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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Lionhead Studios
  • Microsoft
  • Mature
  • October 26, 2010


Getting More Time As King

Being a king or Queen can go by very fast. So To get more time do your first royal tasks then stop at going to the aururoan Cave if you stop there and don't do the quest the days will stop counting down.

Zelda Reference

On your way from the Morningwood Fort to Morningwood, you'll pass through a graveyard. I was randomly reading some of them when I came across a special one. As you take the path to the town, there will be LOTS of tombstones. On the left side as you leave the graveyard, there will be a lamp and some tombstones to the left of it. The closest tombstone to the lamp in the front row is the one you want. I won't spoil it.

Gold Key Door Locations

Gold Keys are used to open the Gold Key Doors. The Gold Key Doors are located all throughout Albion. You need a Gold Key for each door, to open it. Treasure can be behind each of the doors. Collecting all Silver and Gold Keys will also get you the "I Am The Keymaster Achievement." Any key can be used for any door, so choose wisely! A fifth Gold Key is in the Sanctuary.
Gold Key Door 1: On your way down the path in the Catacombs under Bowerstone Castle, there is a Gold Door. Since you need a key you have to return later when you have access to the castle with a key. Inside you'll find 30 Guild Seals!
Gold Key Door 2: In the Sunset House area, enter the main gate and take a right as soon as you set foot on the lawn. A winding path leads back to the Gold Key Door here. It's directly across from the gazebo. Inside this Gold Key Door you'll find a Legendary Weapon.
Gold Key Door 3: In Mourningwood you can access the Ossuary through a door in the graveyard after completing two side quests: Bored to Death and Gone but Not Forgotten (which involve Sam, Max and the Normanomicon). In the Ossuary, turn left just as you enter to find the Gold Door. Beyond it is a sarcophagus you can open for a Legendary Weapon.
Gold Key Door 4: In the Reliquary under the Academy in Brightwall Village you can find a well-hidden Gold Key Door. To get to it, you'll need to complete the Special Delivery (Dweller Camp) and The Ancient Key (Academy) Side Quests. In the latter Side Quest you can lead Saul to a secret library in the Reliquary. Here you can make out a Flit Switch on the wall -- it takes four shots from a firearm to activate it. Head up the stairs and through the door on the left. Here is a melee Flit Switch you can smack. It will float down below so vault off the edge and smack it again. After taking on the wave of Hollow Men, stairs and platforms will align to lead to the Gold Key Door. There are five chests in the area beyond called The Prism with the various pieces of the complete Highway Man Costume.

Easy Kill

I've killed alot of balverins (the werewolf looking things). I've tried lots of different attacks and discovered that white balverins are vulnerable to magic. However I don't know what the brown are vulnerable to but I will discover that soon.

Duplication Cheat

There's a quick, easy glitch that allows you to dupe gold or anything else. You just need a 2nd controller with a 2nd character logged into your game. Then use player 1 to "gift" player 2 whatever you want to dupe, then leave player 1's sanctuary. Have player 2 go into his sanctuary and find the gift. Now have him reject the gift to send it back to player 1. Immediately have player 2 leave his sanctuary then immediately drop him from the game. Now player 1 has a rejected gift in his sanctuary and player 2 will not be saved, meaning when you reload him, he will also have a gift the game didn't save as being rejected. Dupe! You can dupe up to 100k gold at a time using this.


All enemies can't go past a certain area, so you should learn where that is, and you can pick them off one at a time because since your are not techincally in their area they won't attack.

Sand Defense

To easily deal with the sand fury's cast a large aoe weaved vortex+whatever spell you like and keep it large and the will stay outside it's range but when you release the spell they assume it's over but since vortex keeps going they'll get caught up in it and take signifigant damage either killing them or giving you a chance to finish them off with a shot from your gun.

Conquer Of Understone

The only enemys enemy hobbe corpses revived by understones defenses as well as a single machine enemy which is only average just hack/slash and shoot your way through and it'll be over quickly the only threat comes from being overwhelmed.

Shadowed Defense

To easily defeat the shadows and dark minions without risking getting knocked out just cast a weaved spell of vortex and whatever spell you prefer just press b to cast a lv 1 AOE spell and the shadows and minion will not touch you though it's strongly reccommended not to try on anything stronger.

Portal's Companion Cube

After you become King (or Queen), you can get a Royal Quest to go meet Page in the old resistance HQ and go track down the crime lord. In one of the cells (where Hobbe is worshipping), by some boxes and crates, is a wooden COMPANION CUBE from Portal!

Change Tatoo Colors

If you collect all of the 30 Auroran flowers, you can then change the color of your tatoos (dye them)other colors at any time by going to the temple in Aurora.


Non-stop Money Cheat/Glitch

You need an additional controller for this cheat. Step 1: Start your game with Controller 1 then use Controller 2 to log in with another profile and press START to join the game.
Step 2. Using controller 1, go up to controller 2's character and press LB to send gifts - you will enter the Sanctuary.
Step 3: A blue bag will appear to the right of your main character. Place all of your main character's money in the blue bag and then exit the Sanctuary.
Step 4: With controller 2, press START to go to the Sanctuary. Approach the gift bag and check it - BUT SELECT REJECT.
Step 5: Press START to leave the Sanctuary and then press DOWN on the D-Pad while facing your main character to exit the game and press START again to return.
Step 6: Switch to controller 1 and check the gift pedestal for a duplicate of your Gold.
Repeat Steps 2 through 6 to get all the money you want! NOTE: Do NOT go over 999,999,999 Gold or your game will freeze.

