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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Squaresoft
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • November 19, 2003


Easy Way To Defeat Any Boss And Angra Mainyu

I was looking at all the tips for defeating bosses easily and tried them out for myself. I say, None of them will work for Angra Mainyu in chapter 5 who comes back with all 333, 444 of his hp. (For some it came back with it's bottom hp in Chapter 3, but for me it always comes back with all of it) You see, you have to get rid of Tawrich and Zarich first or else Angra Mainyu will unleash the attack Perditions flame which can deal a lot of damage to your characters. I would suggest that you should be above level 50 when beating this fiend but in actuality, you should be over 70. Preferably 75 to 99. When you start this battle, make sure you have 99 holy waters, many elemental gems (fire gems, lightning gems, water gems, and ice gems), 2 alchemists and one dark knight. Now, I know most tips say that you should have two dark knights and one alchemists, but there is an attack the the alchemist can mix up. Mastery of these dresspheres are not required. I started collecting Gems early in the game without me knowing what they were useful for. Later when I accumulated 99 fire gems, I started using the mix feature to mix them with things. Fire gems can be collected from greater drakes. Two in their normal form and 10 when they are oversouled. Pray for their oversouled forms. Other gems are tricky to get so I had to resort to the enemy guide in the strategy book in order to find the others. Start off your battle by immediately having your dark knight cast the darkness ability. Have one of your alchemists mix up a mega potion regardless if you need or not. Now, with that other alchemist, have her mix a holy water with any elemental gem (fire, water, ice, lightning) and the result will please you. This attack is similar to that of a white mage's holy and Yuna's Floral Fallal Great Whirl. It is called White Hole. It does more than 1, 000 damage, and goes about 12 times, resulting in about 15, 000 damage max. If your alchemist has the invincible accessory on, this attack can deal more than 9, 999 12 times. That results in more than 100, 000 thousand damage if you're lucky. It's also and easy way to defeat many bosses, though I wouldn't get to use to it or you'll forget how to actually play the game. If you're having trouble beating vegnagun later on in the game, this strategy is also useful until you get to them darn nodes. If this way doesn't work for you, I have a few others.

The Via Infinado, Trema And The Iron Duke

The Via Infinado is available in chapter 5 in Bevelle. I've read and heard people say you HAVE to side with New Yevon at the begining of chapter 2, they're wrong. Even if you side with The Youth League you can enter the Via Infinado. Once chapter 5 begins you'll notice that almost everywhere is a hotspot. Go to Bevelle and enter the palace. Maroda, Pacce and the rest of the Kindergaurdians will be there and a short cut scene will happen. After the cut scene enter the palace and head to the room on the right. Pacce and the rest of the Kindergaurdians will be there and tell Yuna that they found it all on their own. Save your game at the save sphere then step on the glyph. There will be a short scene with a man who will talk about a guy named Trema, which is someone you will have to fight if you were to continue through the Via Infinado. After the man is done, he leaves behind a Crimson Sphere, pick it up and either continue on to fight EXTREMELY hard fiends and eventually Trema himself. In my opinion, the only reason to fight him would have to be because he has the Iron Duke accessory. Its effects are HP and MP+100%, Strength, Defence, Magic, Magic Defence, Accuracy and Evasion+100, Luck+50 and Agility+10. A GREAT accessory, but EXTREMELY hard to obtain. Trema has 999, 999HP and his stats are high. His Strength, Defence, Magic AND Magic Defence are all 255. His Agility is 128, Evasion is 99, Accuracy is 26 and the only good one is his luck, its 0. If you ARE gunna face him I recommend that you use a mastered special dressphere with both HP and Damage Break and are at level 90 or higher. He gives you 10, 000 EXP. 10 AP and 10, 000 Gil.

