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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Lionhead Studios
  • Microsoft
  • Mature
  • October 18, 2005


Get A Dragon

To get a dragon go to Elm, the sailor in the North of Albion. Follow him to his boat, find a crew, and then sail to an Island. Once there, you will find a big volcano and a small village. Go speak to the mayor. He'll tell you, you must go to a cave in the volcano. Once inside, you will find a Y Splitsing. Smash the pillars and you will find 2 spheres. Then go in front of the Y Splitsing and you will find 3 circle sings, 2 small ones and 1 big one. Put the spheres on the small circles and the big one will open up. Then go down in the circle and you will be in another cave. Whatever you do DON'T WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON! I repeat DO NOT wake the sleeping dragon! It is invincible and it will pack on the hurt. So instead of attacking kneel and pray for it. It will give you a sword and an egg. Go back to Greatwood and the egg will hatch, giving you a baby dragon! Love him, squeeze him, and call him 'Ben'.

The Real Strongest Sword

Yeah everyone thinks that the Sword of Aeons is the most powerful sword in Albion-they would be wrong. If are renowned enough that you can go into Bowerstone North go into the shop and you can buy the Solus Greatsword that has 314 damage and can hold 3 augmentations. Thats almost 90 more damage than the Sword of Aeons. WARNING: the Solus Greatsword is a heavy weapon and you must have you physique upgraded 3 times two handle it properly.

Demon Door In Abandoned Road

First, you must get the bright plate suit, which I recomend you beat the game first, you can buy it in a store in Snowspire village. Then show it to him, he'll say he's looking for a dark wizard, so then go to darkwood, in the second place, there'll be a demon door. Defeat his guardian hobbes and go inside, there'll be a dark will user's suit, show him that, then he'll say he's looking for a bandit, so put on your bandit suit, then he'll let you in. You get a sweet mace called the Dollmasters Mace, it does some pretty sweet damage, enjoy kicking the crap out of enemies with it.

Lots Of Skill Experience

I was doing the Blind Seeress quest and came across this. First off, find the Treasure Chest that has the bandit trousers in it, when find it under the tent there will be smashable barrels one holds an ages of skill potion. You still have to find all of the parts of the bandit outfit to get into the camp. Once your in the camp, SAVE then reload, you sshould be in Oakvale once your there keep going back to the same spot that holds the Ages of Skill potion and get as many of those as you want. The way the potion works is what the combat multiplier is for. Say you have a multiplier of 20 then whenever you drink an ages of skill potion then you will get 20,000 skill experience.

Avo's Tear

Okay as soon you beat Jack of Blades the first time you have to choose between good and evil. Throw the Sword of Aeons into the vortex. After that you will be outside of the Guild talking to Scythe, the oldest Hero and one of the Greatest. After you speak to him the Guildmaster will tell you about Avo's Tear. There will be a green marker dot in Maze's old quarters. Go to the bookshelf on the right, look through the diary entries that he has written for all five days. Avo's Tear is in the courtyard in the headstone that is vacant and says "hear awaits a hero worthy enough to be in our presence. Click on it and it will tell you that you are worthy enough of Avo's Tear and you will recieve it. The Sword of Aeons is Avo's Tear's evil twin. They have the same augmentations (health, mana, and ewperience augmentations and both enduce 230 damage. Warning: you cannot have the Sword of Aeons and Avo's Tear at the same time. Note: Avo's tear gives you good morality points and the Sword of Aeons gives you evil morality points.

Defend Boulders

When you are in the arena and you start to fight 2 earth trolls or 2 rock trolls there is an easy way beat it. Okay, first you need too have you force push upgraded at least twice for this to work. Than when you are fighting the trolls they will throw rocks at you from a distance you can deflect them with force push if you time it right.

Easy Troll Killing

When facing a rock, earth, and ice troll use inflame when he slams his fists or jumps up and hits the ground use inflame to prevent yourself from any damage.

Easy Troll Killing

(must have inflame) When killing a troll and it hits the ground use inflame and then you won't get pushed back.

Houses For Sale In Bowerstone North

To Have all houses for sale (accept for the mansion) Have everyone in Bowerstone north follow you into Lady Gray's bedroom and make them all "wait". When you come Back out, all Houses will be for sale. P. s . (All are very expensive) It should work right off the bat. (I've done it).

Easy Way To Break Into Houses In Bowerstone

Wait until late at night, go to the buildings near Bowerstone Quay. If you look there is no guards there. You can bust down doors (As long as it isn't a shop) without getting caught. But the people inside will wake up. So steal all the stuff you can before the people can see you.

Comit Crimes Without Getting Attacked By Guards

First get TWO henchmen. Go to Bowerstone. Commit the crime. Your henchmen will attack the guards while you commit the crime. Your henchmen get to keep there weapons.

