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  • Role-Playing, Third-Person 3D Action RPG
  • Big Blue Box
  • Microsoft
  • Mature
  • June 1, 2004


Get A Dragon

To get a dragon go to Elm, the sailor in the North of Albion. Follow him to his boat, find a crew, and then sail to an Island. Once there, you will find a big volcano and a small village. Go speak to the mayor. He'll tell you, you must go to a cave in the volcano. Once inside, you will find a Y Splitsing. Smash the pillars and you will find 2 spheres. Then go in front of the Y Splitsing and you will find 3 circle sings, 2 small ones and 1 big one. Put the spheres on the small circles and the big one will open up. Then go down in the circle and you will be in another cave. Whatever you do DONT'T WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON!!! It is invincible and it will pack on the hurt. So instead of attacking kneel and pray for it. It will give you a sword and an egg. Go back to Greatwood and the egg will hatch, giving you a baby dragon!!! Love him, squeze him, and call him 'George'.

Go Though Walls

First: Buy a Spade. Second: find a diggable area next to a wall. Third:Put your back against the wall. Fourth: Keep on digging until you are fully though the wall.

Demon Doors

Contains: elixer of life, tatoo, books
Use the lamp in front of this door 

Contains: Wellows Pickhammer
Do evil deeds (be full evil, murder several people in front of it, eat 10 Crunchy Chick foods) to open this door.

Contrains: Will Users Bright Suit (trousers boots gloves)
Give this door choclates or a red rose.

Contains: Ebonblade Cutlass
You need to have combat multiplier of at least 14 when you talk to this door.

Contains: Will Users Dark Suit
Combat Challenge

Contains: Will Masters Elixer
Must be very fat (Eat about 25 apple pies or 27 peices of red meat)

Contains:The Axe of Ronak
You must marry Mayor Lady Grey of Bowerstone North

Unlimited Experience

This is a really easy way to get a lot of experience as many times as you want. You have to have the Arena quest card. Right before you enter The Arena in Witchwood Lake, save your WORLD. When you enter The Arena, the Arena quest will start. Continue as normal, and wait your turn to start fighting. When you start fighting, continue to fight all the enemies until after you have beaten the Rock Trolls. There will be a message asking if you want to move on to the next round. Select "no". It will take you back to the waiting area. After the guy stops talking to you, save your HERO (since you are still in the middle of a quest). Quit your game and load your world from when you saved it before you entered the Arena. You will not have started the quest yet, but you will have all the experience that you gained from the battles (about 28,000 general). You can go back to the Guild and level up or start the quest again. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. Enjoy!!!

Silver Keys

There are 25 silver keys all over Albion, and there are just as many silver chests, but they each require a certain number of silver keys to open. Look for them in ripples of water, or in the cneter of flower circles.

Lady Grey's Necklace

Lady Grey's necklace is on the beach between the two boats to the right of the jetty in Oakvale.

Marry A Man

Eventually you will be able to marry. You can choose a man or a woman.

Continue Playing The Game

As soon as you defeat Jack of Blades (in the final quest), sadly you have to sit thru the entire ending credits which lasts about 30-40 minutes. After the credits are over, you will get your after quest stuff (experience, gold, and item ( Jack's Mask). After this you can play the game, but keep in mind, save the game so you don't have to wait for the credits again.

Tricky Silver Key

When you enter the snow place go to the bottom houses and the ones in the middle bottom check the 1st floor in each of them and you should find the key. HINT:It is in a little cabinet.

Black Rose for Lady Gray

When she says to you "go to town and buy me something you don't already have". Go back and go to the shop split between the two path ways and the guy has the rose.

End Of Game Super Experiance And Will Points

When you are about to beat jack of blades, world save, then enter the chamber of fate and battle let it auto save after reload battle again if desired.

Drunk Shop-Owner

This is an easy way to steal from shops. All you do is go to a tavern, buy at least 4 beers, then go to another shop, give the beer to the owner, and run into them. Make sure you push them out of the store (by running into them) before you start to steal. Also, make sure no guards or villagers are watching. Then you can hero save, and do it all over again!

How To Really Beat Jack Of Blades

I had maxed out toughness and lighting to beat jack. During the first phase of the battle, Jack summons warriors. If you need to replenish your mana, and do not have will potions, wait to defeat the two magicians. Once you kill them Jack will stop the forcefield. Use your multi hit spell to strike Jack more than once in one swing. Repeat this until he returns to the center of the chamber. He will rise into the air. Then rocks will appear. He will attack you 3 times with a wave, easily dodgeable; then twice with the balls. Then he will shine a light on his sword that will take a lot of life away fast. So hide behind the rocks when he does it. You'll be safe. Then, use lighting until you can't. And when he summons more monsters, just run around the chamber until his spell, that takes life kills the beasts. Then use lighting again. Continue this until he dies. Then I kept the sword. But I made mistake. When the credits roll, you should let them go on, so you can save your data and continue to play. If you skip the credits, you have to fight jack all over again. this is how I beat jack.

