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By Lindsey Weedston, October 21, 2012 1 , ,

Dishonored is one of those games containing all of those precious characteristics that you long for in your favorite titles…. Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, September 3, 2012 0 Previews

Bethesda has a neat new steampunk game coming out! Also a new version of a game that came out seven years ago. I played both. Dishonored I have no interest in the whole steampunk thing. However, I am interested in… Read More »

By Steve Cook, August 28, 2012 2

Bethesda announced the release date for it’s Skyrim DLC entitled “Hearthfire” as September 4th. This add-on isn’t free though; it will set you back 400 Microsoft points for the Xbox 360 version.

By Jerrime Castle, May 23, 2012 0 , ,

Bethesda Softworkshas created a name for themselves in the RPG realm with their hit series The Elder Scrolls. This series… Read More »