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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • VIS Entertainment
  • THQ
  • Mature
  • May 22, 2003


Have All The Weapons In Your Inventory

Simply enter x, circle, circle, circle, x, triangle, circle then check your inventory. You will have all the weapons.

How To Kill The Queen

Get out your dynamite cause your gonna need it whenever the queen opens its mouth face the queen then throw dynamite then it will go down its mouth then blow up then it might do an earthquake easy way to dodge it stand behind a crystal but I don't think the crystal will like it that is a way to hurt the queen and to defend yourself against its attacks so have fun killing the queen.

Health Pack

There is a extra health pack behind the church, behind the bus in the ally near the university, in front of the university in the alley and in the Nathaniel Paine museum.

Placing Diamond With Right Symbol

Locate dimonds with Rod device behing the painting when you need to first locate the two vases to open trap door behind painting. You will receive a special rod that act like a sonic homing devie to locate diamond within the museum. Locate all 4 diamonds different rooms in museum. They are need to open the temple door. Place them from left to right under symbol with first the yellow diamond, red diamond, blue diamond and then green diamond. It will open the temple door in egypt room.

Evil Dearborn

The slavelords and slavebosses can be killed real easy with flamethrower they drop with in seconds so dont waste your ammno.

Evil Dearborn Queen

To kill the Queen: after the intro, she will shoot what looks like smog balls at you, go behind the crystal pillar,which stands taller then you, there are a plenty in the room 7 or 8 so you have enough protection, also there is plenty of dynamite at least 1 stick Behind each pillar, you start off with 10 sticks of dynamite.The Queen will first shoot 4 or 5 balls at you, then stand up and yell with her mouth wide open that when you throw the dynamite if done right she will swallow it , it explodes she looses 2 health drops if not she gets mad and either shoots more balls or shoots a big red fire ring that breaks down the crystal pillar which is ok it can take 3 hits before it is gone, after the 2nd hit the pillar is low enough to stand behind for protection and throw at the Queen which works well,when you throw the dynamite and she swallows it dont move at all she will start to shoot the smog balls at you again, just wait until every time she stands up after 4 or 5 smog balls shot at you she dosent shoot the ring unless you miss her mouth if you do miss the dynamite might come back at you so watch out, hopefully you have alot of health not like me I only had 1 drop left which is good for 2 hits, I died alot before I figured it out.

Stock Up On Ammo!

Level 2 - This hint is for people with plenty of patience. After you save the Prof. in the University courtyard, go to the group of cops standing at the gate and wait... the cops will kill the lesser Deadites as they come out of the vortex. You just have to clean up after them, you know, grab the ammo, TNT, health and magic energy the Deadites drop. This is the best place to stock up on shotgun ammo and TNT in the game, get it while you can! It will take a while to get enough to last you through the whole game (I collected over 1000 rounds of normal shotgun ammo and 400 shrapnel rounds, it lasted to the middle of the Civil War level.) After a loooong period they will stop dropping any shotgun ammo, leaving you only TNT boxes. Save and quit, load the save and they will be dropping ammo again. Don't wait until after you talk to the Padre at the church and get the key... you will have Deadites attacking you in front of the University's vortex that the cops won't shoot at, which on top of the deadites popping out of the vortex makes it no stroll in the park if you are trying to stock up on ammo.

Kill Zombies Fast

To kill enemy's fast use the "ChainSaw"

Extra Chainsaw

To get an extra chainsaw, you must first complete 3 levels with out dying.

Extra Levels

Every time you win a level go to arcade mode and there will be a "Extra Level" there every time you beat or win a level.

Art Gallery

Successfully complete a level in story mode to unlock concept art for that level under the extras menu.

Arcade Levels

Successfully complete a level in story mode to unlock it in arcade mode.


Never Die

Enter x circle triangle x then your life bar freezes. Then you never die like jermaine hill said.

Secret Bonus Game

On the main game menu, press all buttons on the controller, starting with triangle. Then rotate the analogue stick once and press triangle 35 times. You are now playing soccer on a beach!


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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