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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Square Enix
  • Square Enix USA
  • Teen
  • October 31, 2006


Zodiac Spear

Open all treasure chests in the game except the following: 1. Treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dylan's place. 2. When sneaking into the palace (before getting the Goddess Tear), there are several chests in the Cellar. Do not open the two chests in the southeast corner. 3. All treasure chests in the Confiscatory (the place where you get your weapons and armor back after being captured). 4. In the Phon Coast, later in the game, there is an island with sixteen chests all near each other. The fourth chest among all sixteen must not be opened, so it is best not to open any of them. They only contain Gil. Then, go to the Necrohol of Nabudis to find the most powerful weapon in the game, the Zodiac Spear. It has a +150 Attack with +8 Evasion.

Yagdu Darkblade

While in the Lhusu Mines, far into the game, or at the Gilgamesh Mark Hunt, go to the bridge that is pointing south-west(or south-east). Enter & re-enter in a few times until you see a black bomb. Kill it, & you'll have a chance of getting the Yagdu Darkblade. You cannot go here until you get the Area 11 key, which is conveniently located in the Phon Coast & the Hunter's Camp, somewhere around one of its inhabitants(look for a sparkling object on the ground) NOTE: You must have done the Antloin Mob first.

Quick Levels And Kotetsu Early In Game

Before you finish making the sun stone with Penelo in Giza plains go save in crystal glade. Make sure you at least have one quickening for Vaan and Penelo then go find the werewolves use your quickening on the closest one. Go back to save crystal save go to next area then go back tow here the werewolves are they will have respawned (Without restarting your ps2). Do this repeatedly you can reach level 20 within 1-2 hours depending on how you play (The wolves should drop at least one kotetsu).

Need To Gain A Level? Easy EXP

Go to the beginning of the Old Archades (the easiest way is to teleport to Sochen Cave Palace and go through the Stone Door). Look at your map and see the vase symbol. There you will find a bangaa selling a few items. Buy the Embroidered Tippet. This DOUBLES your EXP with half of the effort (as long as you Equip them to the characters you want to get stronger). Get that accessory!

Hidden Bosses And How To Find Them Part 1

Zeremus:Stilshire of miriam; after you fight judge ghis, talk to the guy in front of the temple he will give you an item. Go to the stilshire. In the first area there is a warping thing at the far end. If there are ghosts around the teleporet you are in the right place. Touch it and you will get warped to the place, go to the door and get ready to fight. (make sure you are at least level 50 because you can't use magic. ).

Faster MP Recharge

For a faster MP recharge, run around in a Mist-rich place, such as the Feywood, Giruvegan, or The Great Crystal. Your MP will recharge much faster here. However, if you have to teleport to these areas by Crystal it will defeat the purpose. One of the best times this is noticed is when you defeat the Rafflesia (in the Feywood). Since it has that MP Drain field, once you defeat it and the field is lifted, your MP races back like its on fire.

Rare Creatures 1: The Feywood- Icefield Of Clear Sight

After you defeat the Mandragora Prince, Onion Queen, Topstalk, Alraune King, and Pumpkin Star in the Sochen Cave Palace, in your Bestiary it shows them as not being boss creatures, but as being from another area (The Feywood). Once you are able to get to the Feywood, go to the Icefield of Clear Sight, kill everything in the area (this does require a minute or two of good searching and hunting), then walk back out. Come back, and all five should be running around the area. (Please note that there will only be one of each of these creatures at a time. To find more of them, you will have to leave, come back, kill everything, leave, come back, and kill a lot. ).

Rare Creatures 2: The Barheim Passage -East/West Bypass

After you get the key that goes to the special Barheim Passage entrance in the Dalmasca Estersand, go into it. Make sure you search through the ENTIRE area that you first arrive into and kill every Mimic/Mimeo/Tiny Mimic/etc. That you find (sometimes the act like treasure, so just to be safe, kill everything. More loot = more gil, an added bonus). Go into the area just north of this, and again, make sure you find and kill all Mimics and Mimic-like creatures. Next, go west into the East/West Bypass. Once you get to the end of the short entrance tunnel, past a few Bombs, make an immediate right that heads back the way you came, but on the other side of the little fence. There will be multiple traps in your way, so its best to have Float cast on your party (or another way to get past traps safely). There should be the rare creature Minibug at the end, from which you can steal he Wrath of the Gods (it is very difficult to steal from it, so it is best to have the Thief's Cuffs equipped on the player doing the stealing). There are also 3-4 Mimeos pretending to be treasure here, too.

