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3 ways to quick cash on 
mercenaries: playground of destruction

version- 1.0

author- raguna      e-mail- [email protected]

last updated- 9-5-08



1st way-----------------------------------------------(1)

2nd way-----------------------------------------------(2)

3rd way-----------------------------------------------(3)



Howdy! im raguna and this is my second guide;
please enjoy! 


go to medivac, from there follow the main road to the
left, follow it until you get to the first bridge.
Then, go the edge (on foot) and wait till' a NK helicopter
comes by and starts shooting at you, it will then fly 
close try to jump up and hijack it. for fun you can use
the magnet to lift and drop NK jeeps for cash.


stand on the road next to the mafia's garage. keep 
hijacking civilian's cars. then, drive them into the 
mafia's garage and you will automaticly sell them
for cash!


DON'T make the allies your enemy! there the ones who
pick up live bountys.  try to get cash from people
shootin' you with helicopter guns,not easy. I know
its temten' to shoot em' up, but please restrain.


this guide may only be used on the following sites:


if the desired site is not listed above please contact
me! it may take some time to get back to you though.(im

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