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  • Racing, Demolition / Combat Racing
  • Bugbear Entertainment
  • Empire Interactive
  • Teen
  • July 12, 2005


Unlocking Parts

You can unlock all the parts you want and upgrade your car to the max without having to cheat by just saving or earning a lot of money. Do previously completed races and bonus events to earn some money, then buy a performance part. You will notice the next part of the same type (the better version of the one you just purchased) now becomes unlocked. If you keep buying every part you can find, more parts will keep becoming available for you to buy.

Breaking The Bars

On High Jump, do not press R when going up the ramp. When you leave the ramp, and if you have enough air, you will go through the bars and crash into the ground. Note: Your car will get totaled.

Get Stuck In Fence

If you go far enough in the High Jump bonus game (hold R at the bottom of the ramp, then release about half a second off the ramp) you will hit the fence wall and get stuck in it. If you wait long enough, the rag doll person will start sliding down the fence.

Nitro Boost

To earn an easy nitro boost, do not try to plow through lots of big heavy objects on the side of the road, as this will only slow you down and you might get stuck in it. Instead, look for cones lining the track and hit those small cardboard boxes. Also signs are good to run through. These objects do not slow you down, and will earn nitro. Also, if you are going to slam into junk on a turn, try and slide sideways into it. You usually will slide or bounce off it, losing less speed and you will not get stuck. This also works well with roadside fences, where you can just rub up on them and knock them down sideways instead of ramming through them directly.


Unlock Everything

Create a new profile and use the following to enable the cheats:

GIVEALL: Unlocks everything
GIVECASH: Lots of dash 
The words will disappear when you select DONE then type in your proper player name and save the profile with the cheats active. There is also RAGDOLL which seems to disable the cheat input.


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Easter eggs

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