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                    K  K  I  NN  N  GGGG  DD    OOOO  MM   MM
                    K K   I  N N N  G     D D   O  O  M M M M
                    KK    I  N N N  G GG  D  D  O  O  M M M M
                    K K   I  N N N  G  G  D D   O  O  M  M  M
                    K  K  I  N  N   GGGG  DD    OOOO  M     M
                      H H  EEEE   AA  RR   TTTTT  SSSS
                      H H  E     A A  R R    T    S
                      HHH  EEE   AAA  RR     T    SSSS
                      H H  E     A A  R R    T       S
                      H H  EEEE  A A  R R    T    SSSS
                              ^Table of Contents^
^2^E-Mailing Me^
^6^The Villains^
^7^The Worlds^
^8^New Features^
^10^Breaking News^

I am going to make lots of other FAG sheets. But this is my first. Check back time 
after time to get more information. I soon will be making my website in a week or 
two. My favorite sites are Nintendo.com, Mariotendo.com, and Kingdomhearts.net. All 
I basically have to say is have fun reading my FAG sheet.

2222222222222222222222222222222222^Emailing me^222222222222222222222222222222222
On something’s like FAGs and Rumors also facts email me at 
[email protected] please no IMs.

 This is what we know so far.....The director and character designer is Tetsuya 
Nomura. Shinji Hashimoto is the producer and Yoshinori Kitase is the co-producer. 
Kazushige Nojima as scenario writer and Yuuichi Kanemori as battle planner. KH2 is 
supposed to take place 1 year after the original game and Sora is confirmed to still 
be the main character. Rumors say his new black outfit plays an important role 
unknown to us yet. The Unknowns will be the central part of the story. Tetsuya 
Nomura tells us the battle system will have many upgrades but will still have the 
same overall basics. The camera movement that many people had complained about has 
been fixed and the gummi ship portion will be highly upgraded. The concept of 
summoning will be different in KH2 and Nomura says that although there are new 
worlds, old worlds will return such as Olympus Coliseum and Hollow Bastion for 
example. Square-Enix and Disney interactive are trying to reassemble the same voice 
cast as the original game. The city known as, Twilight Town" will play a similar 
role as Traverse Town did in the original game. Nomura says the train and the clock 
tower shown in the trailer will play important roles but has yet to tell us what. 
The unknown silver enemies seen at the end of the trailer are a third force 
following the villain in each world and heartless in Kingdom Hearts. Nomura 
declined to reveal who is among them he did say a familiar character from the first 
game is among them. The release date is suspected for a late 2005 to early 2006 

What we do know about KH2 is......

^Sora is still the main character.....
^Hollow Bastion and Olympus Coliseum return.
^A familiar character is among the evil.
^The role of the Beast and the rose will be important.
^There is something very different in the battle strategy.
^The Red haired man's name is Axel.
^The group of cloaked people is called "The Organization"

                Email me if you know more facts at [email protected]


-Sora will turn evil. (which I highly doubt)
-Kairi will be a controllable character.(like you controlled the shadow in the 1st 
-Riku is dead. (thats possible)
-The Blonde Haired Boy is Sora's brother of other relative.(Possible)

           Email me if you have more spoilers at [email protected]

666666666666666666666666666666666^The Villians^66666666666666666666666666666666666666
If you played Chain of Memories, you know that you fought the Organization in 
Castle Oblivion. When there, you killed Vexon, Larxene, and Marluxia. The only one 
that remains is Axel. He is seen in the Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer, fighting the 
Blonde Haired boy. It is still unknown whether he is really evil or if he is 
secretly a good guy. The only thing to do is wait for it to come out. Taking the 
role that Maleficent did in the first game, is Pete. You might remember him as 
Goofy's neighbor and Mickey's biggest enemy. He is also seen in the Kingdom Hearts 
2 trailer in Argrabah holding the lamp. Also in the trailer, is a guy wrapped in red 
believed to be Ansem. Also seen, are silver enemies, and cloaked unknowns. The 
heartless also return.