Watchers And The Machina Panzer

Okay, the Watchers are those little flying machines that show up during some random battles. The Machina Panzer is a boss you fight in a secret cave at the Thunder Plains in Chapter 5. The Watchers aren't to be taken lightly, they record and store the abilities you used during battles with one in it. This includes both Black and White magic, any special abilities like a Dark Knight's Darkness ability, attacks both special and regular, every move you made in battles. SO, here's what you do when you fight the Machina Panzer. There will be 3 Watchers along with the Machina Panzer, a Watcher-A, a Watcher-R and a Watcher-S. The Watchers will lock all your abilities straight away, so you need to get rid of those first. The Watcher-A will lock any attack ability you used during battles, the Watcher-R will lock up any recovery abilities you used in battles and the Watcher-S will lock up any special attacks you used in battles. So just attack them straight away as fast as you can so they won't be able to lock your abilities. After that just attack the Panzer with all your strongest attacks and spells, including the Dark Knight's Darkness ability, just don't use ANY lightning based attacks or spells, that will heal it. The Watchers are pretty weak, they only have a little over 600HP, but the Machina Panzer has quite a bit of health, 30, 500HP. It gives you 4300EXP and 10AP and drops 10, 000 Gil and a Crystal Bangle which raises your HP by 100%. You can steal an Oath Veil from it and that raises your Magic Defence by 60, you can also Pilfer up to 2500 Gil so do what you will with that.

Ribbon Accessory Revealed

In chapter 2 when you reach the area with the six towers underneath Bevelle fight the monsters at all of them then use the red towers to select one of the bottom 3 steps that are under each other and in the wrong spot. Select a blue tower to move the step. Tower with Georapella fight moves step on space to the right I think and the one with the other boss moves it one space to the right while the one without a battle moves it across the circle from where it was. WHen the steps are lined up go all the way down to find the ribbon accessory.

Beat Black Element Even Easier Way!!

All you have to do is to just acquire the Dark Knight Dress sphere from bevelle underground, and learn Charon. Than equip all girls with this Dressphere and when your in the battle, use Charon. This will do 9999 damage which will most likely win you the battle. If not, use Charon again with another girl.

Gunner Easy Win

When you gain the accessory Cat Nip and one of your girls gunner DP has maxed out the trigger happy ability you can defeat almost any enemy easily, just equip it to who ever you want to use it and get that girl's health in the yellow. Now every time you fight an enemy and you use trigger happy you'll hit 'em with 9999 damage.

Obtaining Lady Luck Dressphere

Haven't beat the sphere break tournament yet? Before battling Shinrah, study coin count echoes and multiplying echoes by using the tutorials. Once you learn these, apply that knowledge to defeat him. You can not beat him without knowing these, it took me ten tries before I learned about the echoes, and once I did, it only took one more try to beat him. Echoes are a great way to meet your high quota's. Try using this strategy to defeat those kids in the locker room too. Once you defeat him, you will have won the tournament and the lady luck dresshpere.

Easily Defeat Anima

Anima is the last aeon you have to defeat in the road to the farplane. She has the highest HP. (36, 000 HP) First off, have Yuna a gunner. Have Rikku and Paine warriors. Make Yuna use Trigger Happy. Just have Rikku keep slashing Anima. Have Paine use Excabuliar (I think how it's spelled.) That's Anima's weakness. When Anima does her special attack, pain, Use rememdy, becuase "pain" negates all spell effects on one member of the party. When Anima does Oblivion, Use a mega- potion for each time she does it. Keep using Trigger Happy, Excabuliar and attacks to finish off Anima easily.

An Easy Fight For The Magus Sisters

In the farplane, after you defeat Shiva, you will have to fight The Magus Sisters: (Sandy, Mindy and Cindy) Have all three girls warriors. Have Paine around level 47-50. Have Rikku and Yuna around 45. During battle, KEEP ATTACKING MINDY. (The gliding one) She has the lowest HP. So, keep attacking her until she's destroyed so they won't have to do their overdrive ! If either one of your HP is low, HEAL. Using hi-potions and mega- potions. So, just slash slash slash mindy first. Then attack Sandy until she's destroyed, then Cindy.

