5 Easy Ways To be Fast/Slow - Guide for Diddy Kong Racing

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5 Easy Ways To Gain Speed

1.	Collect Bananas.
2.	Put in OFFROAD in magic codes
3.	Put in ROCKETFUEL in magic codes
4.	Let go of  ‘A’  as you get to a zipper and don’t press  ‘A’  until the 
smoke goes away
5.	Avoid bumpy Road

5 Easy Ways To Lose Speed

1.	Press  ‘B’
2.	Don’t press  ‘A’
3.	Don’t use speed boost balloons
4.	Get shot by miscles
5.	Get hurt by a green balloon


Well I made this FAQ so I guess me myself and I
And I said My next FAQ would be for Lego Racers (PC) but this is a small FAQ in 
between just for fun but I swear I will have Lego racers done by Christmas 2004

© king kid 2004

------king kid------

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