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100% completion faq for

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (playstation 2)
Verison 1.0

By Zach Meadows

Table of Contents

I. Storyline missions
  A. Portland 
     1. Vincenzo
     2. JD O' Toole
     3. Ma Cipriani
     4. Salvatore Leone
     5. Maria
     6. Salvatore Leone Part 2
     7. JD O' Toole Part 2
     8. Vincenzo Cilli Part 2
     9. Salvatore Leone Part 3
  B. Staunton Island
     1. Salvatore Leone
     2. Donald Love
     3. Salvatore Leone Part 2
     4. Confessional
     5. Leon McAffrey
     6. Donald Love Part 2

  C. Shoreside Vale
     1. Salvatore Leone
     2. Toshiko Kasen
     3. Donald Love
     4. Salvatore Leone Part 2

  I. Storyline missions

A. Portland

    1. Vincenzo Cilli
    home sweet home
    unlocks:Vincenzo Cilli mission strand
    other unlockables:Leone suit

    After swallowing your pride and agreeing to work under Vincenzo, you must 
drive "Lucky" to your hideout and then his office. The game begins outside 
Salvatore Leone's mansion in Portland Beach. Enter the black car with the blue 
arrow over it by walking up to it and pressing triangle. Vincenzo is in the 
back seat. Drive toward the yellow blip on the map. Pull into the Saint Mark's 
alley to find your safehouse. Just for some info the Callahan Bridge is in an 
inpassable state, the ferry is not running, and the subway is not open. Press 
triangle to exit the vehicle and walk into the yellow marker near the 
doorway beside the garages. Once inside, your attention is directed to the 
save disc, which cannot be used to save your game until you have finished this 
mission. Head left into the bedroom and step into the clothing icon. 
Currently, you only have one change of clothes. As you earn more threads, tilt 
left or right on the left analog stick to scroll through your wardrobe 
options. Press the x button to confirm your new wardrobe selection. Pressing 
triangle exits the wardrobe interface. If you don't press x before triangleyou 
won't change into new clothes. Once you've changed into the Leone Suit, exit 
the apartment by stepping into the yellow marker near the front door. Enter 
the vehicle and read the garage text messages that appear. You can store and 
save one vehicle in your single car garage outside your safehouse. Enter the 
vehicle and head toward the yellow blip on the radar to the Atlantic Quays. 
Drive cautiously; if the car blows up and kills Vincenzo, you've failed the 
mission. Stop the vehicle in the large yellow marker in front of the Atlantic 
Quays warehouse.


Now is a good time to cruise around Portland to get familiar with the roads 
and key locations again. Take this opportunity to locate and aquire submachine 
guns and the AK-47. It's helpful to start each mission with some extra guns in 
your arsenal.


      unlocks:dealing revenge

      You can usually find a sanchez (dirtbike) and a Kuruma just outside of 
Vincenzo's office, parked alongside the building. Take one of these vehicles 
to the yellow blip on the radar to the bistro in Saint Mark's. Pull into the 
parking area and stop in the yellow marker. A cinematic shows Toni convincing 
the drug dealer to get to work. Get back in your vehicle or take the Freeway 
(motorcycle) in the parking lot for a spin. Make sure the drug dealer rides 
with you before you tear off. Follow the yellow blip on the radar to 
Chinatown. As you get closer, the drug dealer informs you that the Sindaccos 
are moving in on Leone's territory and that he's a dead man if he returns. 
Pull into the large yellow marker in Chinatown in front of the seafood market. 
The mission is complete when the deal is made.

     Dealing Revenge
     other unlockables:Car salesmen (pastime)

Get a vehicle and follow the yellow blip on the radar to the same seafood 
market in Chinatown where you dropped off the drug dealer in the last mission. 
Stop in the yellow marker and a cinematic begins. After the cinematic, you're 
approached by a Sindacco thug in the alley. Press R1 to lock onto the thug and 
press o to punch him. You can also whip out a weapon and fill the Sindacco 
full of lead. Choose your tactic and finish the thug to get a new objective. 

Since you are right there, turn and find Hidden Package #27 in the corner of 
the open area in the middle of the alley. 

Two red blips appear on the map; these are your Sindacco targets. Exit the 
alley and shoot the Sindacco across the street. Your target has a red arrow 
over his head. Make sure to pick up the loads of cash he leaves behind. 

