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  • Gran Turismo 4: The Real Driving Simulator
  • Racing, Sports Car Auto Racing
  • Polyphony Digital
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Everyone
  • June 30, 2004


Cheap, Fast Car

To get a cheap, fast car got to Tuning Cars and select HPA Motorsports. Go to Full Model and there will be a car that pretty much is a Volkswagon Golf but better. It's only about 32, 000 Credits and over 500HP. You can win the Turbo Car event in the Professional events with it.

Easy Money

Get a car that has 175 HP+ and if you have some money customize it. Then go to the Special Conditions areana and go to Rally d' Capri (the second one down, its blue). Win both of the races and you will have $10,000 more. That's not it, then go back to your garage and find TOYOTA RSC Rally Raid Car '02. Press X and then sell it. You will now have $265,000 + from selling it. Keep doing this until you have all the cars you want.

Licence Guides

To get a Blue (acceleration) and Red (brakes) Licence Test Guide simply push R3 during 3, 2, 1, Start. It shows you the best route to go and where to start braking.

Free Horsepower

When you buy or win a new car, take it for an oil change. After the oil change, your car's horsepower will increase.

Maserati Gran Turismo S

First, you need to have $200,000. Then go to the Italian dealer and buy a Fiat Coupe Turbo Plus. Then go buy the cheapest Ruf (Porsche)under the German Dealer and in new models. Then repeat the Club man cup using the Porsche. Then redo it using the Fiat after you upgrade it so it has at least 400 horsepower. After you have 2 Autobanchi's sell them and whoosh you all the sudden have a $316, 956 Maserati Gran Turismo S with 730 hp. But do not sell it! You only get 1 of them!

Fast Cash

First you need a good handling car with about 250+ horsepower. Go to GT auto and make sure the oil is bright yellow. Then go to Special Condition Events and do the 1st race. It has to races, win them to get the Cadillac Cien. Then go to the next race event using the Cien (stock) and win it to get the Toyota RSC Rally Car. It is worth $263, 574 so win this event four times and you got $1, 054, 296!

Speed up B-Spec Races

While in a race in B-Spec mode, press R1 to switch to Race Monitor. Hold L1 + Right on the D- pad and you can make the race go up to 5x's faster. The only downfall is you have to stay on the Race Monitor screen in order to keep the race sped up, it switches back to 1x when you go to Broadcast View mode.

Fiji Simlpicity

In any race that hosted at Fuji Speedway '90s you can make up nearly 30 seconds of time --- at about the 5th turn [The three small, slow turns (the chicane)], just simply cut across the grass and watch out for the wall (if you hit it you will most definitely crash) just watch out for cars exiting out of the chicane and you will hopefully win that race.

#1 Track Hint

If you are a beginner on GT 4, when Ur doing the club man cup on the driving park beginner course, when you pass the 2nd turn, when you go past the big thing blocking the road, ct though the grass you can win easily!

$270,000 In 2 Races!

Get a goodish car, a Mitsi Evo 3+ with a new turbo been fitted is the baseline of what you need. Go to special races (where you do rally's, etc. ) and do Corse De Amalfi (2nd from top). Do the 2 races, you will get $5, 000 each race won. You will then get the Toyota RSC, you can sell that off and get $260, 000 to do up your car or buy a new one! I've done this little hint thingy heaps of times, I now have a TVR Cebera Speed 12 with 1100hp.

A Good Way To Start The Game

A good way to start the game is to buy a car like a Mitsubishi Evo III GSR or a Mazda RX7 GTX and upgrade if you have the money. Then go to the Sunday Cup blah,blah,blah, you know the drill. But Wait! Don't sell the Autobianchi Abarth you got for winning just yet. Soup it up and enter into the Lightweight KK Cup. You will win almost all the time. For winning the Lightweight KK Cup, you will get a Ginneta G4 '64. Now you will have a car to race in the "1000 Miles!" tournament in the European Hall. Winning only one of these races will get you 125,000 credits and is well worth the hastle. Just remember to upgrade your G4, or else it will suck. Getting the money to upgrade might take awhile, but that's what the Autobianchi's for, remember?