Hidden Dressphere: Mascot

To get the best dressphere in the game, get 'Episode Complete!' everywhere in Chapter 5. It will be found in the engine room. (Bevelle is optional!)

Paine's Full Throttle Dressphere

In chapter 1 in Macalania Woods speak with Tromell at least 3 times and he'll give Paine's special dressphere the "Full Throttle".

Easy Way To Beat Vegnagun

The easiest way to Vegnagun is just use Yuna in her special dresspere make sure she has good abilities.

Change Your Pets's Name

After you see Brother's love confession (Ch. 5), you will see Barkeep has a new "friend". Yes, they will kiss for the remainder of the game (including when you rest). But talking to them with the Trainer Dressphere will allow them to change your pet's names. Just select Pet Shop.

Another Way To Win Lady Luck

If you lost at the Sphere Break Tournament, you can still get this dressphere. Just talk to Shinra near the locker rooms in Chapter 5 and he will challenge you for it.

Jumbo Caqtuar

When you saw the little caqtuars form this big guy, you probably thought "Oh no! Not another boss!" But this guy is actually just a phony! The only action he'll ever make is to cast Hastega in the beginning*. So first just kill the two regular ones. Then, keep using DEFENSIVE skills to level up your dresspheres. When you think you're ready, defeat it. *If oversouled, it will still attack.

Easy Battles (Including Bosses!)

Get the Cat Nip accessory from the floor 40 Boss of the Cloister of Trials. It allows you to do 9,999 damage per hit when your Hp. is low! Ultimate Combination - Cat Nip + Trigger Happy (Gunner). That'll add up to about 100,000 damage!!

1st Person Shooting In Gunner's Gauntlet

Go to the temple in Besaid. Talk to the man standing outside the door to the Cloister of Trials (up the stairs). There is a Gunner's Gauntlet inside the temple! It's very hard, especially when you get to a guy with about 80 Hp. with enemies coming at you from two sides!

Calm Lands Destroyed Scene

To view this scene, lose to Vegangun's core for the second time.

Battle With Shuiyn

Yes, eventually you have to battle Shuiyn at the end of the game. He is after the battle with Vegnagun's core for the second time. For FFX fans, he uses all of Tidus's overdrives, just with different names. If you managed to beat Vegnagun, this guy would be no problem. Yuna should be a White Mage, Rikku whould be a Gunner, and Paine should be a Gunner or Warrior. After the battle there will be a LONG movie, leading up to the credits, which are unavoidable but have the song "1000 Words" so just relax and after the credits your times played and character's levels will be shown. You will also be give the chance for a New Game Plus! This is bascially restarting the game, but the only differences are that your characters will be lv.1 and you will lose ALL your spheres (so much for collecting the crimson spheres) and a couple other things.

Special Scene With YRP In A Hot Spring

While on the mission to find the three syndicate uniforms, one will be at Fayth Scar in Mt. Gagazet. You have to chase after a fem-goon on your way up a mountain. However, when you are almost at the top of the mountain, the fem-goon will jump to the right. Keep climbing up until you see a scene where YRP (Yuna, Rikku, Paine) are looking down at the fem-goons from a high ledge above. Also, you can nab the uniforms without battling Ormi and the fem-goons until later!

Matching Names

Not that it matters, but isn't it strange that in FFX2, LeBlanc's two head goons, Ormi and Logos, are similar to the Lord of the Ring's Legolas and Gimli?

Skip Your Turn

If you do not want one of your characters to act yet during a battle, press triangle to switch between party members whose ATB (active time battle guage) is full. This trick will make battles much easier!

