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THE NORMAL MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demon: The first and weakest monster you see, dies very easily.
Demon\jetpack: Same as normal demon, just can fly.
Demon Generals: Just a harder to kill demon that can fly.

The lard Pigs: I just call them lard pigs cuz they are pigs with a lard shirt on. 
They use shotguns so kill them quick.
Pig planes: these are pigs in a small jet plane, destroy that and it'll become a pig.

Laser turrents: Just a weak laser turrent, not hard to kill.

Octobrains: these are very creepy, they are like a octopuss with a very large brain. 
The bite and shoot brain waves so dispose of them quickly.

Slimes: these are little green slime creatures that can eat all small monsters, like 
pigs, monsters and other things, exept the big ones. very easy to kill, They are 
usually in trash cans, they grab onto your face if they touch you.

Gizzards; they are a strange monster which has a machine gun on their arm. kill them 
quick because they shoot fast.

THE BIGGER MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death Generals: These are hovering monsters which shoot rockets at youand spin 
around if you get to close, hitting you with thier spikes.

Droids: These are suicide bombs, destroy them before they hit you or else.... you 
know what.

Battle Lords: these are BIG and hurt alot. They use a chain saw gun with a grenade 
launcher on it.Usually if they corner you, you can kiss your butt good bye.

Ultra Lords: These are scarier and more dangerous than the battle lord. They shoot 
multipule rockets at you very fast.

Aliens: These are very scary, not only do they claw the living *bleep* out of you 
but they shink you to. And you know what happens when your shrunk right...SQUISH!


BATTLE GOD: This guy is a very, very, large battle lord, kill same way with battle 
lors (weakness: Dum Dums)

Ultra God: In his arena, your surronded by 70 slimes, kill them and hit the button 
on wall to send him out. ( here is a tip, there is a button on one side of the wall 
which leads you into a water spot with ammo in it. Also if you run in his chamber 
after you open it, hit the planet picture. it will open a small door on the oppsite 
side of where the chamer is in the arena:

The god: this guy is very hard. First he shoot mind rays and missles at you, then 
when he is almost dead he shoots plasma blasts which kill you one shot. good thing 
the stadium your in is full of atomic heal and ammo!

well thats it, if you have any questions at all email me at    [email protected]


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