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                                          A begginers guide area 1


-Walkthrough Intro
-Area 1


One dark, and dreary night, young Luigi was taking a walk to hiis mansion he 
won in a contest.  He walked slowly to the door........


Q: Is this game hard?
A: No, not really.
Q: What mansion are you on?
A: 14.

                                 Walkthrough Intro

Read this long Walkthrough if you just started the game.  So,READ!

***Area 1

OK, you just walked in a huge mansion, go up to the second floor and find a 
huge door.Try to open it by pressing A.After, you'll hear a ghost laugh.Walked 
to the 1st floor and a orange blob will be floating with a key in it's 
hands.Quickly, grab it and go to that door that was locked and open it.You 
will find a crazy old man trying to vacuum up the ghost that scared you.But, 
in a few seconds, he gets punched by the ghost.Then 3 ghosts appear and follow 
him.You'll enter his lab and you get to train in the Training Room.There are 
11 ghosts in all, try to get every one.when you are done,don't go to the 
gallery, and go to the mansion.First, you'll find toad upset that Mario is 
gone, tallk to Toad and he'll turn the lights on for you.Go to the parlor, 
(the room)and get all the coins and cash.After,blow all the candle out that 
are blue.The pictures will shake and 3 ghosts will appear,collect all of 
them.A small chest will appear with a key in it.Go to the door after you 
collect the key.You will enter a room called the Anteroom.The doors will grow 
magic on them untill you collect all the ghosts in your Vacuum.When your done 
go to door on the west side.You'll enter a room called the Wardrobe 
Room.Deafeat all ghost + the blue one, and get the key.Go to the door on the 
westside, and you will find toad.make him happy, then go back to the foyer.Go 
to the 2nd floor and open the door with the gallery ghosts and go to the room 
that is the first door.CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!You just found your 1st gallery 
ghost!Turn your back on the ghost untill he yawns shine your flashlight on him 
and suck him up!Get the key, and go to the last room in the hallway.Ah, we 
find Mrs.Ghost brushing her hair.With your vacuum, blow the curtains off and 
suck her up!Get the key to the baby's room.


Go to the room and shake the horse and he'll awaken!Shoot him with the ball 
and you'll go into another Arena!Defeat him by shooting the solid ball and 
suck him up!


Justin Paul-Maker
Another Walkthrough-Idea for making this one!

                                      THE END!

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