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  • Action, Adventure
  • DeepSpace
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Mature
  • July 24, 2001


Final Level Monster Battle

When you are on the boat on your way out of Ft. Stewart, you'll battle a huge lobster-type monster. The easiest way to kill the monster is to run to the turret(machine gun) thats on the right-front of the boat. When the monster comes out of the water on your side, keep on shooting it with the boat's machine gun. Somehow the monster is attracted to your side. It'll keep on coming out on your side as long as you don't stop shooting it.If you miss him It'll just come out from all over the boat and it'll be alot harder to kill. Before you know it you'll kill it, but you still have to face the bigger monster that comes out. The good thing is that you didn't waste any of your ammo, you still have all your grenades and missiles; if you had any to start. All you do now is keep on shooting the big monster with all your grenades. Don't use your missiles. You'll need your missiles for the human- like alien that comes out of the monster when you kill it. It'll be a lot easier to kill the human- like alien with the missiles, they make more damage. Next thing you know you're done with the game.


Expert Mode-collect all 15 dog tags (which I've listed for you) and Rogers knife, 
then complete the game and save the data. Now, start a new game with the 
file "Rear of Compound." If you check your inventory, you'll see that you now 
have a ton of ammo and med kits. Unfortunately, the enemies are now twice as 
hard to kill.

Dog Tags Here's a listing of all 15 Dog Tag locations in the order you'll need to 
pick them up.

Tag 5-After the train crashes into the wall, enter the newly made hole and hop up 
on the platformon the right.In-between the two metal boxes lies the tag.

Tag 4-Use the code(512 04 791)to enter the command center.Head to the far 
corner where the computer is. The tag is cleverly hidden to the left of the 
computer terminal and next to the box. you'll see it's glow.

Tag 1-Defeat the freight elevator mini-boss and it will drop the tag in the 

Tag 12-Grab the Parka, then head up the ladder next to where you entered. the 
tag is in front of the bridge.

Tag 11-Enter the tool room to access the fitration plant. Head to the left and stop 
at the slope.Swing across the ledge to the balcony. Hop onto the higher platform 
to find this elusive tag.

Tag 9-after wrapping your mitts around the receiver unit, duck under the ledge 
near the stairs. use your knife to cut the tripwire. a handful of items, including the 
tag await.

Tag 6-when you meet the watch dogs near the wrecked train, use the receiver 
unit to locate the tag.

Tag 7-After entering the train room, a room lies dead ahead. use your knife to 
remove the wooden crates on the left and the tag will appearin front of the metal 

Tag 13-In the same room as Tag 7, head up the stairs to a vent that overlooks 
this area. Enter, the veer to the right.When you reach the end, turn right to find 
the tag.

Tag 3-another tag is lying in the same vicinity as tag 7. just scour the outskirts 
of the room and you'll run into it.

Tag 10-Talk to Cindy, then look behind her in the corner for the tag.

Tag 2-When you confront Fifel, use the receiver unit to locate the ledge that 
leads to the tag.

Tag 14- After blowing away Roger, the tag will appear in front of the bridge.

Tag 8-In the zone holding the ice car, look in the corner to find the tag.

Tag 15- After exchanging choice words with Madigan, look in the corner after he 
runs off with the bomb.

Dog Tag Locations

The following are the locations of the dog tags in order of when you find them:

#5 Corporal Ross Dixon. Once the dust clears from the train wreck in the train 
area, go through the hole the train made. On the platform to the right, between 
two metal boxes, is the dog tag.

#4 Corporal Arthur McDonnel. In the Command Center (where you use the 
51204791 code in the computer) reach the side where the computer is located. 
If in the box, the dog tag is to the left of the computer, outside. Go to the outside 
corner of the box, where you can look over the electric stream. The dog tag is 
next to the box. You should see it shining.

#1 Private First Class Hans Grant. After defeating the Boss from the freight 
elevator, the dog tag is left behind, on the treadmill.

#12 Lieutenant Mat Shuggart. After grabbing the parka, go up the ladder next to 
where you came out. Up there you should see the dog tag before the bridge 
across to the corpse and the detonator.

#11 Second Lieutenant Chris Ditter. After coming in the Filtration Plant through 
the tool shed (you came in a by a ladder), make your way to the left. There should 
be a slope with a little bit of ledge. Climb across that ledge and make it to the 
platform across. Get up on the little bit higher platform. Under the platform, is the 
dog tag.

#9 Officer Cadet Ed Collate. After getting the dog tag receiver unit, duck under 
the platform next to the staircase. Slice the trip wire, then collect the goodies: A 
SPR4 magazine, shotgun shells, a flame thrower tank, and dog tag #9.

#6 Sergeant Robert Cameron. Near the wrecked train, where you first meet the 
watchdogs, use the dog tag receiver unit to find it.

#7 Sergeant David Murren. Once coming through the door of the train room, you 
should see a booth or something straight ahead. Slice the wooden crates to the 
left of it and you should see it to the right of the steel crates.

#13 Captain Kurt Gianini. Up the stairs, in the same room, there should be a vent 
in the area where you look down on the booth area. Once in, take the first right 
and go straight until you reach the end. Turn right and there they should be at 
the end.

#3 Private First Class Tom Taylor. In the room with the metal tag, same area as 
the other two above. You should find it by the metal tag.

#10 Officer Cadet Lance McLaughlin. After confronting Cindy, you should find 
this tag in the corner near her.

#2 Corporal Filel Sidalis. On the ledge outside, near Filel, there is the dog tag 
on the ledge. Use the dog tag receiver unit.

#14 Sergeant Roger Grigman. After defeating Roger, the dog tag should be just 
before the bridge. Also take his knife.

#8 First Sergeant Ken Reschner. In the area with the ice camo car, the dog tag is 
in the corner of a little outcropping. You should now have 14 out of 15 dog tags.

#15 Major Mike Madigan. On the platform, just after he goes off with the bomb.

Expert Mode

Successfully complete the game after finding all fifteen dog tags and save. Start another game with the yellow "Rear Of Compound" save file (00:00:00 time). The game will begin with extra ammunition (500 bullets, 50 shotgun shells, 30 grenade rounds, 1,000 flame units, and 25 Ultimate Launcher missiles) and extra health items (20 Recovery Unit A, 5 Recovery Unit B, 5 MTS Vaccine, 5 Booster Shot A and 3 Booster Shot B). However, enemies will be more difficult in this mode.

Extra Healing Items

Successfully complete the game with all fifteen dog tags collected. Save the game when prompted to create a file in yellow. When you load the file in yellow, you will start a new game with extra healing items and the enemies will now be harder to defeat.

Extra Ammunition

Successfully complete the game with Roger's Knife collected. Save the game when prompted to create a file in yellow. When you load the file in yellow, you will start a new game with extra ammunition and the enemies will now be harder to defeat.


We have no cheats or codes for Extermination yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Extermination yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Extermination yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Extermination yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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