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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Lionhead Studios
  • Microsoft
  • Mature
  • October 10, 2005


Quick Money

For the arena quest, fight all the way through to the end of the rock trolls with no breaks. After you beat them, hero save, leave the arena, and you will be reloaded to your last save point, but you will have all of the exp. And money you got in the arena.

Max Experience

When fighting Maze in the Hookcoast, when you first start to fight him he he will teleport away from you. Then when you fight him again he will teleport again, but instead of going and fighting him go to the left all the way to the bell and a screecher/screamer will appear. Kill it and immediately after it dies another will pop up just keep killing them until you get the desired amount of experience (this proscess takes a while if you are going for 999,999 experience).

Kill White Balverine Easily

When you get silver Aug put it on your bow and the bow has to be ebony or better.

9,999,999 Gold Easy

First you can't be past Twinblade's Mission where you fight and kill (or let live) him, okay go get the quest, after you got it go start it, don't worry about boasts for now, get through the gate, up to the part you need the bandit camp pass. Okay go talk to the gamesmaster guy and play his game, after you receive his pass hero save and reload, get back into the the camp and talk to the games master after he sits down, try to play his game, it will glitch and you should hear the sound of money dropping, hero save-reload and you'll start in oakvale again with 9, 999, 999 gold, just be warned if you try to play and other game it will take all your gold away unless you save, exit and restart in the game.

Stay In Berserk

Use the Berserk spell then Hero Save, turn the game off and then turn it on play on your file and you will stay in Berserk. (If you use the spell again you will not stay in Berserk!!!)

Key Cheat

When taking the child rescue mission, dig near the fence at the house. You will find a key. Hero save and reload the same hero save. You can dig there infinitely for keys if you save and reload.

Easy Money

Go into any town and buy all of anything. Immediately sell back. The most money can be made by trading augments.

Mass Experience/ Multiplier

Go back towards the prison and stop ant the cliffside path. 2 undead will keep reappearing when you kill them. Repeated divine fury and collecting experience orbs can get multipliers above 75. Be sure to bring many blue potions.

Easy Camp Pass

In twinblades camp there is the spot the addition game. Now there are two ways to get one (actually 3) but the first two are free. You can either kill the addition games guy or there is a bandit by the game and you can either pay him 1000 gold or kill him. All three ways are ways to get the pass.

Fire Heart Puzzle

When trying to get the fire heart, on the last puzzle, screw trying to turn all the stones into suns. Though it gives you bad points,(not sure how much, sry) turn all of the stones into moons. It's way frickin' easier.

Obsidian Axe In Oakvale

Easy way to get high damage weapon early is the Obsidian Axe in Oakvale. Talk to the Chicken Competition guy, then the pirate, dig where the ghost says, then give his wife the money, after that dig in the grave for the axe and some gold.

Stay Through The Credits!

If you watch all the credits you get to keep playing. The credits are pretty long so go watch T.V. for 10 minutes or so then go back to your computer.

Easy Money

In Twinblade's Camp play the Spot the Addition game. Try to save as much time as possible. Round 1-4 say the objects, repeating them helps, on the fifth round easy way to do it is to look for whats not there, usually 4-5 things. Practice with low amounts of gold then when you get good at it max it out.

Easy Way To Get Experience

At the snow villiage when you run out theres a group of white balverines and summoners kill them and run to Archon's Shrine real fast, so you don't waste any of your combat multiplier, run back and they reappear rinse and repeat. Also try not to get hit, pretty much the best way not to get hit is to use your bow+Multi Arrow it owns them real quick.

Magic Combos

A couple of the good spells are Assassins Rush, Berserker, Multi Arrow, Multi Strike, Slow time, Enflame, Heal. Good thing about melee weapons and Magic is that you can cast while blocking. Block untill they get close then use Enflame. Block use Multi Strike then use Assassins Rush and attack. Rinse and repeat.


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We have no unlockables for Fable: The Lost Chapters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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