Unlockable Cars In Mission Hall

DMC DeLorean S2 '04 Complete Missions 1-10 
JAY LENO Tank Car '03 Complete Missions 11-20 
PAGANI Zonda Race Car '01 Complete Missions 21-24 
TOYOTA 7 Race Car '70 Complete Missions 25-29 
NISSAN R89C Race Car '89 Complete Missions 30-34 

Another Way To Start

First, you need both GT3 and GT4. You don't have to complete GT3, just get all the licenses and a lot of credits! Second, transfer your GT3 credits and licenses. If you have 3, 000, 000+ credits like me in GT3, buy a race car that's price around 500, 000 credits, a truck, and some cars (RR, MR, those cars). Then complete the beginner league. DON'T STOP, take your race car, soup it up and add standard or sports tires and enter the El Capitan endurance once you unlock it! Then take you cars and complete the next league. Complete endurance mode and take you cars and complete the Professional league. You will have lots of credits and cars.

Infineon Jump

After you cross the line in Infineon raceway (dosen't matter which one) start slowing down. Then go staight at the grass. If you did it correctly, your car should go flying up in mid air!

Almost 270 Mph Car

If you get the viper that you can buy, the you add all the upgrades and on the speed challenge and keep the original drivetrain, then you put the nos to the max and wait until you get to 6th gear, and hold the nos.

Easy Money..........No License

Choose a starting car with at lest 170HP and 170lbs or more of tourqe then make upgrades to it. After that go to beginer events and go to the sunday cup and do all the races and come in first in all of them when you finish that you will win a 8300 and some credit car by the time of wining all the races and selling the car you get 10,00 CR or more then go back to the sunday cup and you can clear the bords and do it all over again and keep saving money for a better car or just tune up ur first car.....HAVE FUN!

Unlockable Cars In Hard Special Condition Hall

LANCIA Delta S4 Rally Car '85 Win Rally d' Umbria 
FORD RS200 Rally Car '85 Win Rally d' Capri 
MITSUBISHI STRAION 4WD Rally Car '84 Win Grand Canyon 
NISSAN BLUEBIRD 1600SSS Rally Car (510) '69 Win Ice Arena 
LANCIA STRATOS Rally Car '77 Win Chamoni 
PEUGEOT 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 Rally Car '86 Win George Paris 
NISSAN SILVIA 240RS Rally Car '85 Win Swiss Alps 
MITSUBISHI PAJERO Rally Raid Car '85 Win Tahiti 
FORD GT Concept '02 Win Tsukuba Circuit 
SUZUKI ESCUDO Dirt Trial Car '98 Win Cathedral Rocks (Trail I) 
MITSUBISHI PAJERO Evolution Rally Win Cathedral Rocks (Trail II) 

Unlockable Cars In Normal Special Condition Hall

LANCIA Delta HF Integrale Rally Car '92 Win Rally d' Umbria 
SUBARU IMPREZA Rally Car Prototype '01 Win Rally d' Capri 
MITSUBISHI CZ-3 Tarmac Rally Car '02 Win Grand Canyon 
MITSUBISHI Lancer Evolution IV Rally Car'97 Win Ice Arena 
SUBARU IMPREZA Rally Car '01 Win Chamoni 
RENAULT 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85 Win George Paris 
TOYOTA CELICA GT-FOUR Rally Car (ST205) '95 Win Swiss Alps 
FORD Escort Rally Car '98 Win Tahiti 
MAZDA Atenza Touring Car '02 Win Tsukuba Circuit 
SUBARU IMPREZA Rally Car '99 Win Cathedral Rocks (Trail I) 
TOYOTA CELICA GT-FOUR Rally Car (ST185) '95 Win Cathedral Rocks (Trail II) 

