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How To Get Out Of Locked Room In Knottwood Forest.

Go in between the two unbreakable bone/rocks and dig, you will find a tunnel.

Best Team

Put frigi in your az, then put dynal in your top sz, and put compso in your bottom sz.


You can find Mammath at the Glacier.

Get Tryma

Now to get Tryma its kinda weird to get him. Do you know Metal Dealer Joe the guy you've face at greenhorn plains? Well you need to get it by him. So go to the park area you will see him at the police station. (Hint;ONLY WHEN YOU BEAT THE GAME) (Tip; it will take a lot of g money to get Tryma's bones.

Get Frigi And Igno

After you beat the game, defeat Saurhead to get igno. For Frigi, defeat the BB bandits at the BB base.

How To Beat King Dynal 3rd Time

Well, first you need to have frigi, orno, and guan it doesnt matter the rank frigi you get it vs. The bb bandits ok put figi at red space , orno at top , and guan at bottom well you are gonna do first attack don't do nothing then dynal attacs then use frigis special ability , ice age it takes a lot of lp ok now end turn dynal attaks then end turn dynal attaks use ice age another time and duna and raptin will be dead and then dynal will kill frigi and then transform guan into t rex end turn then orno will be dead and then use frightful assault 2 times and you will win.

Become Untouchable

In battles you need a dinosaur that can cut off your enemy's accuracy and a dinosaur that raise up your speed. Tip;put sopteryx in your team he has 90 speed. Another Tip;put Dimorph on your team he can be a BIG help he has enrage skills and Super Quicken. Super Quicken is a move that can raise your Evasion which means speed. Another Tip;talk to Tipper at the fossil stadium to ask more questions. (type) (support effects) (status effects) (abilities) (team skills)and other stuff.

Extra Damage

In battles put a long-range dinosaur on the AZ like Perso, Seimo, and Apato. Then when you have a long-range dinosaur in battle check his moves and look at the last move there (it has to be a team skill)if it says 400fp then it will be a killer move. I received Perso on the AZ again press a on the last move and the damage will be like 100 then the SZ 200 then 300 maybe even 400. So if you do that then probably nobody not even Saurhead could beat you. (Tip:Find air types because Perso is a earth type it can double the damage (earth beats air) (Another Tip:Put high support effects on Perso like Guan but only if it will has a team skill or else it won't work.


You can find Tro at the lava mountain I think its in one of the caves. (Tip:Put Tro in your team because he has GOOD effects he has 40 attack, 40 defense, 40 accuracy, and 40 speed on his support effects).

How To Where You're Mask

To wear you mask go to " Guild Shop " and go to the lady and you can pick out what mask you wanna wear.

Who Is Chief Bullwort?

Chief Bullwort is a bad guy but you can't tell intell chapter 5.

How To Pick Your Clothes

To pick your clothes at the beginning of the game, when Captain Travers asks you which dinosaurs you like, when you get to the part where he asks you which big herbivore, small carnivore, etc you like, the colors of the one you pick will be the colors of your clothes and hair. You will also get a leg, body, or arm fossil for this vivosaur. The style is preset, you can't change that.

High Donation Points

Keep getting the same fossils over and over again and then let kl-33n clean them and you'll get loads donation points it works better if you have more fossil's of the same fossil.

What? He/she Is Standing A Difrent Way?

Talk to someone and right after you get done talking to him/her save.

Get The Strange Creature Mask

Once you beat the game, go to the cold-feet glasher. Once your there go out of cold-feet glasher. Go to the shop and talk to the news guy intell he says something about a strange creacher in cold-feet glasher. Go to clod-feet glasher and dig till you find it. Then go to the girl (the one who doesn't want a fossle battle. ) and talk to her about it. Then go to the presdent person and talk to him about it. Go to the girl at cold-feet and talk to her about it. Go to the shop and buy the barries. Find the crecher and give him the barries. Talk to the girl then the presdent person then go to the shop and talk to the guy if the presdent didn't say about the mask. Then go to the mask shop and you sould have it. Then go talk to the news guy one more time. You'll see why.