Avo's Tear

When you kill Jack Of Blades the first time you will have a chance to get the Sword Of Aeon's. If you get it you will be fully evil. If you throw it in the vortex you would throw away ultimate power. But if you go to Maze's quarters in the guild and check all the book cases you will find Maze's notes about a sword called Avo's Tear. And If you do what the note's say you will get Avo's Tear.

Esay Rock Boss

When you are in the arena fighting the two rock fighters, if you have slow time use it with berserk and when they throw rocks at you lock on one of them and try to hit the rocks they throw at you.

Kill Lady Grey

I know everyone has been trying to figure out how to kill Lady Grey and now you can!! Note: Doing this is tricky, but is possible to do. First, beat up Lady Grey until the guards come, (or get into a lot of trouble) then when they start shooting at you and slicing their swords, hide behind Lady Grey and eventually a Guard will try to shoot you with an arrow and if you are behind her the guard will end up shooting Lady Grey and she will die. Nothing will really change, but she will be dead forever and the mansion is yours!!

Defeat Twinblade Easy

Get the assasin rush and some type of sword then you can get behind him with out him stabing his swords in the ground.

Easy Silver Augmentations

(Only be done during the White Balverine quest.)Do this quest until the hunter's wife gives you one. After that teleport somewhere dosn't matter where. The game will tell you to relode . Do that. You'll end up just outside the gate. But you will still have the silver augmentation the hunter's wife gave you. Go back inside and doe the quest again. She will give you another augmentation with the on she gave you before.

Infinite Experience And High Combat Multiplier

Go to Lychfield graveyard but make sure you have the physical shield spell and plenty of will potions. When you get there go to the old graveyard path and go through the area where you fight the Cracken. At the next area go on the upper path and two or three undead should appear now put on your physical shield and start hacking because the undead never stop coming. By doing this I got my combat multiplier up to 221. So good luck and dont forget the will potions. I recomend over 200 potions.

Quick Skill Experience

Use all of your early skill points towards guile, then go trade for a profit whenever you have a combat multiplier. The more profit you make, along with the multiplier can net you anywhere from 1,000 to 80,000+ skill points. The easiest place is Darkwood Camp, since either entry point is fresh out of battle into a clear 'trading' zone!

Fast-n-Easy Gold

After collecting 30+ jewels of one type, find a trader who deals in them. Buy all of his jewels (even at a loss), then sell them back with the sell all option. Buying him out raises his prices, while selling them back will lower them. The more jewels you have, the better it works!

Easy Evil Points

Get married, take your wife home, and beat her until she loses the ring over her head... Instant +600 (evil) alignment.

Always Berserk

To always be crazy, or berserk, go into berserk mode then save your "hero". When you reload you will be HUGE, and you always will be!

Get Rid Of All Your Weapons

Once you get to Snowspire village, go to the weapons shop. The guy there will buy all of your weapons, excluding the stick. You can also buy most of the armor there, and all of the augmentations.

Easy Gold

Go to Hook Coast and you'll find a weapon, armor & agument shop (look for the sign with a sword on it.) Buy the health agument(The health agument costs 48000 gold.) Sell it back to him, making roughly 600 Gold. Repeat until you have your desired gold.

Special Produce Items

Throughout the game you can find special produce items that offer interesting possibilities:

Golden Carrot: Turns night into day instantly 
Moonfish: Turns day into night instantly
Tofu: +5 Good points 
Crunchy Chicks: +5 Evil points 
Carrot: 3 Skill experience points multiplied by combat modifier 
Fish: 3 Will experience points multiplied by combat modifier 
Red Meat: 3 Combat experience points multiplied by combat modifier

Easy Stealing

First thing you do is you go and buy approx. 3 beers, then you go to a shop where the merchendise is sitting out. You give the shopkeeper the 3 beers, then he will become tipsy. After that it is as easy as pushing him out of the shop, then you can steal as much as you want.

Hero's Guild Demon Door

This is best used at the beginning of the game. (But doesn't have to be.) When you talk to the demon door he will say your path is dark, well common sense use your lantern! When you shine the lantern it will make him see your brightness. Inside will be a book and an Elixer Of Life.

The Demon Door In Necropolis

This Door wants all your keys, if you give them to him you can not ever get them back; so it would be wise to wait until youve opened every silver chest.

Easy Experience

After you have comleted the quest to save your mom, return to the hill path just before the prison. 2 weak zombies will pop up, each time you kill one, another pops up. This is a never ending supply of experience. Warning: This will give you a tremendous amount of good deed morality points.


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We have no unlockables for Fable: The Lost Chapters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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