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  • Final Fantasy 11
  • Role-Playing, Persistent World RPG
  • Square Enix
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • March 23, 2004


Easy Gold Without Finding (plus Fame)

Get a lot of millioncorn and go to selbina (i don't know where they can sell it, all I know is there's a shop in windy because that's my nation). Go to the guy that asks for millioncorn and give him 3 each (if you put 12 in there he will only take 3) He will give you 120 gil, the millioncorn to buy is about 37 gil each, so you will get 9 gil per 3. You also get alittle fame too.

Summoner Flag

First thing first you need to be level 30 to do this, find a carbuncar"s ruby from a leech, (look on a final fantasy website it see that drop it) thats start of they quest, then go to the heros house somewhere in windherst. Then you got to find the 7 weather elements (look online to see where they can appear. You must zone into the area when the weather is there. Here it what your looking for, fire, lighting, rain, hail, clear sky (the easiest, it is when there is no weather), wind, and sand storm (you can't get it if it's in a town or cave). After that you need to go to Le Thein Plateau (it will tell you that). It is somewhere near the lake. Then carbuncar will appear and then you will get the summoner flag. It is a fun job.

Gobby Drop Bomb

I'm not 100% Sure if this works but it worked ever time i did it. When a Gobby is about to use "Bomb Toss" the person who has the hate runs towards and to the right of the Gobby and it will drop the bomb and hurt himself more than you.

Grass Cloth

Synthesis Yagudo Necklace with a Wind Crystal. This will get you three spools of Grass Thread. Synthesis them with Earth Crystal to get Grass Cloth.

Raise White Magic Level Easily

This trick is useful to level up much needed spells such as Protect, Cure, and Shell. Go to a local residential area and stand directly outside your Mog House. Cast the desired spell on yourself until you run out of MP. You can also cast it on other players running in and out of their Mog House. Once you have run out of MP, run into your Mog House, replenish it, exit, and repeat. This saves a large amount of time from having to heal after casting. You can level up magic by casting the spell on yourself, despite if you already have the enhancement on yourself or have 100% HP. Keep casting and it will level up.

Easy Gil

Whenever you get Crystals in battle, put them in an auction for about 100 gil each. You will make good money this way, or you can put them in your bazaar for about 50 gil each. Also at 6:00 in upper San 'Doria, the Wood Guild opens. There, you can by Arrowwood Lumber for 7 gil each. They sell for approximately 100 to 150 gil each. The Luaun Lumber also makes a profit, but not as much.


We have no cheats or codes for Final Fantasy XI yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Final Fantasy XI yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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