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  • Final Fantasy 10
  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Squaresoft
  • Squaresoft
  • Teen
  • December 18, 2001


Ultimate Attack

You must have Rikku and Tidus in party and must have Tidus' Blitz Ace Overdrive. First start off by getting Rikku and Tidus' overdrives then go to disired boss that you are having trouble beeting. Start of fight use Rikku's mix ability to activate Trio of 9999 (i use 2 "Door of Tomarrow's" which is stolen from a creature on the calm lands i think). After using Trio of 9999 use Tidus' Blitz Ace. And at last watch the show!! Every single strike will now do 9999 points of damage if not more. If used correctly this move will anillate most bosses and makes the final Sin, Yu Yevvon, and Omega Weapon look like pansies.

Crest And Sigil's What To Do?

If you're wondering what these Crest and sigil's for they are to power up the legendary weapons. Here's a list of who need's what crestand thier location.

TIDUS: SUN CREST-Area were you battle Lady Yunalesca.
       SUN SIGIL-Race the chocobo trainer at a time of 0.0.0.

YUNA:  MOON CREST-Besaid isle beach(swimm around the mountain)
       MOON SIGIL-Defeat every aeon at Remiem Temple.

AURON: MARS CREST-Mi'ihen Highroad Oldroad south.
       MARS SIGIL-Capture 10 monsters of 10 different monsters in 10 different areas.

WAKKA: JUPITER CREST-Luca inside Aurochs locker room
       JUPITER SIGIL-a prive in blitzball after he's received all his reels.

KIMAHRI: SATURN CREST-Mt. Gigazet columns after fighting seymour.
         SATURN SIGIL-Capture all blue butterflies without touching red ones.

       VENUS SIGIL-Evade lightning 200 consecutive times and it will appear at the 
travel agency.

RIKKU: MERCURY CREST-In a sand whirlpool in the sanubia desert.
       MERCURY SIGIL-Complete quactuar mini-game and look for chest in sand storm area.

Al Bhed Hint At Beginning Of Game

When you first start the game. After Sin has sucked you up and you are then in the ruins where you swim in the water, there is a message from the Al Bhed on a pillar if you swim up and to the right. It is a blue circle. It reads "IN THE LAND WHERE BOLTS OF LIGHT ILLUMINATE THE DARKEST NIGHT, WITH MACALANIA BEHIND THE FOURTH PILLAR YOU SIGHT, LOOK NOT TO THE LEFT BUT TO THE RIGHT".

Having Some Trouble With The Hiddin Aeons...

Okay so in the game there are 3 hiddin Aeons, Anima, Yojimbo and The Magus Sisters. To get Yojimbo you have to go to the Cavern of Stollen Fayth, which is located in the gorge(go under the 1st bridge after the save sphere leading to Mt. Gagazet)and have A LOT of gil. Beware the cavern is filled with fiends. You have negotiate with him. Give him half plus 1 gil, so if he ask's for 250,000 Gil(which he does)give him half plus one so give him 125,001 Gil. Once he get's to 200,000 Gil he'll gladly take any offer, within a decent time limit. If at any time you triple his asking price he give's you a little somethin-somethin. Anima is a bit more complicated. Its more of a side quest. Once you get the Air Ship, locate Baaj Temple, where Tidus first woke up. Its X coordinate is 11-16 and Y coordinate is 57-63. Get ready for a boss battle have Armor that has deathward/proof and stoneward/proof. Remember that big thing that tried to eat you, well time for revenge. It takes place in water so its Tidus, Rikku and Wakka. It has 32,767 HP, 128 MP, its weak against all elements and can be poisoned, sensor works too, but it doesn't drop anything, doesn't have any items to steal and can't be bribed. Once you get rid of him head south to find Lulu's legendary weapon, Onion Knight. After you get that head north to the door, once you get in you'll find 6 statues(3 on the left 3 on the right). There is a special item in each temple, walk up next to them and they should light up, if the didn't you need to go back to the temple, enter the cloister of trials and use the Destruction Sphere to obtain the item(if you need more help on this go on youtube). The Statues are as so, upper left-Besaid, upper right-Bevelle, left-Macalania, right-Djose, lower right-Kilika lower left-Zanarkand. Go back to Zanarkand and there is a new puzzle, you have to step on all the white ones once you're done with it you have to obtain the Magistral Rod(if you have no room, switch it with something useless). If you're missing any of the temples you can't get back in, long story, go to the highroad and before you head to sin, go BACK to the temple/s you're missing and you're able to get in. After dealing with all that head back to Baaj temple step next to the statues, once all of them are activated go through the door and Anima is all yours. Now last but not least, The Magus Sisters. Go to The Calm Lands, on the far east is a monster arena, talk to the owner and buy capture weapons for your top 3 strongest guys because you capture the fiend by physically attacking them. Head to Mt. Gagazet and capture at least one of every fiend. Once you have done that go back and talk to the arena owner and he should give you the Blossom Crown. Next grab a chocobo head to the southern entrance but head all the way to the right, you should see a chocobo feather on the ground stand next to it, while on the chocobo, and press X the chocobo will flap its wings and kinda glide over to the next area. Get off and head through the passage. Now you're at Remiem Temple enter it and talk to the lady in the middle fight all her Aeons. After you beat Bahamut the summoner will give you the Flower Scepter(note-At this point YOU MUST HAVE BOTH ANIMA AND YOJIMBO). Once you have acquired both aeons and both Items go behind her and use both the Blossom Crown and the Flower Scepter on the flashing light, Yuna will then enter and BOOM the Aeons are your's. Now beat the hidden Aeons after you do that, you'll recieve the Moon Sigil.