If your shooting raises the attention of the cop, run through the Police Bribe 
on the ramp between buildings nearby. Find the last Sindacco target on the 
sidewalk facing the river. Mow him down to complete the mission and collect 

Capital Autos in Harwood is looking for some new salesmen. If you're 
interested in making some extra money with this venture right now, then check 
out Portland Pastimes.

    unlocks:smash and grab
    other unlockables:JD O' Toole's mission strand

    Steal a vehicle, follow the gun icon on the map, and drive into the yellow 
marker outside the Ammu-Nation in the Red Light District. Enter the weapon 
shop and step into the yellow marker to see the inventory. Scroll left and 
right through the weapon selection and confirm your choice by pressing x. 
Currently, they only carry Pistols and Micro SMGs-the latter of which is out 
of stock. Purchase the Pistol or just exit if you have adequate firearms. Do 
not aim your weapon at the clerk or he'll shoot you until you're dead or 
manage to escape the store. I strongly suggest you find a submachine gun 
before heading to the construction site; the Pistol may not be enough power 
for you. The Uzi or AK-47 are relatively nearby. Drive to Hepburn Heights and 
into the construction area, then stop in the yellow marker. 

Hold R1 to target and o to fire. While targeting, press the L3 button to enter 
free aim and use the Left Analog Stick to adjust your aim. Press and hold the 
L1 button while in free aim to slow the targeting reticle.

Notice the Toyz Van in the construction site. Enter the vehicle when not on a 
mission to play the pastime, Thrashin' RC. For complete coverage of this fun 
diversion, check out the Portland Pastimes section. 
As you enter the construction site on foot, take aim and begin shooting the 
guards at long range near the building's doorway. Shoot as they approach you, 
then enter the back of the site through the same doorway. Either spray bullets 
at the next two Sindaccos or use free aim and shoot the fuel barrels behind 
them to let the explosions do the job. Continue around to the left(east) and 
you'll discover a vehicle with a red arrow over it. Your primary Sindacco 
target stands behind this car. Use free aim to shoot him but do not destroy 
the vehicle. When your mark is dead, he drops a Pistol and a Cell Phone. Pick 
up the Cell Phone. It rings and you answer it automatically. In the 
future,you'll have to press L1 to answer calls. JD's on the line. He's filming 
your every move for a snuff movie. He suggests you take the Sindacco's car for 
a deposit on the job well done...and he'll take care of the body. Hop in the 
car and exit the costruction site. Follow the yellow blip on the radar one 
block away to the Pay 'n' Spray. Enter the yellow marker as you pull into the 
shop. The charge for a respray is usually $100, but it's free this time. 
Pay 'n' Sprays are used to repair damaged cars and to eliminate your wanted 
level, regardless of how high it may be. Accomplishing this task completes the 

      smash and grab
      unlocks:Hot Wheels
      other unlockables:Snappy Dresser(Ma Cipriani mission)

     Grab any vehicle you see and drive around a bit until you find a durable 
4-seater. Once you're in the right ride, you receive the next objective... 
Follow the blue blips on the map to the gas station in Saint Mark's. You must 
be quick about it; a health gauge appears on screen that indicates the 
condition of the Leone mobsters you must save. Police cars and enforcers 
surround the gas station and the men you must rescue. Drive into the lot 
between the enforcer and the short sidewalk wall. Stay behind the black 
mobster car without running over anyone in the mob(blue arrows indicate the 
men you must pick up). Allow all three men to enter your vehicle, then drive 
around the station and out the nearest exit. If just one of the Leone's men 
dies, the mission is failed. You earn a three-star wanted level the moment you 
pick up the men; police cars will eagerly pursue. Drive directly to the 
Pay 'n' Spray to remedy this situation. Exit the gas station, heading left, 
and then take the next right. Continue to follow this pattern of taking the 
first left and then cutting right until you've made it through the 
construction site. Turn left to find the Pay 'n' Spray on the next street 
corner on your left. You receive your next objective once the Wanted Level is 
gone. Now simply drive the men back to Vincenzo's in Portland Harbor, 
following the yellow blip on the radar. Drive into the yellow marker near the 
warehouse and collect $1000 for a job well done. 

You're Ma just called! She wants to know how long you've been back in town and 
why you don't come see her? This opens the Ma Cipriani mission strand.

     Hot Wheels
     Unlocks:Hot Wheels + Made Man (JD) unlocks the Portland Chainsaw 

Grab a ride and follow the blue blip on the radar to the small parking lot 
within the warehouses in Trenton. You'll find a red Banshee with a blue arrow 
over it. Hop in. This smells like a trap! The alarm is armed and goes off as 
soon as you enter the vehicle. Cops surround you as you pull out. Smash 
through the police barricade and head left out onto the street. You have a 
three-star Wanted Level. Avoid the spike strips by driving off road as much as 
possible. Pick up the police bribe near the warehouses in Trenton, then take 
the first right into portland docks. Use a second police bribe under the 
covered row of warehouse doors to bring the two stars down to one. Drive away 
and the remaining star will soon fade. As soon as the Wanted Level is gone, 
you receive your next objective. Follow the yellow blip to the yellow marker 
in the driveway in Saint Mark's. Toni exits the vehicle and answers the cell 
phone. A not-so-pleasent conversation with Vincenzo transpires. He didn't 
think you were going to make it out of there and tries to weasel out of blame. 
Toni quits. Get in the Banshee and drive to the car crusher up north in 
Harwood, following the yellow radar blip. Stop the car in the marker. Get out, 
then watch and wait as the crusher does its thing. You receive a junk value of 
$93 for smashing that metal. You can make money by junking vehicles.


