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   0000      0000  77777777   :: TTTTTTTTTTT   NNNNNN   DDDDD                 [TM รด]
 0      0  0      0     7     :: TTTTTTTTTTT   NNNNNN   DDDDDD
 0      0  0      0    7             TTT       NN  NN   DD   DD
 0      0  0      0   7              TTT       NN  NN   DD   DD
  0    0    0    0   7        ::     TTT       NN  NN   DD  DD
   0000      0000   7         ::     TTT       NN  NN   DDDDD
(007:TND)(TND= Tommorow Never Dies)

Introduction:(This Faq contains Information on how to do every mission up to level 
4 because I havent finished the game yet.)This game is a pretty good game except 
for the graphics there not as good ok every time I beat a new level i will add how 
to beat That level.
Level  1  :This level is kinda easy all you have to do is shoot all the people in
      111  the way with your PP7 beacause it has unlimited ammo then once you make
           it to the tower by that wall or the second tower then go up it and then
           kill the person up there and switch your gadgets to that laser target 
           and aim it at the sattelite and push R1 or I think its L1 well whatever
           button it says to push then a helicopter will come go down there and 
           kill every person that comes down the rope on the helicopter and one 
           person that you kill should have a keycard take it and go open the big
           cement door,and then you will have to ski down a mountain and when you 
           arrive at the other base you have to find the keycard and then go to the 
           boss and just aim for his head and remember to always dodge the green gas
      222  bombs.
      2 2
Level  222 :This level will be added once I figure out exactly what to do. thanx for
            reading this faq :-)

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