Forgetful Seeq

While in Rabanastre you will notice a seeq and bangaa talking in front of Migelo's shop. Talk to the bangaa and he will say that his seeq friend counted cobblestones at the gate plaza. After completing an event. Talk to him again and the number changes. Talk to him every time you stop by Rabanastre and you never know how many cobblestones there are.

Stronger Characters

To make your characters much stronger at low levels, complete all Gambit portions of the license chart and get all the physical lores. After completing that, your characters will be very strong. For example, if you are level 37 and completed that portion, you will be able to defeat level 45 to 48 monsters.

Gaining Notoriety

While you are in Bhujerba and you need to gain popularity by claiming to be Captain Bosche, the best way is to just walk into a store and press Square. However, be careful and make sure that a guard is not facing you or you will lose a lot of notoriety. When trying to convince the people of Bhujerba that Bash is alive, seek out the City Pasijanahs (always holding books). They increase the Notoriety bar by nearly 20% per pie. Make sure the Bhujerbas Sainikahs are not too close when doing this.

Near Invincibility

This trick requires two or more party members. To gain near immortality, set all party member's Gambits to "If HP < 70" and "Cure" ~. Your party members will now constantly cure you and your MP will always regenerate. If you run out of MP, add another Gambit to use potions "If HP < 30".

Leveling Up Faster

If your characters are strong, consider removing one or two from the active party list. This will enable you to get more experience from enemies instead of it also going to the other characters. For example, a 300 EXP monster can turn into a 900 EXP for your character by removing two characters from the active party list.

Use Less MP For Quickenings

To perform Quickenings without using much MP, remove all but one member from the active party list. Perform the Quickening, then once it expires and all MP is gone for that character, add another character with full MP to your party (two total characters now). Initiate their Quickening, then continue rotating in and out one character with full MP. This will enable you to use character Quickenings over and over again without draining everyone's MP at once. You can use other character's Quickenings regardless of whether they have MP or not as long as the one who initiated the act has MP. If you do this with all characters having MP, they will all lose their MP Max, which cuts down attack value by three times.

Easy Restoration

Find a place without any mobs, then run around until your Magick bar is completely full. You can then heal and remove status effects from your allies without using any potions or special items. Note: This may take a long time depending on your level.

Easy MP

To quickly generate MP, run in a tight circle, and you will see your MP increase at a faster rate.

Easy Gil

The easiest way to gain money fast at the beginning of the game is to do the first hunt mission. Also, Steal from the Cactoid in the Eastern Sands. You will Steal a Cactus Fruit usually. This sells for about 77 or more Gil each, allowing you to get a decent amount of money to start the game. Once you can access the Salikawood after the Mosphoran Highwaste in Nabradia you can do this trick. Go north into the section of Salikawood called Quietened Trace. There should be a Gate Crystal. Save the game and switch to just one character. This character should be able to equip the Thief's Cuffs accessory. Enter the Grand Bower section of Salikawood. The Giant Bomb optional Boss will appear. Steal from it, then exit the area. Heal at the crystal and repeat as much as desired. The three items you can steal from him are Bomb Shell (common) which sell for about 900 Gil each; Fire Crystal (uncommon) which sell for about 100 Gil each; and the Bomb Fragment (rare) which sell for about 2,000 Gil each. After defeating the optional Esper, Zeromus (Stilshrine of Miriam), you can reenter the Throne Of Veiled Gods and chain the Dark Lords. The Dark Lords drop Blood-Darkened Bones that sell for a little over 1,400 Gil each. Once you reach a decent chain, each Dark Lord can drop up to four Blood Darkened Bones, worth about 5,600 Gil. After attaining 99 bones, use the Teleport Stone to go to an area with a store (Mt. Bur-Omisace recommended; it has a merchant near the Teleport Stone). Sell all your items. The 99 bones will result in about 140,000 Gil. Also sell the Dark Crystals, Pebbles, Capricorn Gems, etc. Keep the Teleport Stones. You will occasionally find Dragon Mails from them as well (worth 6,250 Gil each). To respawn the Dark Lords, just leave and return to the map via the Waystone (use it three times). The Dark Lords should have respawned. In the Easternsands, steal from the Cactus. Once in a while you will obtain a Broadsword which sells for 200 Gil each.

