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	*********Quik Crash Course for Necromancer********
                              By Danto- [email protected]
                                           Verson 1.0
          When I first got Diablo 2, I didnt know what to expect from the 
different characters
I could
choose from. The Necromancer seemed to jump out. I didnt even realize how weak he
was or the
problems that could arive from it. I called Him El_Danto.. it had a latin flavor 
to it.
              This guild isn't a walkthough or a perfect solution to the necro, 
it is just a way for
newbis or experts that arn’t familiar with this chacter to come to terms woth the 
choce a necro has to make. This is what I did.. and the mistakes I made doin a 
             When you first make a necro, a skill in which you get off the bat is 
raise a skel
from the defualt wand in which you start with. My mistake was to put extra points 
this. although acouple skels might be helpfull now, they will become weak very 
The first skill I put a skill point into was "Bone Armor", which wasn't a bad 
idea. This skill
can help you thoughout the game, becuase it can be used a safety barrier. If your 
necro is
hit in a later diff or act by a strong monster, bone armor with a couple points 
may save
your life (maybe from Lag).

--OK, Now what direction should I Choose?--
There are two directions you can take.... Fighter necro.. Zoo keeper..

Or you can make both....

I beileve a mixture of fighter and summoner necro is the best.
And it is this fact that makes necro harder to play then any other class... a 
good necro
must use almost every tree in his skills to become balanced.

Here are some skills which I chose to put extra points into:

1)Bone Armor- Refer to above

2)Skel mage- although many necros will disagree with me, but i think that using 
some of
these as decoys that hurt. Monsters will go after these and not you.. and 
leaving revives and golems to kill the enemy untouched.

3)Golems- but what matters is what kind:
Clay- PUT ONLY ONE POINT INTO THIS. They can and should be replaced by the
later lvl golems. If u need to make it stronger til you can get a better one, put 
that point
into golem mastery, that way later golems will benifit.
Blood- Same as clay, Only One Point.
Iron and Fire- a necro should choose between these two
Snice the new patch for the Diablo exspanion will probely alow you to keep a iron 
as long as it dosn't die, and move between. You couldmax out this skill and make 
a golem
from a very good wepon, this golem could be very cool. Use this with Iron maiden 
maybe lifetap to perfect this skill. Fire on the other hand will probely be the 
ost useful
golem to most necros. Although it takes up alot of mana, a fire makes up for that 
with alot
of Life. It does Fire and phsyical damge + it blows up when it dies, so even in 
death it
does damage. I choose Fire for now... but that may change with a new patch.

4) Bone Spirit or Bone Spear- I put more points into BSpir then Bspear, but that 
is up to
you. Bspear is more of a crowd control device... yet Bone spirit does more damge 
for ya
buck.. but only targets one monster.

5)Bone Prison- Again many necros wouldnt even bother with this. But I beileve 
this could
save many lives. Bone up a boss,a nd summon a golem inside with it, maybe even 
use Iron
Maiden. Plus the more skills pionts the less mana cost. THIS WORKS WELL AGAINST
THE ACT2 Boss. Killed durial with out losing a single mage.

6)Iron Maiden- good curse, especially in later diffs.

7)Decrp- I like this curse alot... it is like a three in one curse, Although the 
only flaw is
that it last for a very short time. Meaning you will have to recast.

8)Summon resist- If you use fire golem, this is bad, becuase it interfers with 
his absoming
ability, other then that it isn't bad at all. YOU will need this if summons 
consist of mostly

9)Revive- Good and bad. Good becuse as you as you go though the game.. you start 
revive monster at that lvl and they are better then mages. Bad becuase they have 
a timer
that they die after 3 minutes or so and that they are "too smart". they sometimes 
annoy u becuse they will not always run into battle mindlessly. Also you can only 
normal monsters.. not champs or bosses.

10)Poison spells- these will become out dated after normal diff. but pioson nova 
can be
used to stop them from healing.

Here are some equiment to consider.

Wormskull helm.
Tower shield with 3 p-diamonds
Tuang-ouls set- Great for necros although very rare
Necromancer Wand- +2 to necro skills
Light armor- becuse as a necro you need to run alot to evade damage
Goblin toe boots- you could reduce a monsters Hp in half with a Wand!
Any comments or questions:
email- [email protected]
ICQ- 73538748
AIM- Danto85

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