Hollow Bastion
Ancient China
Twighlight Town
Halloween Town/Christmas Village
Olympus Coliseum
Neverland (not confirmed but a possibility)
The Underworld
Traverse Town (not confirmed but a possibility)
Fabled Countryside [Beauty and the Beast]
Nottinghamshire [Robin Hood] (not confirmed but a possibility)
Pride Rock [Lion King] (not confirmed but a possibility)
Camelot [The Sword in the Stone] (not confirmed but a possibility)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Deep Dive

888888888888888888888888888888888^New Features^88888888888888888888888888888888888888
The mysterious "Drive" meter seems to tie-in to how many enemies you kill, and it 
may or may not be the only type. For example, it mentions that if you kill enough 
enemies, and the gauge fills to capacity, Sora is able to unleash a powerful attack 
(the meter keeps count). If you execute the attack enough, and kill enough enemies, 
the level of the meter increases, and the attacks/techniques Sora is able to 
utilize when the meter is full are upgraded (but you can still use the lower-level 
attacks by hitting the appropriate button when the gauge fills to that specific 
point). If you happen to defeat a boss with a "Drive"-based attack, you get double 
the "points" you'd get by just using it on a normal enemy. Thanks to 
www.kingdomhearts2.net for the info.

Q-When is Kingdom Hearts 2 coming out in the U.S.?
A-It is either September or March. Hopefully March.

Q-Will Sora and Kairi reunite in Kingdom Hearts 2?
A-Most likely because they are both shown separately in the new KH2 trailer.

Q-Are the heartless still the enemy?
A-The heartless return along with hooded figures called the Unknowns and silver 
enemies called the Nobody.

Q-How do you know all of this?
A-I look through KH fan sites.

Q-Will Kingdom Hearts 2 be for the rumored Playstation 3?
A-No need to buy anything new. Kingdom Hearts 2 is for the PS2.

Q-How long does Kingdom Hearts 2 take place after Kingdom Hearts?
A-It's reported to be taken place one year after Kingdom Hearts.

Q-Is Sora the main character still or do you play as Riku?
A-Sora is still the main character but you'll get to play as others, too.

Q-Is Riku dead?
A-Let's just say he's lost his body and he's joined Mickey Mouse to get it back.

Q-Can you send me the new KH2 trailer or at least tell me how to get it?
A-I can't e-mail it for security reasons but ask me and I'll give you directions.

Q-Is there any other games about Kingdom Hearts coming out.
A-Yes. There'll be a Kingdom Hearts gameboy advanced game coming out before KH2.

Q-Are there any new characters?
A-Final Fantasy characters, Auron and Vincent are to play important roles.

Q-Do any old worlds return in KH2?
A-Hollow Bastion and Olympus Colliseum return and there might be others.

Q-What other characters do you play as?
A-You play as Riku, most likely and the Blonde-Haired-Unknown.

                   Email me if you have more FAQs at [email protected]

10101010101010101010101010101010^Breaking News^10101010101010101010101010101010101010
At Square Enix's E3 conference this morning, one of the surprises in the unveiling 
was that Jack Sparrow, the drunken mess of a pirate from the movie Pirates of the 
Caribbean, would be in the upcoming KH sequel. 
It was not announced whether Johnny Depp would reprise his role for the videogame 
character, but we'll have more and more info on Kingdom Hearts from the show floor. 

Thanks to www.ign.com for the update.

Age: 14
Description: Sora, an outgoing and cheerful teenager who was born on the Destiny 
Islands 14 years ago. Riku, his elder by a year, and Kairi, an optimistic young 
girl, are Sora's best friends. The three decide to leave the islands and set sail to 
discover the world of Kairi's childhood. However, before the planned departure the 
three friends are mysteriously separated. Sora finds himself alone in Traverse Town 
and decides to search for his two comrades in an attempt to return home with them to 
the Destiny Islands.

Age: 14
Description: Kairi arrived at the Destiny Islands some years ago on a night, which 
saw shooting stars showering across the sky. She lost her memory that night and to 
this day cannot recall any details of her origins. Now 14 years of age, she has 
grown into a cheerful, strong-minded teenager who feels very much at home on the 
islands. Nevertheless, Kairi and her two friends, Sora and Riku, decide to leave the 
Destiny Islands to learn more about Kairi's past. However, before they can set off 
on their journey, their plans are interrupted by the Heartless...

Age: 15
Description: The 15-year-old Riku is a self-confident teenager who seems rather 
mature for his age. Considered particularly gifted, he is admired and somewhat 
envied by many of his peers. Thus, the firm bond of friendship that has developed 
between him and Sora is not entirely free of rivalry. Riku's inquiring mind entices 
him to leave the Destiny Islands along with Sora and Kairi.