Secret Cave (Paine's Past)

To get here, first find all 10 crimson spheres. Then visit the gorge in Mushroom Rock Road. Go into the cave and touch the symbol on the wall. If you have all ten, it will open up. Go through to see a long thing that shows Rikku and Yuna being possesed by Shuyin, however, to skip it all press start when Rikku says something's coming and press square. After battling Rikku and Paine, you have to battle Baralai (like from the Bevelle underground), Gippal, and Nooj. These battles are really hard, I suggest being at about lv.50.

The Via Infinito

In Chapter 5 (after siding with New Yevon) visit Bevelle headquarters and go to the room at the right. The "Kinderguardians" have found the Via Infinito! Enter the portal to talk to a guy who introduces you to the place. You also get a Crimson Sphere. Every 20 floors you have to fight a boss. Another Crimson Sphere is found after you beat the 20th floor boss. Those guys with lanterns are Tonberrys, and you will sometimes have to beat them to beat the cloister or to warp back to the surface. If you do find a portal and warp back to the surface, your farthest cloister reached will be saved. Lastly, if you have a Charm Bangle, it's effects will be inactive in this place.

Mascot Dress Sphere

To get this dress sphere you must get an episode complete at every area in the final chapter. When you get this, have fun because this is one of the most powerful dress spheres.

Rare Accessories

Here are a few of the best (and most difficult to get) accessories:

Iron Duke: Defeat Trema in Via Infinito: Cloister Infinite.

Improved stats and abilities: HP+100%, MP+100%, Strength, Magic, Defence, Magic Defence, Accuracy, and Evasion+ 100 each, Luck+50, and Agillity+10

Key to Success: Finish all Moonflow missions, but do NOT stop Garik from waging war, during Ch.5 go to Guadosalam and enter Tobli's house to find a chest containing it.

Improved stats and abilities: HP & MP+100% each, Luck+100, Double All(doubles AP, EXP, gil and items earned, and general effectiveness of recovery, elemental, and non-elemental items)

Cat Nip: Defeat Black Elemental in Via Infinito: Cloister 40, open chest after battle(also contains other accessories).

Improved stats and abilities: SOS ????(every hit deals 9999 damage when HP is low).

Invincible: Talk to the man with recorder in second area of Kiika once during Chs.1, 3, and 5, during Ch.5, tell the man that you want to check the HQ that you looked at during these Chs. and look for a yellow square which signals a treasure chest containing it.

Improved stats and abilities: Break Damage Limit (allows max damage do go higher than 9999)
Hope this helps!

Killer Squad

If you mostly put Paine as a warrior and gun mage, Yuna as a gunner and a songstress, and Rikku as a theif, warrior,and a black mage. Their best attributes will be high and each person will have a special purpose.

To Beat Yojimbo

Beating Yojimbo is really easy, if you come in with a level around 35 and accesories that defend against poison, like star pendants or glass buckles. Make sure you have a gunner that knows Trigger Happy Lv.3, a Dark Knight, and an Alchemist. The quickest way to deplete Yuna's former aeon's HP is to repeat the same actions over and over. Make sure your Alchemist has a heavy supply of potions, pheonix downs, and hi-potions. Use trigger happy on the aeon to buy your dark knight time to use Darkness on it. If you came in around level 35, this should cause about 1000 points of damage toYojimbo. Watch out for his little dog too. If yojimbo raises a finger to his face, this means he's going to use Zanmato. This wipes your hp and mp to one point! Before he uses this, make sure you've given your alchemist the command to mix a potion and a high potion to make a mega potion. If you don't his dog will most likely attack a character and kill her. If so, usea pheonix down on her quick. Repeat this over and over and you will beat Yojimbo.

Easy AP And Experience In Chapter 1

This trick requires a controller with an auto- fire feature. At the start of the game after the fight with "Yuna" and during the chase, you will fight two goons. In the next area, you will fight two goons and two fem goons. In that room run over to the dock and you will see a Mog bent over and shivering. When you try to talk to it, it will heal you fully. Set yourself directly against her, and use the auto-fire feature. A fem goon will run around the corner and attack you. Remain there for a few hours to get all of ability for the thief and warrior.

