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These are my tips for dynasty warriors 3.

1.If you see a person running straight behind you and is about to attack you, you 
could prevent getting hurt by using a mosou attack.

2.Never go up against a General that is alot more powerful then you and is 
sorrounded by many troops, such as Lu Bu {man he packs a punch} never try to kill 

3.When you are struck down by a person or general, press L1 to jump back up into 
the air getting back into battle quickly.

4.If you are in the red mode with your life and you are knocked down and your mosou 
is charging up by itself, you should stay down {dont press any buttons or anything} 
until your mosou is atleast most of the way there. But if you wait too long your 
character will stand up.

5.Only kill a general if...You have good life{unless your character is much 
stronger then the general},You are sure you can beat him, and he is not sorrounded 
by many troops unless you were like in the level yellow turban rebellion.

6.Items in the game that you should always equip:Mosou Up Items, Life Up Items, 
Attack up items, defence up items and saddles if you prefer to get to places faster.

7.If you are in the red zone and fighting a general always run and look a pot which 
may contain: 1 meat bun which heals +50 life, 2 meat buns which heals +100 life, 3 
meat buns which heals +300 life or if your lucky, you could find a special meat bun 
which heals all your life, Mosou up, and life up which both increase your life or 
mosou by 10 points! yay!!!

8.Stuff you could find inside boxes, you could find Arrows, An Item and if your 
lucky an Imperial Seal which if you get it your musou is infinate for 10 seconds 
{wow what fun!!} and if you get an imperial seal and waste it all on 1 person doing 
like a 20 combo you could get good stuff. I once did it on a private on the stage 
Yellow Turban Rebellion and a got +50 life heal.

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