How To Beat Evrae Kind Of Easily

When the battle starts have tidus use slow on evrae and have auron an rikku in your party since evrae is slowed your whole party should get a turn after that have tidus cast haste on himself witch should give him another turn right after that have him cast haste on auron then just have auron beat the crap out of evrae also have rikku there in case you get damaged so she can use her al behd potions to restore health then wen tidus gets his other turn have him cast haste on rikku so she can steal from evrae witch should give you a water gem almost every time here is the tricky part wen evrae inhales since evrae shuold still be slowed make tidus or rikku tell the cid to pull the airship back away from evrae witch after done evrae should exhale since you are out of range he should miss here is where the airship, wakka, and lulu comes into play since you are so far away evrae has to have some way to hit you and yes he dose its called photon spray "or wave" witch hits you multiple times a turn usually dealing around 90 to 100 or a little more have tidus use haste on himself ( don't if tidus has not died ) then have him use it on lulu you know that focous move that she has and you never use here is where you use the move it boost magic defense and yes the photon move is a type of magic of some sort witch the focous move should lower the damage of the photon spray also since she is in haste she should be able to use it twice also if you have flare or any other non elemental magic use that also if you want to here is where the airship comes into play basically all it dose is shoot missiles at evrae dealing about 100 to 140 I think and thats it here is another part that tidus dose he will use cheer to boost the parties attack and defense stats also since he shuold be in haste he also should be able to cast it twice here is where wakka comes into play since he is the only one on the team with a long range attack he can hit evrae from distance his attack wil be boosted making him deal greater damage and keep on havin lulu cast focous on every on and have tidus keep on casting cheer (also cast haste on wakka of course) and just let wakka keep on hitting evrae also tthe airship has a limited supply of missles barrages witch I think is about 10 barrages when they all run out don't worry just keep on havig the same routine that I showed after a while of relentless beating evrae will do a move called swooping sythe witch will cause him to swoop down and hit every one dealing a small amount of admage since you kept using cheer here is when since you are up close with him again you will need auron and rikku agian if they have not died they should still be in haste just fight untill evrae will caste haste on himself causing it to cancel out slow and making himself in haste status also when that happens have tidus cast slow again and have tidus cast cheer and raise the party attack since these are new people and just constantsntly attack evrae untill he uses haste by that time he should be al most be dead if you have it have auron use his ovredrive on evrae killing him if not just continue beating him till he dose or just have som one else use thier overdrive and that should kill him. The things you will need are wakka with a weapon that has pierce on it and alot of al behd potions on rikku and alot of regular hi potions and normal potions and a good level wepon for every one I metioned in this boss hint thank you for looking and happy fighting.

Rin (Blitzball)

The first time that you get on the airship, go to where Rin is, and press square near him to add him to your blitzball team, he is level 5 so be sure to get him!!!

An Easy Win For Seymour Flux (Mt. Gagazet)

Well..he only had 70,000 HP when I was fighting this is how I did it. First off, have Tidus cast Haste on Yuna. (Make sure ALL of the aeons have their overdrives !) Summon Valefor first, and make him do Energy Blast on him. That should take away 9,999 hp away. Plus, (There's something that drains Seymour hp, too. I forget the name) It will take away 4,000 hp. Next, Summon Ifrit and do his overdrive. Keep following the list. When you summon Bahamut, his overdrive should take away 14, 500 hp away. Ixion, Ifrit and Shiva's over drive should all take away 9,999 hp. Next, Summon Yojimbo !! (Yes, you need him for this battle) Don't bother with Zanmato just pay 1000-1200 so he does Wakizashi and Kozuka. This should finish him off. If not, use Rikku's and Auron's overdrives.

Easy Ap For Tidus

Go to the Sanabua (X12-16, Y41-45) (dont know if spelled right) and get his weapon, Asaclon. Then go to the Omega Ruins (X69-75, Y33-38) and stay near the save sphere. Or you can do the same at the Sea of Sorrow.

How To Get The Celestial Mirror

To get the Celestial Mirror you must first have the Cloudy Mirror whitch can be acquired by going to the Remium Temple and winning the Chocobo race. Simply cross the bridge and turn right to find the Chocobo. Win the race and get the Cloudy Mirror. Then go to Lake Macalania on the Airship Destination list. Once there talk to the woman she will tell you her husband is lost. Take the path to the right of her. Then go right and then up. This is where her husband is. Talk to all of the men until you have talked to her husband. Then go back to the woman. Now her son is lost. Go up the new path made of ice, and search all the trails. When you find the boy simply talk to him. Then, when he asks you to use the Cloudy Mirror say yes. With te Celestial Mirror you can get everybody's Celestial Weapon.

Items From Dodging Lightning

In the Thunder Plains, if you can dodge the lightning a certain number of times in a row, you will be rewarded with items. Additionally, if you get struck by lightning 30 times, you get an Ether. If you get hit 80 times, you get an Elixir. Times Dodged Item 5 Two X-Potions 10 Two Mega-Potions 20 Two MP Spheres 50 Three Strength Spheres 100 Three HP Spheres 150 Four Megalixirs 200 Venus Sigil

Moon Sigal For Yuna

In order to get the Moon sigal for Yuna, you have to beat all the dead summuners aeons in Remium Temple in the calm lands. That includes Anima, Yojimbo, and the magus sisters.

Mars Sigal For Auron

In order to get the Mars sigal for Auron, you have to capture all the fiends, in 8 different areas, then talk to the stadium manager in the calm lands.

Sun Sigal For Tidus

In order to get the Sun Sigal for Tidus, you have to train a chocobo in the calm lands, once you get to advanced trained, you have to beat the race with a time of exactly 0.00.

Easy Overdrives For Kamarhi

After you get to the Calm Lands and beat the rock titan go over the bridges and you'll come in contact with a Ronso tribe then save your game and go up the hill you'll see the two Ronsos that made fun of Kamarhi and you'll get in a battle with only Kimarhi use Lancet on them and you'll get a whole lot of Overdrives wich will also help you defeat them.

Yojimbos Zanmato

If you only want to see how the Zanmato attack looks like. All you have to do is give Yojimbo all your money. The catch is that you can only do this the first time you use Yojimbo. I only had around 500 000 gil and he used Zanmato!

