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5 EASY ways to loose the cops

Updates: 18/ 2/02- started and finished

Sections 1- my ways 
              2- ways missed out if you e-mail me about them. The sender gets full 
Section 1

1: Trees- If a cop is along side you turn slightly to brush a tree so that the cop 
stalls(hopefully) and you make your getaway!!!
2: Brakes- use them if a cop is on either side of you to send them flying.
3: Fancy moves – to throw cops off and escape while they crash.
4: Hills – go slower over them to make a good landing while the cops get a bad one 
for speeding
5: Countermeasures – use them to confuse cops and fly off – BOMBS use them to blow 
the cops up and make a getaway. I think they are the best!
             SPEED BURST –  use it for a temporary Speed boost and make a fast get 
            Oil Slick – use it to make cops skite around like a person falling on 
           Smoke Screen-use it to throw cops off.

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