Ticket Selling

Here are the amount of money people will pay for a concert ticket.

Al Bhed Woman wearing pink near entrance will pay 1,500 gil.

Woman wearing red headband, before reaching Tobli will pay 1,500 gil.

Woman standing beside child, after Tobli will pay 1,000 gil.

Woman wearing yellow and orange, standing across from Save Sphere will pay 1,500 gil.

Man wearing orange and green, sitting on bench will pay up to 1,000 gil.

Person wearing green, sitting on dock stairs will pay 1,500 gil.

Person wearing green, standing next to dock will pay the highest price.

Go on the other side of the Moonflow (ride the Showpuff); the child wearing white shirt, standing beside Hypello will pay up to 2,000 gil.

Person in yellow dress standing at the top of the ramp, same side of the Moonflow as the kid above will pay 2,000 gil.

Woman in green standing across from the bench in the direction of going to Guadosalam will pay any amount of gil.

Last Missing Cactuar

The last missing Cactuar, Frailea, is inside the Cactuar Hollow.

Easy Dark Element Fight

This is the Boss on the 40th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Enter the fight with all three of your characters as Gunners that have mastered the Table Turner ability. Before the battle, equip all of your characters with an accessory that protects against Berserk. As soon as the battle starts, have all three use Table Turner. This should do massive amounts of damage to the Boss, since his defense is 255 with some luck you can kill him before he gets a chance to cast Ultima.

Aeons Hp/Mp And Gil

Here are the Hp, Mp and Gil of the Aeons:

Bahamut- Hp:8400 - Mp:999 - Gil:1000
Valefor - Hp:8430 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1200
Ifrit- Hp:8829 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1300
Ixion- Hp:12380 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1800
Shiva- Hp:14800 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000
Yojimbo- Hp:22000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1500
Mindy- Hp:9788 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Sandy- Hp:10330 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Cindy- Hp:12240 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Anima- Hp:36000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000

Different Numbers

When your finding the four numbers to get in the cave on Besaid Island, be warned. The numbers are different each time you start a new game. For example, the numbers in my first game, the numbers were 1784. In the second game they were 1117. I'm not saying that they're going to be the same numbers as mine, but they will change, so the same combonation won't work. Happy hunting again!

Trigger Ending Scenes

Once you solve the game you can change the ending. When Yuna is in the Farplaine, after defeating Vegnagun, press the X button to hear whistling. A faith will apear and ask Yuna if she wants to see someone. Answer yes. If you complete 100% of the game you can veiw the perfect ending. These scenes are shown after the credits.

Easy Money In Sphere Break

An easy way to get money is to get the Magic Urn coin, which has the attribute 2x Gil which allows the value of the coin to go up quicker, and than go to an easy fight for Sphere Break. After that always use the Magic Urn for the entry coin first than seek out any Coin+ or Gil+, make sure not to pick up any Gil-, and use them. Then after raising the value of the Magic Urn Coin, sell away.

Trample Brother

To trample Brother, you must beat your very first mission, the one on Mt. Gagazet. After the mission, Brother will be laying on the floor. You can walk on top of him and trample him. For some reason, this is actually pretty fun.

Brother's Love Confession

To view this scene, you must rest in the cabin in every chapter at least once. After you've rested in the final chapter you will trigger the scene.

Easy Money

After giving O'aka 100,000 Gil to pay off his debt, he will sell you items for extremely cheap prices. He sells Hi-Potions for 50 Gil, but you can still sell them for normal price. If you buy 99 Hi-Potions at the 50 Gil price, and then sell them all, you can make over 3 times the money back. You can do this over and over again until you have a lot of money.