Extra Potions & Grenades

After the Boss Battle in Klikk, you end up on an Al Bhed ship. On the ship talk to all the Al Bhed onboard, when your ready dive in the water and swim down to the second under water screen don't worry about the fish here just steal from each one once then kill them, then come back up and board the ship. Talk to the Al Bhed man closest to the save sphere and he'll give you 2 or 3 more potions. Repeat this and you can get up to the max 99 potions and 99 grenades (free stuff!) before you actually get to Besaid and have to buy any with your hard earned money, and the bonus here is that you can sell half of them to the shop in Besaid for weapons and other items you'll need for your party. it might take some time to get all 99 grenades, but it will be worth it in the end cause Tidus will also be way strong enough to defeat anything on Besaid (even Kimahri in one "overdrive" blow!!). This does take around two to four real-time hours of gameplay to do, but if your an RPG'er like me you wouldn't mind the sidetrack.

Easy Exp. In The Thunder Plains!!

*Note! Ixion MUST BE ALIVE!!*Once you get Ixion go to thunder plains. Put in Yuna and any other 2 members you would like to get exp. Then go walk around in the beggining of the thunder plains. Once you get into the battle let your 2 other members get at least 1 turn. After that get to Yuna's turn and summon Ixion and since most of the monster's are lightning and use magic there magic will heal Ixion. After kill the ones that use physical attacks then kill the others. After you win the battle you will get lots of exp. *300 - 600*If vsing larva use nulshock on them then just kill them with Ixion.

Winning Blitz Games Easily

There's a real simple way to win blitzball games. Sign up Rikku's brother after you get on the Al- Bhed ship. He's a much faster swimmer than most of the players out there, (which is very important), and after going up a few levels he'll start developing killer stats for passing, endurance, etc. Make him your center, and when he gets the ball, have him swim around the players on the other team. What happens is this: when you get within a certain distance of the opposing players, they will automatically try to follow you. Brother can easily outrun most of them, but they'll still keep following. So get as many of the other players to chase you as possible, then lead them all the way to the other end of the blitz sphere. When they're all chasing you, pass the ball to one of your other offensive players, who should now be able to go right up to the goalie and shoot from point blank range. Do this a couple of times and you should rack up lots of easy goals.

Calestial Mirror And The Magus Sisters

If you want to get the Calestial mirror you first have to go to the clam lands. When you get to the clam lands go to the north west corner. Or walk along the edge of the cliff. When you are doing that you want to look for a lady on a chocobo if you don't see hear there go to the Albed shop and look around there. When you have a chocobo go back to the entrance of the calm lands but donít leave. When you are at the entrance go to the right so you donít go down the hill. When you canít go any farther look on the ground for a chocobo feather if you see it stay on the chocobo go up to it and hit X. then get off the chocobo and fallow the trail. Then when you fallow the trail you will see a big castle walk up to it and turn left. When you do you should see a sphere hit X. after you read the instructions go to the other side of the castle and hit on the chocobo and hit ride. When you start to race try to get to the center first but donít hit the poles and get the chests. If you just want the summon you need anima and yojibo and something else. Go to the guy were you captured all the fiends in the calm land And you need to do that first get all fiends in calm land. Buy some weapons from him to capture the fiends. Go up to the gagazet trail and capture all the fiends there and capture all the finds in the mountain to. Then go back to him and get your reward. After that go back to the temple and open the front door. Then there will be a lady standing in the center battle her with your summons on til you get the flower spectrum. Then walk be hind her and go up to the door and hit X. it will ask if you want to use the items you got you say yes. Then you have the last summon.

Alternative For Celestial Weapon

If you cannot get someone's celestail weapon,( I'm having trouble with Lulu's), then you can always customize it to something as good as the celestial weapon. All you need is a weapon with four slots 60 dark matters and 30 winning formulas and depending on what characters they are, the items to customize the last two slots may vary. Lulu's celestial weapon has Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdive, Magic booster, and 1 MP cost.

Hidden Jackpot

At Besaid village right after the last hut on the left side there should be a tuft of grass walk through it. There should be a destroyed hut with some cests. Don't worry if you forget just look on the map there should be a line and behind it it shows another section of the map.

Easily Defeat Seymour Natus!!

To easily defeat Seymour Natus, all you have to do is have Tidus cast haste on everybody and have Yuna cast reflect on everybody, also have Auron attack the Mortibody. Have aeons in overdrive mode or do a powerful attack. Or you can have Yuna in overdrive. Use Bahamut and have him use impulse or an aga attack. Have Yuna use hi- potions NOTE: do not use any white magic cure attacks on the party because they will just bounce on to seymour, also dont use haste on the party when you have reflect. Have Yuna cast reflect on Seymour that way when Mortibody heals Seymour it will bounce off and hit you. Have Yuna Grand Summon Shiva when Seymour is at about 12,000 or so then she will use Diamond Dust on him and he will take 8500-9000 damage, then he'll use flare on you but it will be reflected onto him so don't worry he'll whoop the crap out of himself which is really entertaining, and it takes the stress out of the battle ^_^. Flare tends to do about 2357 or something within that range every hit. He'll be dead in no time. NOTE: Mortibody will use Desperado doing about 1200 to all and undoing reflect so recast it on the party or you're toast even with Seymour weak flare will knock out a party member in one hit. Then, Battle done!! Next save and go to Yuna and watch a very awesome FMV of Yuna and Tidus showing their true love to each other. It is really sad and really awesome at the same time, I loved it! Enjoy!

Get Wakka For Blitzball

After escaping from home on the airship press square by Wakka and he will join.

Tidus: Caladbolg

To aquire tidus's legendary weapon,caladbolg,you must race and defeat the chocobo trainer in the calm lands. After winnig the race walk to the upper northwest section of the calm lands. The gaurd blocking a narrow pathway down into the gorge will have left his post allowing you to pass. Tidus will then be able to use the Celestial Mirror to aquire Caladbolg.

Beat Sin On Airship: 1st Time, Easy

Make sure you have the aeon from the stolen fayth.(can't remember name) Don't use the trigger command. Summon the stolen fayth aeon and pay him 10 gil every turn. eventualy you'll change to the other side. Do the same as before. After you beat the other side, you will speak with cid. After, you'll jump off the ship and land on sin. Beat the sinspawn with zombie+phenoix down, then use reflect on all party members(sin only uses spells) and you win!!