Easy Experience

Use the following trick to gain a lot of experience early in the game. You should be at least level 10 (or 300 to 400 HP) before attempting this. To do this fast, you must have one character's first quickening. It will work using regular attacks, but will take a lot longer. First, go to the Giza Planes/Crystal Glade and save at the save crystal. This is the place where you found the little boy when making the Sunstone. Set your battle type to active so that you can trigger your action as soon as possible. Go out into the Giza Planes/Starfall Field (left link) and find the werewolves. Do not get too near yet. If you have a quickening ability, attack the closest werewolf with it. Once the ability finishes, run back to the Crystal Glade (top right link) and touch the stone to heal both HP and MP, then go back again. Save the game every time you kill one of the werewolves. Once you kill both, save and restart the PlayStation 2 to repopulate the level. When alone, each kill should give you 1,000 to 1,500 experience points. About three kills are required to level up at level 14. The tactic works the same way when in a party. Note: This trick requires the ability to go to Old Arcades and have an Esper to summon. If you want to increase the experience of a character quicker, purchase an Embroidered Tippet for 5,000 Gil from the Seeq near the enterance. Buy the licenses for the accessory and equip it, then get that character an Esper. Find an area full of enemies to summon your Esper and do so. Let the Esper start killing. Every enemy killed by an Esper gives you x3 experience, and with the Tippet equipped, it doubles for a total of x6 experience. Doing this will upgrade any character very quickly. Go to the Lhusu Mines and only battle skeletons as you run through it. As you begin to build up, steal from them as much as possible. You will collect Bone Fragments from them, even after a defeat. Each skeleton will give you about about 150 experience points each time. It is possible to reach a 83 level chain with 53 bone fragments in about fifteen minutes. If you run out of skeletons in a certain area (the bridge way), run to the area where the scene with the Nethicite took place earlier. Face a few there and work your way back to the bridge to build it up once more. You will also gain something for your collection for the 50 or more Battle Chain completion. At the Dreadnought Leviathan, after defeating the two judges and the soldiers, go inside the room and save the princess and save the game. Once you go outside an intermission sequence sill start. There is an alarm sounding, and there are unlimited soldiers that you can fight. Do not use potions and other items. Try to save them and use magic more. Once you are low on health you can go back into the save room and refill your health and MP. Keep doing this for easy experience and AP. You can also use stealth as much as desired. The Henne Mines is one of the best spawning places of Pats that result in about 192 to 200 experience points when you have four people. Do this when Larsa is a guest and has infinite potions. Also, you can fight the Jellies that appear. One part of this map has many Jellies that appear all at one time. Try pulling off a Mist: Inferno or Cataclysm. Note: It is recommended that all your characters have their Gambits turned on to Foe Nearest: Fira so that you attack the slimes with weakness to fire. It is also recommended that a character equip Golden Armlets to double the amount of LP earned. The easiest way to build a chain is to turn you Gambits on in the junction then turn them off and run to another area. Return to the junction and turn them back on. This will allow you to build a very good chain, and with the Monograph for jellies you can get 99 vials of Yellow Liquid quickly, which sell for about 50,000 Gil. Accept the Vorpal Bunny Hunt. Go to the petitioner, Neru (Eruyt Village/Spiritwood), then go to the village entrance and talk to the nearby Moogle merchant. Buy as many Phoenix Downs as possible. Make your way to the mark at Golmore Jungle/The Rustling Chapel. In this area you will fight the regular enemies. Make sure you kill all enemies in the area but do not kill the bunny. This mark will not even want to fight you, which makes your job easier. Once all enemies are gone dark skeletons will appear and keep respawning. Set your party leaders first Gambit to Foe, Undead/Phoenix Down, or anything you have available. The party leader will detect the skeleton. Shoot it with a Phoenix Down to kill it within a few seconds. For each kill you will get either 912 or 974 experience points and 1 LP for one second of fighting. With the Golden Amulet you will get 2 LP per kill. The skeleton will drop either Dark Magacite and/or Sturdy Bones. You can build a battle chain easily. When you are done you can go back to Eruyt village and sell all your items. Buy more Phoenix Downs and repeat as many times as desired. Just make sure not to kill the bunny yet. Equip Thief's Cuffs (a better chance to steal rare loot gloves). Go to the Tchita Uplands and steal from the Coeurl. You can get the Embroidered Tippet which doubles the experience for the character in use, making all enemies in the Tchita Uplands worth over 1,000 experience points each.