Money Cheat And Legendary Weapon (Video Cheats)


Avatar Awards

  • Crown : Become the ruler of Albion.
  • Royal Boots : Win the support of the Dwellers.
  • Royal Shirt : Win the support of the Bowerstone.
  • Royal Trousers : Win the support of the Swift Brigade.

  • Easter eggs

    Big Blue Box Create Easter Egg

    Any time after you have witnessed Reaver's cruelty outside of his main factory, you will have access to the entrance. Just to the left, as you enter, there is a pile of boxes with a small opening around the side. Head around to the back of it and you'll find a small crate with the Big Blue Box logo on the sides of it - that's the developer's logo!

    Lionhead Logo Easter Egg

    Access Driftwood over the bridge in in Millfield after completing the side quest "Restoration" (by paying 750 Gold). Go to the end of the beach and turn left to look at the tall Spire. Swim as far as you possibly can towards the Spire and look down into the water and there should be a Lionhead Logo in black at the bottom. It's not exciting, but it's neat that it's out there.


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    Achievement List

  • The Guild Seal -- Unleash your heroic potential. 10G
  • And So It Begins -- Win the support of the Dwellers. 20G
  • Swift Justice -- Win the support of the Swift Brigade. 20G
  • The Resistance -- Win the support of Bowerstone. 50G
  • Distant Friends -- Win the support of Aurora. 20G
  • The Ruler of Albion -- Become the ruler of Albion. 80G
  • For Albion! -- This is where you *spoiler* the great, big *spoiler* and then it all *spoiler*. 80G
  • Save The Princess! -- Rescue the princess from the evil Baron. 10G
  • Ghost Brothers -- Make sure Max and Sam get home in time for tea. 10G
  • Tragical-Comical-Historical -- Help the celebrated thespians Lambert and Pinch put on the world's greatest play. 10G
  • The Dark Sanctum -- Reinstate an ancient, evil temple. 10G
  • Island Paradise -- Establish the island of Driftwood. 10G
  • Knight Jumps Chesty -- Defeat Chesty at his own game. 10G
  • Coronation Chicken -- Perform a royal judgement while dressed as a chicken. 10G
  • Spellweaver -- Combine two gauntlets to cast a "woven" spell. 5G
  • Archmage -- Cast all 15 possible spell combinations. 20G
  • Total Warrior -- Kill enemies with melee, ranged and spell attacks. 10G
  • Pull! -- Send an enemy flying into the air and kill him while he's airborne. 10G
  • Gunning For Glory -- Kill 500 enemies using firearms. 20G
  • If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It -- Kill 500 enemies using melee weapons. 20G
  • Wizard's Revenge -- Kill 500 enemies using magic. 20G
  • Super Hero -- Fully upgrade your Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities on the Road to Rule. 50G
  • You Can't Bring Me Down -- Complete Fable III without being knocked out in combat. 50G
  • My Weapon's Better Than Yours -- Complete 3 unique upgrades on one of the legendary weapons found around Albion. 25G
  • I'm The Keymaster -- Collect all 50 Silver Keys and 4 Gold Keys. 30G
  • Flower Power -- Collect all 30 Auroran flowers. 30G
  • Gnome Invasion -- Destroy all 50 gnomes. 30G
  • Brightwall Book Club -- Collect all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy. 30G
  • Digger -- Dig up 50 items. 15G
  • We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns -- Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won't all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes! 20G
  • Fashion Victim -- Collect every item of clothing. 20G
  • He's a Woman. She's a Man -- Wear a full set of clothing intended for the opposite sex. 5G
  • Dye Hippie, Dye -- Dye each part of an outfit you're wearing a different colour and have long hair. 5G
  • Hand in Hand -- Hold hands with someone. 5G
  • Long Distance Relationship -- Get married to another Xbox LIVE player. 10G
  • Cross-Dimensional Conception -- Have a child with another Xbox LIVE player. 10G
  • Online Merger -- Enter into a business partnership with another Xbox LIVE player. 10G
  • Barrel of Laughs -- Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels. 10G
  • We Can Be Heroes -- Earn 1,000 gold in henchman wages in another Hero's world. 10G
  • Kaboom! -- Score 2000 on the Mourningwood Fort mortar game. 10G
  • Lute Hero Tour -- Play in each town as a 5 star lute player. 10G
  • Touched By A Hero -- Use touch expressions to interact with 20 different people. 10G
  • Popularity Contest -- Make 20 Friends. 15G
  • Remodeling -- Remodel 5 different houses by changing the furniture. 10G
  • Magnate Personality -- Build a property empire worth 2,000,000 gold. 50G
  • Crime Spree -- Get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head. 10G
  • Henry VIII -- As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses. 10G
  • Chest Grandmaster -- Unlock all of the chests on the Road To Rule. 40G
  • Tough Love -- Save the maximum amount of Albion citizens. 10G
  • Adopt Or Die -- Adopt a child. 5G

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