Easily Beat Seymour Flux

Make sure everyone has their overdrive and start with Lulu, Tidus, and Yuna (If your aeon overdrives are full, you don't need Yuna's overdrive). Also have Lulu know the -aga attacks. Use Tidus and Lulu's overdrives at the start (Use Slice and Dice with Tidus and an -aga Fury with Lulu) and when it's Yuna's turn, summon you aeons with overdrive. When Seymour casts reflect, switch Lulu for Auron and use Shooting Star. After you do that, he'll be defeated.

2nd Chance To Get Temple Items!

I know this works at least for the Djose Temple. It should work at the others though since Djose was most adamant about keeping you out. If you missed any of the hidden items at the temples, there is a point late in the game where you can go back to get them! You must wait until you hear that the fact that Yuna is a traitor is "a rumor started by the evil Al Bhed".(If you were not paying attention to dialogue like I know some people I know have a habit of doing (Karl), you can tell when it is safe to go back because there is no longer any background music on the airship.) Once this "rumor" is dispelled, you can return to the temples for a second chance to find the hidden items which you need to obtain Anima in the Baja Temple. These items are the key not just to Anima, but completing Yunalesca's challenge of fighting all the aeons, obtaining the Sisters, and activating Yuna's Nirvana staff. Believe me, that weapon comes in handy for the final fights. So go back and get those darn items! Another bonus to going back is that you can talk to the Fayth and receive extra items and spheres. So if you have the time and want more luck spheres and the like, you might want to hop back to the temples for those even if you have all the hidden items.

Easy Kill On Omega Weapon

First off, have Kimharhi use Lancet so he can learn Nova. Use all of your characters for one hit, especially if they have their Celestial weapons and they're activated. Last, bring in Yuna. If she has her Overdrive ready, use it. Summon Anima and use his overdrive, Oblivion. Whith the damage done by Oblivion, you should get an overkill.

Beat The Bird On The Albeud Ship

Don't ya get tired of that stupid bird thing trying to stop you from saveing Yuna on the albeud ship or whatever.Well here is the easy way to do it.Get Riku out.MAKE SURE SHE HAS HER OVERDRIVE.Then mix a albeud Potion and a lure cantane,and presto you have a shell and haste.

Battle Tip

If you're in trouble inabattle and your about to die then just have one of your people escape from the battle. Let the enemy kill you and it won't be a game over you just go back to the field.

How To Beat Evrae Atlatna

There are 2 ways of beating him: 1)If you want to do it the hard way use the trigger commands that your players have.Which gives you an exta turn to heal a player. Or 2) Use PD's (2 of them) will kill him but there's also a down fall to this Wakka won't get any AP. So I think you should hold the other PD if you want Wakka to move on.

Restart Game

hold in R2-R1-L2-L1-START-SELECT at the same time

Get Valfore's 2nd Overdrive Energy Blast

Go to Besaid Island {town} and go into the first room to your left. Talk to the girl with the dog.

Get All The Al Bhed Volumes

If you went through the game once and got all the Al Bhed volumes. You can have them when you start again just find a place To compile them and you will get them all again from your last game to your new game. It's really that simple.

Beat Isaaru

When Isaaru summons his version of Ifrit, summon Bahamut and keep using Blizzaga until it hits overdrive. This should finish off Grothia (Isaaru's version of Ifrit). Next he will summon Pterya then summon Valefor and keep using Sonic Wings until it hits overdrive. When he summons Spathi, there will a count until overdrive Mega Flare which could cause super damage! Summon Ifrit. Keep using Meteor Strike, and when the count is on one, use Shield.

Vs. Your Aeons

When you get through the trial at Bevelle, you will appear as Yuna in a warp-floor room. Step on the first pannel when the arrow is forward. Then you will meet Auron. Run away from any creatures you find. soon you will be in a hall with red lights. then you will have to face the guy summoner you meet way earlier-HE HAS ALL THE AEONS YOU POSSESS. He will summon them as: Ifrit, Valefor, Bahamut, Shiva, Ixion. you will only be allowed to summon here are the aeons I suggest since you can`t use the same ones: Valefor, Bahamut(you should be able to use him again), Ixion, Ifrit, Shiva

Beat Yu Yevon In 2 Moves

If you have someone in your lineup that knows Zombie Attack or any other move that inflicts zombie, use it, Yu isn't ammune to it, then simply throw a Pheonix Down at him and he'll die instantly.... GAME OVER!, and trust me you want to stay through the credits, theres a bonus CGI and i'll let you find out what it is, i don't want to ruin it.


If you bean having a hardtime beating seymour flux heres a little tip when you start the battle start off with tidus,auron, and lulu.Cast hastega if you have it and cast "Bio" to posion seymour and every time he attacks he'll lose 1400 hp, when you do that switch lulu to yuna and cast protect on everyone. After that start using your aeons overdrives.Then when he starts using auto allanation start casting shell one everyone so when seymour use's total allanation your characters will lose less hp and keep on attacking till he's dead. NOTE:before you start the battle put your charcters in the exact order Tidus,Auron,Lulu, also make sure you get everyones overdrive and your aeons too!

Get Yojimbo

In the Calm Lands, circle past the bridge leading to Mt. Gagazet and decend to the gorge below. To the left of the Save Sphere is the Cavern of The Stolen Fayth. Proceed through the cave until you encounter a spirit of a dead summoner. The summoner will summon Yojimbo, the secret aeon. This aeon has a high physical defense but a very low magic defense. Use Lulu with her magic, or take out Bahamut and use the third version of magic(Firaga,Blizzaga,Thunderaga,Waterga). This will do a lot. Yojimbo only has 33,000, which is very low for an aeon. Keep using magic and you could use Bahamaut's overdrive, Mega Flare if you wan't the battle to finish quickly. Once he is beaten, go to the teleport pad. Go to the Chamber of the Fayth. The real ghost of Yojimbo will say that to get him, you must pay a fee. He will ask what do you want and click on "to defeat the most powerful enemies". This will make him make his lowest offer. HIs first offer is 250,000 gil. Offer half of this, 125,000 plus one gil. Now you should 125,001. Raise your gil by 1. Now you should have 125,002 as your offer. He will next accept anything between 190,000 gil to 200,000 gil. To use him, there's only two options, pay and dismiss. The more you pay him. the stronger his attacks will. Get a lot of money before using him, you'll need it.

