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Nintendogs:Chihuahua and Friends
By:Kayla Harris

This is my first walkthrough so go easy on me.

Table of Contents

1.Unlockable Stuff
2.Some of my Hints

What you unlock              Trainer Points Needed

Miniature Pincher                                      2,000
Siberian Husky                                         4,000
Desktop (interior)                                     6,000
Toy Poodle                                             8,000
Golden Retriever                                      10,000
Seaside (interior)                                    12,000
Miniature Schnauzer                                   14,000
Beagle                                                16,000
Space (interior)                                      18,000
Pemboke Welsh Corgi                                   20,000
Shi Tzu                                               22,000
Urban Living (interior)                               25,000
Shiba Inu                                             30,000
Pug                                                   35,000
Ranch House                                           40,000
Laberdor Retriever                                    40,000
Dashund                                               50,000


When you first get a dog don't get a dog that is nervous or selfish.If it is 
nervous it won't do well in a contest.If it is selfish it will hog all of the 
treats you throw out.

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