Until you complete JD's job, Made Man, there are no more Vincenzo jobs to be 
had. I suggest taking the next mission strand, JD O' Toole's.

You can begin the pastime, Trash Dash, by entering the Trash Master at the 
junkyard. For tips on this see the Other Pastimes section of this walkthrough, 
or read on to continue with the missions.


JD will not talk to you if you are wearing the Leone suit. He works for the 
Sindaccos and they'd be onto the snitch in no time. Get a change of clothes 
from your safe house.

   2. JD O' Toole

     Bone Voyeur!
     unlocks:Don in 60 Seconds

Follow JD and enter his van parked in front of the club.Drive around the block 
until a blue blip appears on the radar, then drive toward it to locate one of 
JD's girls. If the girl is by herself, stop nearby her and she'll approach the 
vehicle. She reaches into the car and pays a portion of the $700 owed to JD. 
The money collected is subtracted from the money meter on the right side of 
the screen. When all $700 is collected within five game hours, the mission 
ends successfully. When you find a girl busy with a customer in a car, you 
must pull up to the vehicle, then wait around until the girl is "finished" or 
honk the horn to end the session early. The longer you wait for the girl, the 
more money she'll give you. If you honk immediately to end the session, you'll 
get very little money. If the girl is with a pimp, he'll rip her off as you 
approach. Follow the red blip on the radar to the pimp running on foot. Runhim 
over for a quick and easy kill, then exit the van and take the money he 
dropped and get back in the van. Circle the surrounding blocks and collect 
from the girls until you're paid off. Once all the money is collected, a 
yellow blip appears on the radar and a marker appears back at the strip club. 
Pull into the yellow marker to complete the mission and collect $500.

     Don In 60 Seconds
     unlocks:A Volatile Situation
     other unlockables:The Offer (Salvatore's mission)& Micro SMGs at Ammu-

   When you hit the street, the cops begin to arrive and you immediatley get 
tagged with a two-star Wanted Level. Enter the black Leone Sentinel with the 
blue arrow overhead. Salvatore's hiding in the backseat. Circle the block 
while driving through police roadblocks to reach the Pay 'n' Spray and lose 
your wanted status. Then exit the spray shop and play it cool until blue stars 
fade to avoid reinstating the Wanted Level.Once the heat is off, you receive a 
new objective: Drive Salvatore to his Portland Beach mansion. Avoid driving 
too fast along the driveway; if you go over the embankment and slide down to 
the beach, you'll find the sand extremely loose in this game; you're likely to 
slide into the river and kill yourself and Salvatore. Follow the yellow blip 
on the radar to the yellow marker in Salvatore's driveway to complete the 


The Ammu-Nation now stocks Micro SMGs.


Completing this mission opens the Salvatore Leone mission strand. For now, 
I'll go along with the  JD O' Toole mission strand; and following that, the Ma 
Cipriani missions, since she was made available before Sal.

     A Volatile Situation
     unlocks:Blow Up Dolls

If you don't have an AK-47 or a submachine gun, use my weapons section of this 
faq to find one of these guns now, or purchase a Micro SMG or two from Ammu-
Nation. You're also going to need armor, so use my health and armor location 
section of this faq to locate one near you-there's some health just behind the 
casino and in the Ammu-Nation alley. Grenades are helpful, too. Collect some 
from the bow of the tanker in the Portland Harbor. Get in a vehicle and head 
toward the yellow blip on the radar to the casino in Saint Mark's. Stop in the 
yellow marker on the street and Toni will receive a cell phone call as he is 
about to enter the guarded casino entrance. It's JD, he warns you that a bunch 
of Sindaccos are on their way to blow up the place. Draw the AK-47 and stand 
ready with the two guards for the Sindaccos while in or near the intersection 
at the casino. Track the Sindacco movement on your radar. These guys are 
indicated by the red blips moving toward the casino. The Sindaccos will arrive 
in carloads, one after another, and attempt to bomb the casino. Gun 'em down 
collectively as they approach in the car, or induvidually as they exit their 
vehicles. Lobbing grenades at each car as it approaches makes short work of 
them. A total of three carloads of Sindaccos will pay you a visit, the last 
group arriving in a Patriot. Prevent them from setting a bomb and destroying 
the casino. Keep moving and stay at them with the AK-47 or Grenades and Micro 
SMG if the AK-47 is out of ammo. 

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