3rd Mission Guide for some levels - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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Note: you must have all mystic melodies in order to find the chao... in MOST cases.
use it by the small ruins located in the levels.

City Escape:

On the part where sonic is running down the building, jump off so that you miss the springs on the 
bottom.  Run along the base of the building and you will find the ruins.

Radical Highway:

After the second rocket, you pass through a checkpoint and go down a hill. Spin dash to gain 
speed and at the bottom of the hill jump off to the right in the gap between the roads.  try to land 
on the spring at the bottom. it will take you up the bridge, but when you land, go to the right 
instead of continuing straight and you will find the ruins.

Sky rail:

The ruin is hidden behind some boxes on a platform containing a checkpoint and the start of some 

Metal Harbor:

The ruins are in one of the compartments on the left side of the runway where planes try to bomb 

Final Rush:

On the platform that contains the fourth checkpoint, backtrack a bit to find the ruins that will guide 
you to a second ruin, taking you to the chao.

Sand Ocean:

On one of the rotating platforms in the middle of the level with bomb-carrying robots hovering 
over it, there is a path on the right.  the camera angle will lead you to this path, but ignore it and 
instead go straight ahead.  There will be a platform you must hover onto, then another, and some 
iron boxes to shoot down before you reach the chao.  you do not need a mystic melody for this 

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