The Items In The Chest

After you find Rikku laying on the ground, you have to go into the forest. The first random battle you run into, you find a treasure chest. Use Rikku to steal from it, which opens it and you get 2 bomb cores. Right after you get the items, you get attacted by one of those armored fiends. Rikku says"I'm going to use that item I just got from you" or something like that. DON'T USE THE ITEM. You need for other major battles. I suggest using two grenades, if you have two gernades. It will do some very powerful, multi hitting water attact. That's what I did. If you don't have two gernades, improvise...

Something Freaky

At the temple Djose, after you get the summon, you have to wake up Yuna. But before you do that, look at Auron between his legs. One of those rat/kangaroo/thing is jumping up and down between his legs. And another one comes to annoy Auron once every 5-10 seconds. Makes you want to wonder...

Beat Seymour Easily

When you finally catch up to Seymour, you will be informed by a Jayscal Sphere, that Seymour killed Lord Jayscal. Yuna comes out from praying to the Fayth, and you confront Seymour. Yuna says that she just comes to defeat Seymour. After beating his guado guardians, who have 4000 hp each, take out Yuna and click on the "????". Seymour will summon Anima. Get Shiva's overdrive twice, if you can and kill Anima. Then take out Ixion and get his overdrive. Next take out Ifrit, if you didn't kill Seymour yet. By now you should have killed Seymour!!!

Beat Biran & Yenke

Once you defeat Defender X and aquire Yojimbo, go across the 2nd bridge to reach Mt. Gagazet and once Yuna talks to Maester Kelk Ronso, save. Next, talk to the tall Ronso beside the female who talks about Kimahri's horn. Make sure you stock up on as many Hi-Potions you can get until u can't buy any 'cause u spent lots o' gil to get Yojimbo. Then go on north 'till The battle starts. if Kimari haznt lerned fire breth, aqua breth, doom, wite wind, mity gard, and thrust kik, nows yore chanc! wen u see 1 of dem use a tech, use lancet and use kim's overdrive as described: wen dey r standin togeder, use aqua breth, wen dey surround kim, fire breth, and if none of dose ting r hapenin use mity gard to null all.

Beat Seymour Natus (At Bevelle)

When you're on the Highbridge at Bevelle, Tidus, Yuna ,and Rikku should be the first 3 people on formation. There battle some of the machina and have Yuna summon Bahamut and use Impulse, if it hits overdrive, try to save it unless you're battling a YKT-63. Mega Flare will any of those machina so Yuna'll grow levels and teach her Reflect, once you do, well............ the fun starts! Tidus should 'talk' to Seymour in the battle as a trigger comm. Yuna should use Reflect on Seymour, Tidus should attack the Mortibody ONLY. Then once the Mortibody has 0 or less HP it'll absorb some from Seymour and use Cura to recover him, but - remember using reflect? now one of you will be cured! It'll eventually kill Seymour and doing that will kill it too.

Easy Money In OmegaRuins

All you have to do is fight mimics,they give you 50,000 gil! If you want more get gillionare (it doubles the amount of gil you get) giving you a total of 100,000 gil!!!

Moves And Music

If you go to lucka (where you played blits ball) and look for arond you can find a person that sells all the moves and music you see and hear in the game you can buy them there(there a bit pricey but its beter than going and restarting the game to see the one show) (personaly I like the spring the best - the one were tidus kisses yuna)so don't go restart the game just to see a move you can buy.

No Encounters

If you fight enough fiends in Omega Ruins,you will eventually get the Peacefull Bracer for Auron which enables "no encounters". This may take awhile,stay by the save sphere. This is also a good place to level up.

Weapon--Ace Wizard

This is a weapon for Wakka that I found comes in handy. To get it,go to Luca after getting the airship. Ride the ferry to Kilika. During the voyage go to the lady on the upper deck. She will ask you about seagulls, tell her there are 11 of them. She will then give you the Ace Wizard.


Defeat Evrae Easily

First, you must fight some fiends (have Rikku only steal on her turns from all fiends) on the airship to teach Tidus Hastega, Lulu Flare (since Evrae divides elemential damage in half) , and raise as many attributes of as many characters possible, and try to get everyone into overdrive, to do this try to get the people into warrior, or comrade modes to charge them quickly, except Tidus, keep him in warrior mode and use his overdrives on the normal fiends and charge quickly by making him attack (he learns more overdrives as he uses others). Save in the cabin as HP goes low. Next talk to Rin (by the elevator to exit to battle Evrae outside), and buy lots of grenades, lots of softs, lots of hi-potions, lots of pheonix downs, and one or two maps for Rikku to use in her overdrive. Keep the battle formation as Tidus, Rikku, and Lulu (in that order) 'cause they are the key fighters in this battle. And save again. Leave the airship you will talk to Cid, and the battle is on! Have Tidus use slow on Evrae (the dragon, on Rikku's turn, use the overdrive, Mix, and mix map and grenade to blind the dragon and inflict over 2000 damage! Keep on using flare on all her turns unless she has to use restorative items (NOT potions or any thing of the like, Rikku should use Al-Bhed potions to cure 1000 hp and cure poison). On Tidus's next turn, use Hastega. Notice Tidus and Rikku have triggers, when you see Evrae inhale, tell Cid to move back, on his next turn he'll launch missles at it. From far Lulu can use magic too. If anyone gets petrified use a soft, and Tidus should use Haste on them. Then, Rikku should just use grenades and the bomb cores you steal from the bombs, and water gems you can steal from Evrae. Tidus should slash the dragon with the brotherhood Wakka gives way earlier on Besaid Isle. Lulu should just use flare and use ethers, and elixers when her MP is low that you can buy from Rin. Rikku should use her explosives at it. Wen it's hp is low, it will use Haste on itself, nulling slow. To retaliate, Haste as many characters as possible. Then just attack as told above to win and collect as much ap as possible.