Double Your Gold

All you have to do is go to the Dark Wood Camp. Walk up to the blackjack guy, and save before you talk to him. After saving, talk to him and bet all your gold. Double your bet and take a hit. (NOTE: If you have alot of gold the blackjack guy will cheat, but you still have a chance of winning.)

Hidden Treasure

The treasuer is hidden in Oarchard Farms between the barn wall and the bails of hay on the front side of the barn. Go get it, it isn't what you thought it was.

The Harbinger, Sword In The Stone

The sword in the stone located beside the temple of Avo in witchwood can be taken out. All you have to do is to master your "Strength". That means your Physique, Health and Toughness must be fully upgraded. After you have done that, go and retrieve The Harbinger, one of the most powerful swords that can do serious damage!

Saving Money At The Arena

During the Arena quest, when you start out in the Arena Basement don't buy all that you need. Because of your renown (which is probably around well known or famous) the crowd will drop items and so will the Arena enemies.


An even easier way of gaining experience points is to simply go to the Hobbe Cave. Each time you exit an area of the cave and return, all the hobbes will automatically repopulate like rabbits.

Paladin Nickname

If you are pure evil and have a name like Maleficus, go to the Temple of Avo and donate gold until you are no longer evil and your name will change to Paladin.

Infinite Gold

To earn more money, you just need to buy houses and shops, then rent them. To buy a building you just have to kill its recent owner and when the sale sign appear, buy it and rent it. Is easier to kill the owners of the buildings at night when they sleeps. You can get rent money faster by sleeping in a owned marital house and repeat sleeping until the sun arises three times, then go out and collect the three money bags from each rented building. Trust me that in no time you will have enough money to buy an entire town. I already am the owner of entire Oakvale, entire Knothole Glade and part of Bowerstone.

Fast Magic Exp.

Have the lightning ability at a good level where it will hit more than one enemy. Have a high amount of will power and a lot of will potions. Go to the Grey House and finish the little event in the house and leave and come back. There will be a lot of Zombies now. When you get next to a couple of them use the lightning ability to attack as many as it will hit. When their all gone leave and come back and there will be more. Just do this you have as much experince as you want.

Lots Of Experience

First you need the arena quest card. Then enter into the arena. Defeat all enemies, (even the scorpion king) and in the moment you have to defeat Wisper, safe your hero and then load. You will be outside the arena but with the experience you gain. Do it everytime you want. I made it five times in a row and I was "swiming in experience".

Unlimited Experience

Go to the ANCIENT CULLIS GATE in the DARKWOOD FOREST. When you defeat either the rockbeast or the hobbs near the cullis gate, walk onto the bridge and walk back to the cullis gate. If done correctly, monsters will pop up automatically. (will only work if you finish a couple of the missions)

Hero Dolls

Doll of you: find off assasin of Knothole Glade
Doll of Thunder: buy off arena store
Doll of Briar Rose: get best time of bowerstone game
Doll of Maze: get best time at shove ha' penny at hook coast
Doll of Twinblade: get best time on spot the addition at twinblade's camp

Breaking Bowerstone's Barrels

If you are in south Bowerstone feel free to break any barrels where there are few people in plain sight if there are no visible gaurds this will work easily. Note: if any gaurds come get away from the broken barrels and the stuff they left on the ground.

Unlimited Gold

First, break down the door of the house in Oakvale and then buy it. You will fist need to upgrade your house one time, so there are 2 trophy racks. Now find your 2 most expensive trophies and hotkey them for quick usage. Place the 2 trophies on the racks and sell the house for more than what you paid. Go back inside the house and take back your trophies. Repeat this process as much as you want.

Unlimited Items

Whenever you start any kind of mission, there is usually an item in it. Save your game before you start the mission. Then enter your mission, collect your item, save the game, and quit. Then, load the same game where you saved it before you started the mission. You will have the item you've gotten earlier. Then go back into the mission and you can get the item again. If you keep repeating this step you can have unlimited items.


Before the arena, Chamelon, the guy who go first,will take a while to finish till the third level. Don't waste your time. Buy as much potions as you can ( if possible buy all)at the arena's basment shop.

Defeating Maze

If you want to deafeat maze, don't use melee attack against him. Wait until his physical shield wears off then you use the will spell (Enflame.

Physical Shield

The higher level the physical shield, the longer the physical shield can last longer.

Getting Ready With Will Spells

Before you have the arena quest, you go to the general experience upgrade at the guild and you go to will and go and learn physical shield. That way in the arena you dont need to use too much health potions.