Fishing Mini-game

Get the Barheim Key, then go to the Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal section and talk to Ruxera, who is looking at the river wanting to fish. Next, go to the south-east section of Port of Balfonheim, which is the road to Airship Terminal. Find the old fishing man around the crates area and talk to him twice, then choose the first option. Move away from the old man, but do not leave this area yet. After a bit, go back to the same place and the old man will be gone. Examine the fishing rod there to get Muramata. Go back to Dalmasca Eastersand and give the Muramata to Ruxera to start the fishing mini-game.

Cuchulainn Esper

Cuchulainn is located in the Garamsythe Waterway's No. 1 Cloaca under Rabanastere. To get there, complete the "Waterway Haunting" and "Lost In The Pudding" hunts to open the way to get the Sluice Gate Key. Once you have the key, go to Waterway Control and follow these steps to get to the Esper: 1. Begin by closing the No. 3 and No. 10 controls in the Central Waterway Control. 2. Enter the No. 3 Cloaca Spur and use the No. 1 South Waterway Control at the end. 3. Return to the Central Waterway control and open No. 3 and No. 10. 4. Close No. 4 and No. 11, then enter the No. 4 Cloaca Spur and use the No. 1 North Waterway control. 5. Return to the Central Waterway Control again and open No. 11 and close No. 3. 6. Enter the No. 1 Cloaca and find the Boss at the low point on the south end. Save the game before the battle.

Adrammelech Esper

This Esper is located at Athroza Quicksands in Zertinan Caverns. The place where you fight him has many other monsters that join him. Do not attempt to fight him until you can routinely kill a numerous amount of level 40 monsters at the same time. Keep in mind he is not summoning them. If you can keep from pushing the battle to areas you have not yet walked on you should be able to stop them from springing up from the ground. One monster spawns for about every one or two square feet in relation to your character.


To get the Ragnarok with 109 attack power, you must pass the Pharos at Ridorana. After you pass the Pharos, go to the clan hall and talk to Montblance. He will give you a special hunt to kill Ixion. Once accepted, go back to the Pharos at Ridorana. You must be at least level 66. Purchase a Golden Axe for 18,000 Gil and some Echo Herbs and Eye Drops. Equip the Golden Axe to your strongest character. It will take a ranged damage of 1 to 9,999. Make sure you have three Bubble Belts to double your maximum HP. To find him, go to the lift just when you get in and take it up to Penumbra. It will require a few attempts to find and kill him. Once you do, go back to the petitioner and he will give you the Ragnorok.

Feather Of The Flock

When in the Giza Plains during the Rain season, there are five withered trees on the banks of the water. Knock them all down and they will float down the river and cause a path to form in the south bank. Cross it and go all the way to the southeast corner to find an urn. Open it and you will get the Feather Of The Flock. It gives you a bond with Cockatrices.

How To Get The Demonsbane

In the Tomb Of The Great King (King Thornwall or whatever name ends with the word wall), there is a secret door in the tomb that gives you the Demonsbane sword, which adds +59 to attack. After you defeat the two Demon walls in the main corridor there will be three teleport pedestals. The middle one takes you back to the beginning of the tomb. The others need to be activated. Take the right path and explore the area until you reach a room with a jewel in the wall. Activate the jewel. An altar will rise and give you a brief description of what it is. Take the teleporter pedestal back to the others. Then, take the left path. Explore the area to find another jewel in a room. Activate it and an altar will lower, leading you to the room with Belias. However, do not go this way yet. Backtrack to the room with the activated jewel and teleporter pedestal. Take it back to the others, then take the first pedestal back to beginning. If you defeated the first Demon wall, behind where the demon wall was located is another jewel. Activate it, then take either of the new stairways to the secret area that does not show up on the map which are to the left and the right. When you go through the doors you can take either way to the bottom. However, be careful as there will be many high level elementals that fall from the ceiling. At the very bottom of the staircases, go towards the middle. There will be a chest which contains the Demonsbane. During the first trip to Raithwall's tomb make sure to be at least level 17 and have Quickenings. Fight and defeat the first Demon Wall you encounter. The best way is to use a Quickening chain to start off. You can also set the game speed to fast because this optional Boss is not affected by it. Make sure you do at least 6,000 to 8,000 damage during your Quickening chains. If you run out of MP, either use an Ether or just change that character with another who also has Quickening(s). You will probably have to fight it out at the end of your chains. When you defeat this Boss, go back and save. Then, continue over the bridge where you defeated the first Demon Wall and proceed through to defeat another, who is pretty easy. Once this is done, go back to where the first Demon Wall was located and you will see a glowing stone. Touch it to reveal two staircases. Go down either of them and follow the path down. You do not have to fight the enemies encountered -- just run past them. You will reach a chest which has a 30 to 40% chance of being the Demonsbane. If the chest is different, quit the game, return to the title screen, and repeat. You can keep doing this until you get as many Demonsbane as desired. They can also be sold for 3,000 Gil each. Note: This requires some patience and time.