Bribing Enemies

Bribe is located in the bottom middle area of the sphere grid. This skill is extremely helpful, but depending on what you want it can be very expensive. You have to offer the enemy a certain amount of money and when you do it will leave the fight, but you will get an item that you couldn't steal or that the enemy would drop. The easiest way to get what you want is to capture the enemy and then fight it in the monster arena. Here's a few helpful examples: bribe a Chimera Brain in the Calm Lands for 196,000 gil to get 2 lv. 4 key spheres, a Great Malboro from Inside Sin will give you 8 Wings To Discovery (used for customizing things with breaking hp limit and triple ap) for 1,280,000 gil or a Malboro in the Calm Lands will give you 4 of them for 540,000 gil (a little cheaper since 540,000 X 2 is 1,080,000), a Behemoth King from Inside Sin will give you 14 Three Stars (gives a weapon the One MP Cost ability or an armor the break MP limit ability) for 1,350,000 gil, and a Sand Worm from Bikanel Island A.K.A Sanubia Desert will give you 15 Winning Formulas (used for giving a weapon Triple Overdrive) for 900,000 gil. If you have any other questions about bribing things and what you'll get just e-mail me.


Here is a way to get the three AL Bed books from the Al Bed home with out Replaying the whole game. Simply restart a new game play up to albed home and find the missing books you need. Find an Al Bed comp sphere and update memory card. then you go to your old game and find a comp sphere. ( like on the Air Ship. and up dat from there and the three your missing will appear on the list. Beat Playing all over again. And talk to Rin on the Air ship after getting all Al bed book ( 1- 26). He well give you 99 underdog spheres.

How To Beat Geosgaeno

Epipt things with death ward and stone ward or else when he runs out of hp he will kill you:)

Up To 20 Free Potions

When you are on the boat and walking around talking to the people on the boat, go downstairs to the room on the left where the guy is leaning out the window getting sick. Look to the right side of the room you will see a brown suitcase. Walk over to it and kick it using the x button. It should give you a potion then kick it again for more.

Remiem Temple

To get to remiem temple find the chocobo lady and ask het to ride a chocobo ride to the entrance to Bevelle and go past it to the end. the chocbo should be able to jump and you can get to remiem temple.


To get the spell Ultima witch is in the very center of the sphere grid you 3 count them 3 level 4 key spheres. In case you have trouble finding this node is is right beneath were Kimarhri starts. It is enough trouble just to find 1 lv 4 key sphere but you need 3!

Wakka's Come Back

Way late in the game when you have the airship you can recruit wakka just like any other free agent. Once you get him up to the same level as Tidus's is he will be a great addition to your team. His defensive skills just plain suck but his Offensive shills are as good or even better than Tidus's.

Lengendary Weapons

Race and defeat the trainer in the calm lands. Then go to the north western part of the calm lands and the guard won't be there gaurding were the weapon is. Use the Calestrial Mirror to aquire it. 

Collect all nine types of fiends in the calm lands and talk to the battle arena owner. He will give you a chest containing it.

Yes! The legendary Masamune Blade from Sephiroth in FF7. First get the rusty sword and take to the statue of Lord Mi'ihin on the Highroad. A glyph should appear and touch to reveal the legendary masamune blade.

You must have the calestial mirror to get this and you must not neglect to play blitzball. Talk to the barkeep at the Luca Cafe.

If your are wonber what those Quatuar stones are for in the thunder plains are for your about to find out. Press Square at any three of them and see their spirit being released. Then fing the ghost flying at the south end of the plains and follow it to a lightning tower. When your there press square to send a bolt through it revealing a tresure chest with the Lance.

Return to Baaj Temple and dive under water and swimm to the doors to the north and fight Geosagaeno. Then search the southern part of the water to find a treasure chest containing it.

Type in the code GODHAND  in the airship to open a secret location at Mushroom rock. Use the Calestial mirror to reveal the weapon.

Doulble Overdrive Teqhnique

Collect all th Al Bhed Primers in the game and talk to rin in the airship. After your done buying some items or weapons you will start to talk to you in Al Bhed and you will too. After ya'll are done talking he will give you 99 of a specifc item. Go to customize in the main menu and use them to teach a weapon the Doulble Overdrive ability. BUT!! You can't use it for every one. So use them only for the people you use the most.


Auron: Find different Jeckt Spheres laying about the world. Some of these will 
give Auron a new Overdrive. You need to find all ten to get Auron's final 
Kimari: Use the Dragon Sword ability to drain HP and MP from the enemy. If the 
enemy has a Blue magic skill that Kimari can learn, he will gain it 
automatically. The only one that is difficult to get is "Sunshine", which you 
obtain from the Omega Weapon. 
Lulu: Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise as fast as possible. The number 
will go up the more you rotate it. The more you level Lulu up, the easier it is 
to cast multiple spells. Rikku: Rikku's overdrive combines items to create 
special attacks and power-ups during battle. You have to choose any two items to 
combine. Note: Two of the same kind will work. Tidus: Just keep using them over 
and over. After a while, he will learn his next Overdrive. Wakka: You can win new 
overdrive roulette (slots) types in the Blitzball Ranking and Tournament modes.

Super Player

If you press square when you talk to the airship driver, Rikku's brother, you can sign him to the Besaid Aurochs and kick some serious butt!


Qactuar stones are part of the key in getting Kimarhi's ultimate weapon and great for leveling in the shpere grid. You must activate all of them. These stones are located in the Thunder Plains. The first one is obvious as you enter the plains. It glows an aqua-blue colour. When you approach them the glow will fade out. Then examine the stone and press the square button, it will activate. The best way to find all the stones in the area is to look to the sides of the screen at the "horizon". You should see glowing spots. These aren't marked on the map so you need to remember where they are. Also, by activating all the qactuar stones you release the qactuars into the thunder plains. The best way to battle these little guys is not so easy and takes a bit of forethought. Qactuars are very resistant to magic attacks so Lulu is highly inefficient in this battle. Before the thunder plains, try to obtain a weapon from the Balisks on the Djose Highroad just after your encounter with Sin, it will be for Yuna. The weapon is called "Break Rod". Equip this immediately, the Stonetouch works on a lot of things. Now back to the qactuars. Battle to start should be inclusive of Yuna and Tidus. Once in battle have Tidus cast Haste on the party members, then have characters alternate using some kind of healing, the entire time Tidus should be casting Haste on the party. Once all the charactrs have gone have Yuna attack with the rod and it will petrify the little Qactuar. This will take some time to get use to doing but it is effective. This works the best when it's a preemptive attack.

