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Chao FAQ
a FAQ made by chaolover([email protected])
Anybody may email me questions and I will post them here with an answer
Get Close With Chao
   Chao like to be petted and carried around.They also like to be fed.Each chao 
like Triangle,Round,or Cubicle fruit.Chao may become darker or lighter when fed 
hero or dark fruits. This can make a chao a hero or a dark chao.

Chao Stats
(Chao's Name)
Swim lv XX
Fly  lv XX
Run  lv XX
Powerlv XX
Staminalv XX

Chaos Drive Needed

To get stamina give your chao fruits.

A chao life

        /         Neutral                     /
        /            /                        /
        /     Neutral-Swim/Fly/Run/Power      /
Hero-Swim/Fly/Run/Power  /         Dark-Swim/Fly/Run/Power
       /                 /                    /
       /                 /                    /
       /                 /                    /
Egg/Riencarnation/Transformation                        Death

Chao Karate-Recommended levels

Easy:lv 15
SUPER:lv 99

That is the end of this FAQ.It may be continued.
:) from chaolover

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