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                                The Bosses, MKM 

LV. 1 --- Steal The Sacred Map Of Elements

Boss --- Scorpion

Scorpion has no moves, he is simply a copy of a monk. The problem is that he knows 
pretty much all the tricks that you can't provide. So he may do moves lie keep 
sweeping you until you die. To avoid this, jump back the second before you go up 
from your fall. Winning is no problem with Scorpion, just use projectiles.

LV. 2 --- Collect 3 Icons Representing The Element Of Wind

Boss --- God Of Wind ( Fujin )

When he's in air, shoot an angle freeze up (Down, Forward, High Kick). If he's 
floating use the Angle Freeze Up move and then hold Run, and Down. This will prevent 
you from being damaged from his Super Tornado. When he is at ground, he is free for 
freezes and combo's, so do them quickly as you will lose if you don't. Sometimes, 
when he is in air, he will pick you up and throw you or punch you, he will bring 
gusts of wind up and punch you, or Dive Kick. Do the angle freeze as soon as 
possible when he does these moves. Then uppercut him. When you beat him. Go as far 
left as possible. When the gusts start to push you in, run towards the left and 
don't stop or you'll lose even though you win.

LV. 3 --- Collect 3 Icons Representing The Element Of Earth

Boss --- God Of Earth ( Rock Monster )

Go to middle area, and wait until the boss is near. Quickly slide right through his 
legs and run towards the right wall. Press the ACTION button to pull the Skull 
Switch. This will bring down a metal machinery item from the direct middle ceiling 
and hit the boss if you were quick. Go back and slide through and switch 3 more 
times ( each time hitting ) to beat the Earth Boss.

LV. 4 --- Collect 3 Icons Representing The Element Of Water

Boss --- God Of Water ( Icy Human )

He is very easy. Use the normal freezeing attack a lot! When Boss is frozen, 
uppercut him to ice pieces. Also, don't use block a lot. Instead jump away or duck 
away from the boss's projectile attacks. He will die in a Shao Kahn way(from MKT).

LV. 5 --- Collect 3 Icons Representing The Element Of Fire

Boss --- God Of Fire ( Firey Burned Human )

There is no possible way to freeze the Fire God, so work your way out with combos. 
The good part about this boss is that he can only attack you if you stand right next 
to him, and do nothing. So, this is mainly the easiest boss. When he dissapears 
through the groung after an uppercut, run all around the room (don't go to edges) 
until he pops up from the ground.

LV. 6 --- Escape From The Prison Of Souls (Medium+ only)

Boss --- Huge Saw-Bladed Arm Guard

Run up to him, an do a High Kick. Then quickly, do a slide between his legs. Do this 
repeatedly to win.

LV. 7 --- Cross The Bridge Of Immortality To Reach Shinnok's Fortress (Medium+ Only)

Boss --- Guards

BridgeKeeper # 1 - Dinosaur

Be sure to have at least 1 herbal healer with you while fighting him. Be close to 
him, but not too close. Do a forward flip and when you are right above the head of 
the dinosaur, press HK. His head will go down and he will walk back. Do this again, 
and the same result will happen. Do this until he hits you. Then, jump back to the 
position you were at first. Then begin to flip and press HK when you are right above 
his head again, over and over. If he is almost dead and you are in need of life, 
press SELECT and go to the word Herbs and press TRIANGLE. Then press SELECT to 
return to the game. Continue flipping attacking until the dinosaur explodes, then 
take the key.

BridgeKeeper # 2, 3, and 4 - Robots

Use the same technique given for the SawBlade Arm boss to beat these bridgekeepers. 
When you beat #'s 2 and 4, you will get a key. When you beat # 3 you will get an Urn 
of Vitality, which when used gives fully healed life.

LV. 8 --- Find Quan Chi's Sanctuary (Medium+ Only)

Boss --- Quan Chi, Shinnok

Quan Chi

Use a lot of jumping. You can freeze him, and uppercut him, to avoid his 
projectiles. He has a habit of teleporting and doing sneak-attacks, so beware. If 
you jump a lot, try to attack during your jumps. When he is defeated, Sareens will 
come and kill him. Then she is taken away by Shinnok, and now you must face Shinnok.


Go near any teleporter and face Shinnok. Do not attack because he has a shield and 
cannot be hurt. When he is near, he will shoot a pink fireball, which makes him hold 
up his hands, which removes his shield. While his hands are still up, quickly freeze 
him. Then, if he gets frozen, immediately turn around, go through the teleporter, 
and then as you come out of the other one, freeze Shinnok again. Then, run to him 
and press the USE button [L1] and you will take his Amulet. He will turn into a huge 
demon, and you must run through the portal and you will escape with the Amulet.


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