Dodge The Lightning!

By dodging the lightning in the Thunder plains you can recieve gifts once you reach Rin's Travel Agency. Even if you pass the agency and keep dodging the lightning it counts! There is a hidden tresure chest outside with your gift waiting. There is also a book inside Rin's that will tell you the number of times you dodge. Keep in mind that once you tke the gift from the chest or you get hit by a bolt your counter returns to zero! The more times you dodge, the better the gift! The best time to do this is when you are free to roam about or when you need leveling up. The amount of times you dodge isn't small, it starts at 5 and goes up. 5 - 2 X-Potions 10 - 2 Mega Potions 20 - 2 MP Spheres 50 - 3 Strength Spheres 100 - 3 HP Spheres 150 - 4 Megalixers 200 - Venus Sigil

See Seymour's Overdrive

When you reach operation Mi'hein at the mushroom rock you have to battle the Sinspawn Gui twice. During the second battle you will have Seymour, Yuna, and Auron in the party. DO NOT SUMMON, DO NOT ATTACK THE BODY MUCH! I know you want to see Anima in action, but hold off, you will see him in time. Instead, kill off the head and arms and get the body at a low HP, from there it's waiting. To kill the arms and the head use Seymour's second level black magic spells(Fira works best) and hav Auron attack. After this is done simply use your turns to heal, if you're all healed then skip your turns. The monster will attack and use Demi so there is seldom an occassion when a character is at full HP. If the arms regenterate simply use Seymour's Black Magic again to quickly rid yourself of them. Once Seymour's guage is full, use the trigger command like any other character and watch the show begin! THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE SEYMOUR'S OVERDRIVE ATTACK!!!

New Destinations

Baaj Temple
On the airship, access the console and then go into Search. Set the X coordinate 
to 16, Y coordinate to 57 and the Z coordinate to 0, you don't have to be exact 
just keep tweaking the directional pad and rapidly tapping X. 

Besaid Falls
X 31, Y 72, and Z 0

Mi'ihen Ruins
X 35.189, Y 59.671, Z 0.125

Omega Ruins (Al Bhed Premier 26)
X 74.498, Y 37.083, Z 0.013

Battle Site
X 42, Y 58, Z 0

Obtain Rusty Sword

Go through the Northeast exit of the Calm Lands. Go over the first bridge, and then down and under the second. Follow the path around and you will come to a soldier practicing. Near him is the Rusty Sword, planted in the ground.

End Guado Guard's Healing Power

Use Rikku and steal from them after that the guards can't heal any one or anything.

Hidden Locations

There are several hidden locations on the world map that you can find by selecting specific coordinates while aboard the airship. Move the pointer to the find coordinates and press X to search that region.

Location X coordinate Y coordinate 
Baaj Temple 11-16 57-63 
Sanubia Desert 12-16 41-45 
Besaid falls 29-32 73-76 
Mi'ihen Ruins 33-36 55-60 
Battle Site 39-43 55-60 
Omega Ruins 69-75 33-38 

More Seymore Tips:

When fighting Seymor for the first time look for a pattern of spells that he is casting. I found that he cast ice, thunder, water then fire so use Yuna to cast Nul spells in that order so that your caracters do not take any damage while facing him. Also, do not try to summon Aeons because he will quickly eliminate them. Defeating Anima is easy just use ????/shiva and cast blizzard/blizzara on herself to keep her HP up and once you hit overdrive unleash Diamond dust on Anima. This will either take 9999 HP from him or it may be less. Either way He is still a push over.

Defeating Seymour With Guards

In the first half of the game you must fight Seymour in a temple - he only has about 6,000 HP, but he has 2 Guado guards (with Protect) who will jump in front of all attacks, and every time they are attacked they use auto-potion and automatically regain 1,000 of 2,000 HP. The easiest way to defeat these guys is by using Aeons. First use the Trigger command "talk" for Tidus and Yuna; this will increase their stats. Before you summon an Aeon, it wouldn't hurt to use some abilities like Haste and Cheer. You are going to need it for what is about to come. Finally, summon an Aeon - it doesn't really matter which. Now is the difficult part... get your Aeon into Overdrive mode- use any method you see fit - BUT BEWARE! You need to be careful if you use Boost. Seymour does mid level magic which can severely hurt an Aeon, especially if he has boost on! Now, after your Aeon goes into overdrive...use their ability. You should be strong enough that it kills the guards and severely damages Seymour ( should be far enough to Overkill the guards). After you do this, Seymour will summon Anima (the Aeon you see from the Blitzball tournament), he has about 16,000 HP, and he boosts himself until he can use his overdrive---which will most likely kill the entire instead of having him use it on the party, have him use it on your Aeons. Keep building their overdrives and using them on Anima- damage him as much as you can with all your Aeons (Valifor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva) until they are all KO'd. After this is over, he should have from 2,000-5,000 HP- now is your chance to finish him off- this would be much easier with Haste on... just SLASH SLASH SLASH, until Seymour dismisses him- then just finish off Seymour normally.

