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If you have chosen to be a ROGUE, you have chosen the most   
balanced choice(of course everything can change over time).
ROGUES are masters of the bow,and it is a good idea to stick 
with that at least for the time-being. After you type in your name
and such, you show up behind a house. Click to the left of the
house and the town square will be up from there. Walk up until you
see the well. If the well water is a yellowish-orange, you've got
a misson in the future! Go to the right of the square and there 
should be a fat,bald man. Move your curser over him. The name
GRISWOLD will appear in the black box at the bottom of the screen.
Click on him and a whole bunch of options will appear. Choose
BUY BASIC ITEMS. A list of weapons and armor will pop up. 
Your bow is fine for the moment, so buy QUILTED ARMOR
or LEATHER ARMOR if you can afford it. Across the square,
there is a man named OGDEN, he ownes the Rising Sun tavern
(you can't go in there though)and he will tell you the way 
to the dungeons. Go click on OGDEN. Follow his instrutions.
If you see a dying man, click on him and hear what he has to say.
If you didn't click on him or he isn't there, no biggy. Before
going into the church, it's a good idea to save by pressing
the ESC botton at the upper-left side of the keyboard.Then
click on the opening in the chuch wall. After a little wait,
you will show up behind some stairs with bow at the ready.
Now here are the REALEY important things:
You can walk up to an enemy and shoot it by clicking on it,
but the prefered way is to hold down SHIFT and click to
fire at a distance(only bows, of course!).
At the start of the game, you have two bottles of red liquid,(if
you're a sorcerer, they're blue)that restore health. Your 
Health-O-Meter is the red orb on the lower left of the screen.
The blue orb on the other side is MANA(A.K.A magic fuel).
A little below the mana orb and to the right,there is a box with a 
symbol. The Rogue has the unique skill to disarm traped chests,
doors, etc. If you come along say, a trap door, in the black
box that formerly held GRISWOLD and OGDEN, it sould say 
in red lettering, TRAP CLOSED DOOR. Right click on you, then
left click on the door. Beware, for disarming a trap door opens
To pick up stuff, click on it. if you picked up armor or
a book or weapon, it is put in your backpack. To veiw your
backpack, or to change weapons, press I on your keyboard.

  CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're through Boot camp!  


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