All Of The Manuals

• 1st manual – Go inside Djose Temple and go the the man that asks you for a password. The password is MARNELA. Once the password is given, he’ll give you the manual.
• 2nd manual – Obtained from a man sitting in the room to the left of the stairs in Djose Temple.
• 3rd manual – Walk to the right of the temple and Stand between the monkeys, wait for them to jump at the same time and press the X button. You will get the manual.
• 4th manual – Examine the Machina to the left of the crowd of people at the northern part of Mi’ihen Highroad.
• 5th manual – Found in a treasure chest at the Ruin Depths beneath the Chocobo Stables in the Calm Lands.

Find All Of The Cactuars

• Lobivia – Return to the Excavation Camp at Bikanel Island and take the hover to the Oasis, where he’ll be waiting for you.
• Toumeya – On the beach at Besaid Island, near where the fishing boats are located.
• Lobeira – Hiding in a treasure chest in Ormi’s bedroom (the room with the workout gear and weights) in the basement of Chateau Leblanc.
• Areq and Arroja (count as 2) – Go to the northern section of the Calm Lands, just before entering Mt. Gagazet and you’ll find them riding a chocobo.
• Islaya – Go to the northern part of the Thunder Plains and walk over to the Cactuar statue directly south of where the northernmost tower is.
• Chiapa – On a treetop in the northeast section of Kilika Woods. Walk toward Kilika Temple, you’ll walk by a tree on the right to climb.
• Erio – Go to the Mountain Gate at Mt. Gagazet and use the Teleporter to reach the Mountain Path. Go north to the next screen and Erio will be there.
• Bartschella – Go to Dona’s house in Kilika. Bartschella will be hanging out in the left hand corner.

Rescue Tourists Sidequest

In Chapter 3, go to the gorge in the Calm Lands, and do the Rescue Tourists Sidequest. One of the tourists (the guy running past you towards the entrance) will have the Besaid Key. This key allows you to open the chest in Besaid Temple and get a Search Sphere. Also, when you see the two children run to the right, go to the left. Examine the small area and you will find a tourist hiding unseen. You need to rescue him to be able to warp to the first Hidden Chamber. And when you're fighting Yojimbo, have a Mega-Potion ready to use. His Zanmato attack will drop your entire party's HP and MP to 1. Have Yuna or Rikku in Gunner. Trigger Happy LV3 will buy you some time for the others to take action.

Movie/Music Spheres

Don't waste your gil at the Luca Theater. If you really have to see the Movies or hear the Music, save your game first. Then go to the Theater and buy all the spheres you want. When you're ready to continue playing, just reload your game.

Lady Luck Dressphere

In Chapter 3, go to Luca and win the Sphere Break Tournament. You will receive the Lady Luck Dressphere, which has the Double EXP auto-ability.

Changing Dress/Job

During a battle, press L1 during your characters turn and a plate will appear. Choose your desired dress and press Action to activate it. For Yuna, once you get the Special Dress, you can use it during battle. During Yuna's turn, press L1 then R1 to the change to the Special Dress.

O'aka's Debt

When you first go to the Travel Agency in Macalania, you'll see O'aka running off the screen. Follow him, and catch him, then hide him out on the airship. Buy items from him to pay off his debt(100,000 gil). Then go to Macalania, and you will have a mission to defeat six waves of fiends(be at least level 30; have all three in Gunner, and fire away with Trigger Happy). Complete the mission and you will receive the Berserker Dressphere.

Skip Intermission Sequences

Pause game play during an intermission sequence, then press Square to skip the current scene.

Good Character Strategy

Use Yuna and Paine as Warriors and Rikku as a Thief. Also get Yuna to use a hidden dress called Healer, which works better than White Mage. As you get further in the game, there will be more new dresses. Do not use any of them. Although some of them may seem strong, they are all all pretty much useless. Get Paine something with Pierce and keep hacking at your enemies while Yuna heals when needed. Have Rikku steal from whoever you see. You will be surprised at what you can get from just stealing from a Ghost or some sort of a strong monster.


In-game Reset

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.


We have no unlockables for Final Fantasy X-2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Final Fantasy X-2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Final Fantasy X-2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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