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Saints Row Cheats

Saints Row 2 is the extremely popular follow-up to the original Saints Row. It’s set a few years after the first episode and let’s you take revenge for what happened to you at the end of the first game. Although we recommend going through the game completely first, without using the cheat codes, once you’re done, you can use these Saints Row 2 Cheats codes to find some of the more interesting things throughout the Saints Row 2 world. If you use the cheat codes, you won’t be able to unlock achievements or trophies.

Favorite Cheats

All the cheat codes are entered into the phone (similar to the way it’s done in the GTA universe). You pause the game, select “DIAL” and enter the number, including the “#” symbol.

  • Full Health: #1
  • Full Ammo Clip: #9
  • Infinite Sprint: #6 (this can save lots of time)
  • Repair Car (any vehicle): #1056
  • Private Jet: #712
  • AR200 Automatic Rifle (a SAW): #922
  • Grenades: #933
  • Gigantic Explosions: #7
  • SUPER Saints (which makes Saints really powerful and difficult to kill): #8

These cheats are the ones I tend to use the most often, but there are a bunch of different codes you can use. You can find a full list of Saints Row 2 Cheat Codes at Just pick the platform that you use and go to it… but the cheats are the same across the platforms, so it mostly doesn’t matter which system you use.

If you have better cheat codes, or good tips and hints to add for playing Saints Row 2, you should comment about them here, or submit them to on their cheats page – and you even get credit!

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