Treasure #4

Given after winning the archery contest at Knothole Glade. Must complete Break the Siege Quest in Knothole Glade first

Treasure #3

Given after killing the final assassin at Hook Coast

Treasure #2

Given at the end of The Lost Trader Quest

Treasure #1

Received from the grateful sister at the end of the Bounty Hunter Quest.

Treasure #6

Dig up the clue in a mound of dirt behind the windmill at Windmill Hill.

Treasure #5

Found in a chest at Orchard Farm.

The Sword In Witchwood

The sword in the stone at Witchwood almost can't be taken out. You have to get you phisiqe all the way up. So don't waste your time trying to pull it out. Go talk to your wife or do a mission to get experince.

Buffer Hero

If your tired of looking at a scrawny mage, if you have the berserk spell you can stay that big forever. Use the berserk spell and save the game, then load up that game and your hero will be huge! Note: This is just for your appearence, you will not be stronger or faster, this will wear off once you use berserk again.

Unlimited Silver Keys

On the first mission to find the archeologist here is a silver key in the water. Fish it out, then you will have one key. Save the game, then turn off your xbox. Turn it back on load the game and the silver key will be in your possesion and you will be at the start of the mission so you may keep fishing the key out this way to have unlimited silver keys.

Lightning Augmentation

When helping the traders through the Darkwood Marshes you will meet a trader that has been injured by a Balverine. If you help him you will receive "good" points but later on he will turn into a balverine and attack you. Also in Darkwood ther is a stone with a hole near the top on the right side of the map with a key in it; shoot it out to get the key. In one of the last stages of Darkwood you will have to fight a ground troll. Destroy it and on the left there will be a pathway that leads to 2 barrels and a chest containing a lightning augmentation

Mid-day Looting

Ever get sick of having to break into shops at night to do your looting? This is a good way to loot durring day time. First your going to need to get the clerk drunk. 2 or 3 beers should do the trick. When the clerk is completely wasted you can move him around very easily by running into him. Push him outside or into another room. He will walk around aimlessly talking to himself. Meanwhile you can steal everything on display in his store. Beware of customers walking into the store.

Stealing Hint

Another sure way to steal in a shop is to. 1. Get the shopkeeper drunk with 2-3 beers. 2. Then push the shopkeeper out of the shop (this may take a while the first time but later it gets easier). 3. Then give the shopekeeper 1-2 more beers to make sure he doesnt come back for a while. 4. Steal till your hearts content! (Note. if you might have given the shopkeeper a little to many beers go to a house preferably one already owned in the area and sleep twice to make it the same time just another day and he wont be drunk anymore.)

Easy Stealing

If your having trouble stealing from shops and don't want to wait to get the picklock or even after, just try this little tip. Step 1: Ask the shop keep to follow you, don't worry if your not renown enough or they just don't want to, just ask. Step 2: Give them a beer. Step 3: Ask to follow again, if they do lead them somewhere away from the shop. If they don't don't worry. Step 4: Give them 5 more beers. They'll be too drunk to follow you back, so go steal. If they didn't follow you, give the 5 beers anyway and they will stumble about their shop not paying much attention, so steal their good from under their nose, just be careful cuz they can still catch you.

Run To The Demon Door And Back

The character does not run by default. You must press the B button to run. Before you talk to the character that starts the race, be sure you are facing in the direction you need to run. When the timer begins immediately start running and be sure to avoid everyone in your path. Run straight around to where the door is and line yourself up directly down the middle of the rock bridge. As soon as you touch the door (you don't have to select it) push the stick in the opposite direction and you should go straight back across. Then just avoid all people on the way back and as soon as you see the dialog balloon (aiming at the race guy) hit the button to end the challenge.


Stealable items can be found in the shops. To attempt to steal them, you can target the item, and then use the ‘shoplift’ expression.


Some food types have special abilities; they might change day to night, improve some of your attributes or change your alignment.

Cause Distractions While Committing Crimes

You'll need to pal around with some sidekicks who will do your dirty work for you. Have the sidekicks fight guards to cause a distraction, which will result in NPC's running away, giving you all the time you need to commit crimes such as stealing etc.

Pick Locks Of Houses

Wait until late in the evenings or during the night, as the chance of being caught is reduced to an absolute minimum. Pay attention to the Eye of Awareness while committing a crime; as it might prevent you from being caught.

Commit Easier Crimes

Make sure a non player character is NOT looking in your direction when you commit a crime and you'll get away with it.

Bribe Guards

You can pay for the guards "break time" which is a great way to commit crimes without getting caught.

Secret Hairstyle

After you fight the Wasp Queen look for a hairstyle card on the bench.


50,000 Gold

While playing the game press X, B, R, L, A(4). If you entered the code correctly Fable should say "yes".


We have no unlockables for Fable yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Fable yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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