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Go Underground

Go to the first train station after the park and get in the train. Keep going until you reach the part of the track where it goes underground. Stop the train and you should be able to get out. Then, quickly go to the back of the train and wait until it moves off. You may now walk underground. Note: You can only get back on top by finding the train track exit and following it to the station.

Go Under Walls

Get a type of vehicle that you can go under (for example, a limo or fire truck). Place it so either the rear or the front of the vehicle is parallel with the wall that you want to go under. Go to the side that is not touching the wall and go under the vehicle. When you reach the side of the vehicle that is touching the wall, your character will shake a bit before moving under the wall. Note: Make sure there is either an exit or another vehicle you can go under on the other side of the wall or you will not be able to get back.

Walk On Water

Park a TV van in front of water, and position it so that the door is half on the water and half on the land. Get out and if it is positioned correctly, you will fall and land on your feet in the water. Do not go out too far your you will fall into the water.

Fix Damage In First Level

Enable the "Current status and coordinates" code in level one. Use the jump at the start of the level if your car is over 50 damage to return it to 50.

More Money

Steal a taxi cab and stop at a sidewalk. Wait for someone to call a taxi and take them to their destination to receive money. Repeat this to receive your desired pay from this job. When the vehicle is placed for sale and you have got your money, shoot the car to blow it up. Steal a car and take it to a crane, then dump it there. The crane will pick it up, and you will get money.

Go On Top Of Trees

Go to the red bridge in Vice City. Locate the ledge on the left-hand side, with a tree below. Get a car and drive it off the edge to land on the tree. When you hit the tree, press Brake to stop. If you can land with the door to the side towards the rest of the tree you can walk on it. Additionally, you can place a limo between the bridge and the tree and hop over it using [Space] to get on top of the tree on foot. Note: There is a tank near there that you can reach over the water. Do not get fooled by the color of the water - it is actually very shallow water that is darkly colored. Just go over to get the tank.

Jam Up Train

When you start the first level, jump into the Bulldog and drive it over to the train station across the street. Drive it towards the tracks, then jump out as it hits the tracks. Run away before it explodes. If done correctly, the car should be blocking the tracks. When the train arrives, it will hit the car and become stuck. You cannot get into the train once it hits the car.

Kill All Twelve Boy Scouts At Once

Find a group of the little orange boy scouts and stand in front of them so they will come over to you. Then, lead them to an electric train station. Lead them onto the tracks and run away quickly.

Easy Tank

At the first city, access the second scene "heist all mighty". When you start, run into somebody with a car and wait for a ambulance to arrive on the scene. When it does, nick it and drive to the army base near Fort Law. Drive in and nick the tank.


Debug Mode

Enter the character selection screen. Then press [Delete], type "porkcharsui" and press [Enter]. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function:


Screen capture in .TGA format [Note]	D
Zoom out			K
Alternate zoom out		]
Zoom in			L
Alternate zoom in		[
Pan camera up		[Keypad 8]
Pan camera down		[Keypad 2]
Pan camera right		[Keypad 6]
Pan camera left		[Keypad 4]
Center camera view		[Home]
Pause and advance single frame	[Numpad Plus]
All weapons with full ammo	[Keypad Asterisk]
Current status and coordinates	C
Change screen mode		R
Restart level		[F12]

Note: This code may not be enabled in 3Dfx mode.

Cheat Codes

Enter the character selection screen. Then press [Delete], enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:


All levels, cities		itsgallus, nineinarow, or super well
No police			iamthelaw or stevesmates
999,999,999 points		itcouldbeyou
All weapons, armor,
 "Get Out Of Jail Free" card	suckmyrocket
Infinite lives			itstantrum or 6031769
Raise point values		hatemachine
View FMV sequences		heartofgold
Press [Keypad Asterisk]
 for all weapons		buckfast or callmenigel
10x multiplier		% machine
Enable extra offensive language	iamgarypenn
Disable extra offensive language	iamnotgarypenn

Drive The Train

After entering the train, press [Ctrl] + [Enter].


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