Quick Gil

If you need some quick gil, to buy whatever it is you need, you have two choices, either go to Sochen Cave Palace and kill Strikers, Wendigos and Zombie Knights for Maggoty Fleshes, which sell for about 770 gil each, or go to The Ancient City of Giruvegan and kill everything in your sight. Gargoyle Barons, Behemots and Vivians all drop good stuff that sell for over 1,500 gil each so this is a sort of quick way to get gil while leveling up. It's especially helpful if you have the Embroided Tippet accesory, which doubles your Experience learned.

Genji Armor

On the "Battle Of The Big Bridge" clan hunt one of Montblanc' elite marks. Steal the Genji Shield and Gauntlet during the first battle with Gilgamesh and the Genji armor and helm during the second. There is however only one set in the game. The is only one license that requires 150 LP. to get. If obtained you get +123 eva.,+42 mag. Eva., +18 strength, and +7 Mag. Power,and improved chances of multiple hits and counters.

Stilshrine Of Miriam

There are three statues that can be rotated, on the map they are rooms with noting but a black dot in the middle. These statues must be all pointed at the large statue in the middle. The left statue facing right, the right statue facing left, and the lower one pointing up. This should cause the sword of judgment to open.

Spirit Salamander

You can find him in the Northern Section, Central Junction section, or Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, during sunny weather.


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Unlockable Figurines

  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Trickster. : Trickster
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, King Behemoth. : King Behemoth
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Gilgamesh. : Gilgamesh
  • Awarded for defeating the esper, Zodiac. : Zodiac
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Yazmat. : Yazmat
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Carrot. : Carrot
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Fafnir. : Fafnir
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Devil Dragon. : Hell Wyrm
  • Awarded for defeating the esper, Ultima. : Ultima
  • Awarded for defeating the monster, Death Gaze. : DeathGaze
  • Awarded for using magic 200 times. : Fran
  • Awarded for attacking 300 times. : Balthier
  • Awarded for having the average party level over 50. : Ashe
  • Awarded for killing 500 foes. : Basch
  • Awarded for getting 100,000 gil. : Penelo
  • Awarded for using techniques 100 times. : Vayne
  • Awarded for attaining (monster) chain level 50. : Montblanc
  • Awarded for using/spending 1,000,000 gil. : Gurdy
  • Awarded for walking 50,000 steps. : Chocobo
  • Awarded for selling 1000 loot. : Migelo
  • Awarded for completing every map. : Dalan
  • Awarded for earning 500,000 clan points. : Reks
  • Awarded for initiating every fusion technique. : Gabranth
  • Awarded for completing the hunt catalog. : Ba'Gamnan
  • Awarded for obtaining every character's techniques. : Vossler
  • Awarded for obtaining every character's magics. : Crystal
  • Awarded for obtaining every esper. : Belias
  • Awarded for stealing 50 times from enemies. : Vaan
  • Awarded for mastering all character's license board. : Rasler
  • Unlock and buy all Monographs and Canopic Jar, also create and buy several Bazaar items to unlock. : Mimic?

  • Fishing Spots

  • Fish up Cactoid Crest un the Secret Reaches : Master Den
  • Fish up Cactoid Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune : Secret Reaches
  • Get 5 perfect fishing in the Middle Reaches : Upper Reaches
  • Get 5 perfect fishing in the Lower Reaches : Middle Reaches
  • Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den : Taikou Chest (treasure)

  • Burning Arrow

    Kill a Dive Talon and you will get a BURNING ARROW with an attack power of +63.

    Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for Final Fantasy XII yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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