Description: The well-known, temperamental duck takes on the role of royal magician 
at Disney Castle. A confidant of his missing monarch, Donald departs with Goofy in 
search of his sovereign. The king left nothing but a letter with a clue instructing 
Donald to only cooperate with the person bearing the "Key" ...

Donald Duck made his debut in the 1934 animated feature film: Disney's The Wise 
Little Hen

Description: Goofy is the captain of the royal knights at Disney Castle. A 
compassionate and cheerful fellow by nature, he dislikes fighting and hurting 
others. Consequently, he brandishes a blunt shield in battle. While it may seem that 
he is not the brightest, Goofy is definitely one of the king's loyal men. He 
resolutely sets off with Doanld, determined to rescue their monarch and to find 
the "key bearer".

Goofy made his first appearance in the 1932 animated feature film: Disney’s Mickey’s 

Description: When Tarzan was a child, the ship carrying him and his parents was 
sunk. The infant survived and was fostered by a gorilla named Kala. Although Tarzan 
learned the language of the apes, his different appearance and comparative physical 
weakness hindered him for a long time. However, the jungle hero managed to overcome 
these deficiencies through rigorous exercise and grew into a strong and intelligent 
young man. His encounter with Jane triggered Tarzan's interest in the world beyond 
the jungle. He also began to learn the human language. 

The animated feature film Tarzan was released in 1999.

Description: This warm-hearted, destitute young man has no close relatives or 
friends other that the ape Abu. Aladdin gets by, though not without some occasional 
swindling! He is also besotted with Jasmine. He goes to great lengths to impress her 
and to perhaps win her heart by retrieving the treasures from the Cave of Wonders. 
It was in this cave that Aladdin found a Magic Carpet and the magic lamp, home to 
the Genie. That is how Aladdin came to be the Genie's master.

The animated feature film Disney's Aladdin was released in 1992

Description: The 16-year-old mermaid is the youngest daughter of King Triton, ruler 
of the seas. Blessed with the loveliest voice in Atlantica, Ariel is far too 
fascinated by the human world for her father's liking. She often ventures to the 
surface of the sea, collecting objects lost by humans. Ariel's capers constantly 
confound her "minder", Sebastian the crab

Ariel's enchanting voice was the first heard in the 1989 animated feature film: 
Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Jack Skellington
Description: The ruler of nightmares and terror is considered impulsive and self-
assured. He also organizes Halloween festivals. Determined to spoil his guests with 
the most exciting and unforgettable nights. He is constantly on the prowl for new 
party ideas.

Jack Skellington first scared cinema-goers in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before 
Christmas in 1993.

Peter Pan
Description: The flying boy loves pranks above all else. Like all citizens of 
Neverland, he does not age and is wilful and utterly fearless. Peter also possesses 
a strong sense of justice. As if to balance his childish traits, he also has 
characteristics that make him appear mature and grown-up. Peter has already fought 
and won countless battles against his eternal nemesis, Captain Hook. This time, 
however, Hook has kidnapped Peter's friend Wendy. To rescue her, Peter Pan must 
venture into the lions den: the pirates ship!

The animated feature film Disney’s Peter Pan was released in 1953.

Description: His fangs and claws instil sheer terror in his opponents. A former 
prince, Beast was transformed into an ugly creature as punishment for his obstinacy 
and ruthlessness. He shut off his heart entirely but learned compassion and true 
love when he met Belle, who helped heal the wounds inflicted by his long, lonely 
spell. Now the heartless have destroyed Beasts home and abducted Belle. He makes his 
way alone to Hollow Bastion in his quest to save Belle.

12121212121212121212121212121212^New Heartless^12121212121212121212121212121212121212


Lance-Holding Heartless


Spectral Mage

Tornado Step
A heartless that uses its wrists as propellers to fly. Spins both while moving and 
attacking but doesn't seem to get dizzy."

Creep Plant
A heartless that looks like a flower. Though it cannot move freely, it can throw 
seeds and sprout sharp roots out of the ground so is dangerous even from a distance.

A klaxon-like heartless that bounces about. By sounding its horn it can call other 
heartless in aid (In CoM they also healed themselves in this way).



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