right within that fort is a broken building with a different color as all the other broken buildings, this one is light brown. Try to jump up the broken walls of the broken building and you will land in mid-air.

Bug At Battle Of Yi Ling - Walk In Water (JP Version) Side - Wu Side.

Character - Lu Xun. Must be equipped with a horse saddle. Immediately after you click on Stage Start, press and hold Up on the directional button. Don't press any other buttons, and just keep the Up pressed even after the battle starts, and Lu Xun will run into the water.

Bug At Battle Of Chang Ban - Walk In Wall (JP Version)

From the top right entrance of the castle, go toward map bottom left, there will be a walled area containing two houses. Take a careful look at the top right entrance of that walled area, you can enter the walls from there.

Hidden Preview

Pressing Triangle at the movie selection screen to view a preview of Dynasty Tactics 2. Note: This game is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan.

Avoid Attack During Duel

During a duel, stand against the border fence, and aim your arrow towards the outside of the duel area. This will prevent you from getting attacked. Use when health is low.


We have no cheats or codes for Dynasty Warriors 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Power Scroll

At the Yellow Turban Fortress on Yellow Turbans Force, defeat Guan Yu and Zhao Yun. A supply team will appear to the northwest and move to the northeast for the entry point. Defeat the supply team to get the item.

Wu Tales 6: Dong Zhuo Lives!

In Chapter three, choose the Unification of Jiang Dong first. In Chapter four. Skip the battle of Defense of Nanman.

Shu Tales 4: Battle Of Tong Gate

Choose the Campaign for Cheng Du as your first stage in Chapter 4 and defeat Ma Chao when he arrives with reinforcements. *NOTE Pang De will arrive instead if you already have Ma Chao which means defeat Pang De.

Unlocking Yuan Shao

In order to unlock Yuan Shao, you must complete Cao Cao's musuo mode.

Unlocking Diao Chan

In order to unlock Diao Chan, in Lu Bu's musuo mode, clear chapter one.

Unlocking Dong Zhuo

In order to unlock Dong Zhuo you will have to beat Lu Bu's musuo mode.

Unlocking Jiang Wei

In the Shu Tales Stage, Battle of Tian Shui simply defeat the enemy officers outside the castles, then follow Zhuge Liangs' orders and when Jiang Wei's two sub officers come out defeat them both and when Jiang Wei launches out the castle go near him and Zhuge Liang, then a cut-scene will show of Jiang Wei surrendering. Beat the mission and Jiang Wei will be unlocked.

Unlocking Ma Chao

In order to unlock Ma Chao, in the Cheng Du Supression level you have to defeat defeat Ma Chao when he arrives and then it will show a video of Liu Bei telling Ma Chao to join his side. Beat the mission and you will have Ma Chao. *NOTE This only can be done in musuo mode only on Shu Forces.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dynasty Warriors 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Dynasty Warriors 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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