Al Bhed Language

Volume 1: Al Bhed Salvage Ship, right side of boat
Volume 2: Bisaid Village, Patrol Soldiers Quarters, in front of the counter
Volume 3: Transport Ship Rikki, Power Room
Volume 4: Kilika, Bar
Volume 5: Transport Ship Wuino, Control Room
Volume 6: Luka, Luka Stadium underground Floor B
Volume 7: Luka, Luka Theater
Volume 8: Mihen Road, Travel Company, receive from Lin
Volume 9: Mihen Road, New Road
Volume 10: Kinokoo Rock Road, Cliff
Volume 11: Jyoze Road
Volume 12: Illusion Light River, North Shore
Volume 13: Guado Salamu, Resident's House
Volume 14: Thunder Plains, Travel Company, recieve from Lin if you answer "MaaMaa"
Volume 15: Makaraniya Forest, Road to the Lake
Volume 16: Makaraniya Lake, in front of the Travel Company
Volume 17: Sanubia Desert, Central Part, lower to the right side of "Strong Enemy" (left)
Volume 18: Sanubia Desert, Central Part, around the bulletin beyond "Weak Enemy" (right)
Volume 19: Al Bhed's Home
Volume 20: Al Bhed's Home, Resident Area
Volume 21: Al Bhed's Home, Main Road
Volume 22: Holy Beberu Temple, Monk's Road
Volume 23: Nagi Plains, Middle Part, toward the North-West
Volume 24: Remiamu Temple
Volume 25: Stoled Inorigo's Cave, reachable from Nagi Plains Valley Bottom
Volume 26: Omega Ruins


After your ship docks at the first town (the one torn apart by Sin), proceed through the intermission sequence with Yuna, and you will find yourself in a hut. Exit the hut, and proceee to the left side of the screen. You will see a child on a pile of rubble. Press X near the child to rescue her before the rubble collapses. Proceed to the hut at the top right of the current screen for a free item from the chest.


At the very beginning of the game, as you head down the long road to get to the 
Blitzball stadium, talk to the girl running around who talks about tickets more 
than once. Eventually she will say that tickets are sold out, and will ask if 
you can get tickets for her. Tell her you can, and she will reward you with two 

Near the start of the game, when you get on the S.S. Liki after getting Yuna, 
you should be able to explore the ship for a little bit. When you get to walk 
around, go downstairs. A man will talk to you about your clothes. After he is 
done talking, go to the only open room (on the left side) in the hallway. You 
should see a seasick man with his head out the window. On the far right of the 
screen, you should see a suitcase similar to the one Yuna was going to bring on 
the boat. Go up to it and press X to kick it. You will receive a Potion. Keep 
kicking it to get about fifteen free Potions.

When you meet Yukku on the salvaged ship, talk to the man with a gun that has a 
knife on it. Talk to Yukku and talk to the other person. You can only understand 
Yukku, but after you talk to them all you will get three Potions.

Hidden Aeons

Yojimbo: In the Calm Lands, circle past the right side of the bridge leading to Mt. 
Gagazet, and descend into the gorge below. To the left of the Save Sphere is the 
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Proceed through the cave until you encounter a 
spirit. Defeat Yojimbo and speak to him to negotiate a fee for his services.

Anima: Go to Baaj Temple with the Airship. Dive into the water and fight 
Geosgaeno. Defeat it and swim toward the underwater temple entrance. Approach 
the six statues on either side. There is one hidden item in each of Spira's six 
Cloisters of Trails. You should have five of these items, now get the last one from 
Zanarkand Dome. Solve the puzzle there and return with the last item and get 
your prize Aeon.

The Magus Sisters: Capture all of the required types of fiends on Mt. Gagazet 
and return to the monster arena and get the Blossom Crown. You must possess 
all other Aeons, including Yojimbo and Anima. Next, go to Remiem Temple. 
Defeat Spathi, and receive the Flower Scepter. After defeating all of the Aeons at 
Remiem Temple, use the Blossom Brown and the Flower Scepter on the door in 
the back to unseal it and acquire the Magus Sisters.

Keep Items In Monster Arena

When fighting in the Monster Arena, even if you die, you still keep any items you may have stolen.

Faster Party

Have your three fastest characters in your battle party formation to always get your initial turns faster. Then, just switch them out for slower characters, allowing them to go instead.


In-game Reset

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Airship Passwords

Password No. 1 :GODHAND

Input the password GODHAND in all caps to reach the ravine below Mushroom Rock Road. Rikky's legendary weapon is in a treasure chest at the top of the area.

Password No. 2 :VICTORIOUS

This password opens a secret location at the ruins in Besaid. Climb up the tree branch to find Rikku's VICTORIOUS, armor that nullifies three types of elemental attacks!

Password No. 3:MURASAME

This password opens another secret location at the ruins in Besiad. Cross the platform to find Auron's MURASAME, which bears the One MP cost ability.

Airship Pass Codes

Access hidden locations by by using the "Input" feature found in the airship command list. All pass codes are case-sensitive.

Pass No. 1: GODHAND
pass No. 2: VICTORIOUS
Pass No. 3: MURASAME


Aurons Tornado Overdrive

To get aurons final overdrive all you need to do is find all of the jecht spheres. That includes braskas and aurons spheres. There are 10 all together.

Max Stats - Unlockables

Unlock all monsters in the monster arena

First: Fight Juggernaut for strength spheres (get 63 of them)
Second: Fight Tanket for defence spheres (get 63 of them)
Third: Fight Hornet for accuracy spheres (get 63 of them)
Fourth: Fight Pterx for evasion spheres (get 63 of them)
Fifth: Fight Fenrir for agility spheres (get 63 of them)
Sixth: Fight One-Eye for magic defense spheres (get 63 of them)
Seventh: Fight Jumbo Flan for magic spheres (get 63 of them)

Once you have all of these spheres head to Omega Ruins (coordinates are 69-75, 33-38). Fight Mimics (fake chests that will say "nothing to steal") with Rikku equiped with her ultimate weapon 'God Hand' attached with the ability 'Gillionaire'. With enough money obtained from Mimics and extra weapons, go back to the Monster Arena and buy clear spheres from the guy standing outside of the Arena (make sure you have learned the abilities in your sphere grid).
Once you have done all of this, work on each party member's sphere grid. The guide for who should get what spheres and how is shown below.
Tidus: Clear all sphere spaces with the clear spheres and replace them with the strength and defence spheres.
Everyone besides Tidus: Clear all sphere spaces with the clear spheres and replace them with any other types of spheres that you wish (preferably magic and magic defence spheres with Lulu and speed spheres for Yuna).

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Final Fantasy X yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Final Fantasy X yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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