Unlockable Cars In The Easy Special Condition Hall

CADILLAC CIEN '02 Win Rally d' Umbria 
TOYOTA RSC Rally Raid Car '02 Win Rally d' Capri 
FORD RS200 '84 Win Grand Canyon 
TOYOTA RSC '01 Win Ice Arena 
INFINITI FX45 Concept '02 Win Chamoni 
ALPINE A310 1600VE '73 Win George Paris 
MITSUBISHI CZ-3 Tarmac '01 Win Swiss Alps 
RENAULT 5 Turbo '80 Win Tahiti 
MAZDA RX-8 Concept (Type-I) '01 Win Tsukuba Circuit 
LAND ROVER Range Stormer Concept '04 Win Cathedral Rocks (Trail I) 
HYUNDAI HCD6 '01 Win Cathedral Rocks (Trail II)

Unlockable Cars In Japanese Hall

NISSAN Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02 Win Japanese Championship 
NISSAN MOTUL PITWORK Z (JGTC) '04 Win Japanese GT Championship 
NISSAN SKYLINE Hard Top 2000GT-R (KPGC10) '70 Win Japanese 70's Classic 
MITSUBISHI HSR-II Concept '89 Win Japanese 80's Festival 
NISMO 400R (R33) '96 Win Japanese 90's Challenge 
HONDA LIFE STEP VAN '72 Win Japanese Compact Car Cup

Unlockable Cars In European Hall

JAGUAR XJ220 LM Edition '01 Win European Championship 
JAGUAR E-Type Coupe '61 Win British GT Cup 
LOTUS Europa Special '71 Win British Light Weight Car Race 
MERCEDES-BENZ AMG CLK-GTR Race Car '98 Win German Touring Car Championship 
ALFA ROMEO 155 2.5 V6 TI Race Car '93 Win Italian Festival 
CITROEN 2CV Type-A '54 Win French Championship 
MERCEDES-BENZ Benz Patent Motor Wagen '1886 Win European Classic Car Championship 
VOLVO 240 GLT Estate '88 Win European Hot Hatch Car Championship 
ALFA ROMEO Giulia Sprint Speciale '63 Win 1000 Miles 
BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 WinSchwarzwald League A 
MERCEDES-BENZ AMG 190E 2.5 16V Evolution II (DTM) '92 Win Schwarzwald League B 

Unlockable Cars In American Hall

CHEVROLET Corvette Convertible (C1) '54 Win American Championship 
CHEVROLET Camaro LM Race Car '01 Win Stars and Stripes 
CHEVROLET Chevelle SS 454 '70 Win American Muscle Car Championship 
PLYMOUTH Super Bird '70 Win Classic Muscle Car Championship 

Unlockable Cars In Extreme Hall

BMW MacLaren F1 GTR Race Car '97 Win Gran Turismo All Stars 
NISSAN GT-R Concept LM Race Car '02 Win Dream Car Championship 
OPERA PERFORMANCE S2000 '04 Win Polyphony Digital Cup 
VOLKSWAGEN W12 Nardo Concept '01 Win Like The Wind 
POLYPHONY Formula Gran Turismo '04 Win Formula GT World 
NISSAN GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R (PaceCar) '01 Win Real Circuit Tours 
FORD GT '05 Win Premium Sports Lounge

Unlockable Cars In Professional Hall

MAZDA Mazdaspeed Atenza '05 Win Clubman Cup 
NISSAN OPTION Stream Z '04 Win Tuning Car Grand Prix 
HONDA NSX-R Concept '01 Win Race of NA Sports 
MAZDA BP FALKEN RX-7 (D1GP) '03 Win Race of Turbo Sports 
RUF CTR Yellow Bird '87 Win Boxer Spirit 
MERCEDES-BENZ Daimler Motor Carriage '1886 Win World Classic Car Series 
HONDA S800 RSC Race Car '68 Win World Compact Car Race 
CIZETA V16T '94 Win Supercar Festival 
FORD GT LM Edition Spec-II '04 Win Gran Turismo World Championship