How To Find The Three Items For The Teleporter

First, Battle the girl inside the digdig cave then battle wollbeard at his ship (hint:its in water)then you have to beat Dyanl its not the team with Duna and Raptin but with Penta and Compso so you better get dinosaurs that can raise up your attack and defense because of Compso. After that then you can go down to the basement and talk to Dr. Diggens that you have three items then when you get in the teleporter your back at the time where you have to beat the 3 brains. After you beat the 3 brains then the brains are all yours!


You can find Guan at the lava Mountain. (Tip: Put Guan in your team if you want two T-Rexs. Once it learn Great Unmasking it will transform into a powerful T-Rex (it has a lot of lp)And you can find the other T-Rex at the Parchment Desert.

Beat Dynal

To defeat the team of Dynal, Duna, and Raptin, you must have a Frigi ( defeat BB'S in BB base), an orno ( rank 7-12) and a compso (rank 4-12) to beat Dynal.

Get Stego,F-Raptor,Ptera And Compso

To get all four of these vinosaurs dig a lot of fossils and I mean a lot. After you fill up your fossil bag go to the fossil Center and talk to the robot and say to him drop off cleaning then it will take a while. When its time the robot will I have completed then if you have least like 500 points then you can buy Stego, F-Raptor, Ptera, Compso's heads. But if you don't have enouth points keep getting more fossils. (Hint;Use Compso on your team he can cut off anyone's attack and defence. Oh and I forgot if you wondering how to buy them there is a lady right beside the robot talk to her and you can buy them.


To get Brochio go to the fossil guild and talk to the guy up front. Then he well talk to you about a moles' hole down at Rivet Ravine. Go to the cave there and take the last tunnel there you will see a hole and a ladder. Go down there you will see a mole telling to find his brother. While you are searching for his brother there are a lot of fossils dig them up and will find Brochio. (hint;you don't have to search for his brother) (Hint; Brochio is a naurtl type).

Easy Way To Get Your Vinosuars Up To 12

After you beat the game there are a lot of people who wants to battle you. So I reackmen to either go to the BB base or Saurhead. Keep battling them and you should get them by rank 12 in no time!

Dyanl The King

First, you need your three vivosuars to the yellow. Then go to the fossil center and go down the basement and there are two teleporters and take the right one. Once there you will see him. If you want Dyanl, you need a vivosaur that can cut off his defense and attack. Then one that has very good accuracy. Then one that has the highest lp and pick the best move of all on Dyanl, Raptin, and Duna Then you should win! (Tip put your attack on Raptin first because he has poison skills).

Perso And Minu

To get Perso and Minu go to the Parchment desert. (Remember Perso is the ulitmate long range class it would be a good team skill if team up with other long ranges). (Sadly Minu can be place as one team skill. The only team that Minu can be is with F-Raptor and uh it is a water type but couldn't remember. You should find it by your own.


Many people want to find T-Rex. You have to beat the game before you get it. Here's what you should do: Save up 80, 000 G to buy 4 Oasis seeds. The desert that you find T-Rex in will now be cooler because before that it is so hot that it interferes with your sonar. Give the seeds to the old man and he will plant them. It will take some time for Oasis seeds to grow. Go to the Glacier while the Oasis seeds are growing.

Get Gunhashes 3 Brain

After you beat the game, go to the basement of the fossil center and talk to prof. Diggins and get the three items. After that use the time machine and beat Gunhashes brains and after you win, you should have all three brains at LV. 12.


We have no cheats or codes for Fossil Fighters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock The 3 Guh Robots

Use the time machine and defeat the 3 bots another time.

Unlock Squik/elements

Get all vivosaurs to rank 12

Unlock Frigi

Defeat the 3 main BB bandits after you beat the game.

Unlock Dynal, Duna, And Raptin

After you get the time machine, defeat him in his starship.

Unlock Igno

Beat Saurhead a certain amount of times after you beat the game.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Fossil Fighters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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We have no guides or FAQs for Fossil Fighters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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