Unlockable Cars In Beginner Hall

AUTOBIANCHI A112 Abarth '79 Win the Sunday Cup 
MAZDA Atenza Concept '01 Win the FF Challenge 
NISSAN SKYLINE 2000GT-B '67 Win the FR Challenge 
TOYOTA Motor Triathlon Race Car '04 Win the 4WD Challenge 
LOTUS Esprit Turbo HC '87 Win the MR Challenge 
GINETTA G4 '64 Win the Light Weight K Cup 
CHRYSLER Prowler '02 Win the Spider & Roadster 
CHEVROLET Silverado SST Concept '02 Win the Sport Truck Race 

Unlockable Cars In Endurance Hall

MERCEDES-BENZ C9 Race Car (Sauber) '89 Win Grand Valley 300km 
FORD GT40 Race Car '69 Win Laguna Seca 200 Miles 
MAZDA RX-7 LM Race Car '01 Win Roadster 4 Hours Endurance 
MITSUBISHI FTO Super Touring Car '97 Win Tokyo R246 300km 
HONDA NSX-R LM Edition Race Car '02 Win Super Speedway 150 Miles 
POLYPHONY Formula Gran Turismo '04 Win Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance 
AUDI Abt Audi TT-R Touring Car '02 Win Nurburgring 4 Hours Endurance 
LISTER Storm V12 Race Car '99 Win Suzuka 1000km 
HONDA NSX-R LM Edition Road Car '02 Win Motegi 8 Hours Endurance 
NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R Race Car (CALSONIC) '93 Win Tsukuba 9 Hours Endurance 
AUDI R8 '01 Win Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours I 
BENTLEY Speed 8 Race Car '03 Win Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours II 
NISSAN R92CP Race Car '92 Win Fuji 1000km 
FORD GT LM Edition '02 Win Infineon World Sport Car Trophy 
TOYOYTA 88C-V Race Car (MINOLTA) '89 Win El Captain 200 Miles 
DODGE Charger Super Bee 426 Hemi '71 Win New York 200 Miles 


Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79 Get all gold in all the races for the Sunday Cup 

Audi Nuvotari Quattro '03 Complete 25% of game NISMO Skyline GT-R LM Road Going 
Version Win the Race of the Red Emblem 

Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car Win all the Z races in the Nissan manufacture 

Extra Cash/License Upgrade

Using your GT3 save/GT4 Prologue save, the money and licenses you've earned can be transfered over to GT4 and have half of the licenses completed and have enough cash to buy a car you'd like.

Unlockable Cars In License Centre

VOLKSWAGEN Lupo 1.4 '02 Complete Domestic B License 
MAZDA KUSABI '03 Get All Silver in Domestic B License 
HONDA S500 '63 Get All Golds in Domestic B License 
PONTIAC Sunfire GXP Concept '02 Complete Domestic A License 
HONDA DUALNOTE '01 Get All Silver in Domestic A License 
NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R '01 Get All Golds in Domestic A License 
NIKE One 2022 Complete International B License 
MAZDA RX-8 Concept (Type-II) '04 Get All Silver in International B License 
JENSEN HEALEY Interceptor Mk.III '74 Get All Gold in International B License 
NISMO 270R '94 (S14) Complete International A License 
NISSAN GT-R Concept '01 Get All Silver in International A License 
DOME ZERO '78 Get All Gold in International A License 
MERCURY Cougar XR-7 '67 Complete Super License 
PONTIAC Solstice Coupe Concept '02 Get All Silver in Super License 
FORD Model T Tourer '15 Get All Golds in Super License 


We have no cheats or codes for Gran Turismo 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Gran Turismo 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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