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A Day In The Life Of Spider-Man
(Or, Secret Stuff)

1. Startin' The Day
2. This City Is A Spider's Home
  -  A) Go Wherever A Spider Can
  -  B) Do Whatever A Spider Can
3. Did Somebody Say Roadtrip?
4. Criminals - Moronic Buffoons With Guns
5. This Spider Collects Tokens, Not Flies
6. More Than One Way To Web A City
7. Buy Whatever A Spider Can
8. Endin' The Day With Legal Stuff


1. Startin' The Day

Of all of you who played Spider-Man 1 did you ever notice how... enclosed you 
seemed?  I mean, the first game was cool an' all, but...it was all restricted like 
most video games nowadays.  Well, now in the S-M 2 game Spidey can go 
anywhere and everywhere.  ...In Manhatten, that is.  This guide cuts down the 
game's fat.  So now we're down to pure steak.  A great way to eat your daily 
helping of Spider-Man 2.


2. This City Is A Spider's Home

A) Go Wherever A Spider Can

A gigantic city, go anywhere, anytime, with only the petty crimes and citizens in 
distress to stop you.  Manhatten, Roosevelt Island, Ellis Island, Liberty 
Island...wow.  Will the choices ever end?  You can find out in Part  3( Did 
Somebody Say Roadtrip?).
...Hmm.  Not a good situation to be in.  You walk down an alley, you look 
around, wait was that there before?  I'm sure the wall wasn't THAT color, and 
why is that guy and that girl...well...we can definitely see that we're lost.  Try 
jumping up to the rooftop.  Yep, we're DEFINITELY lost.  Hit the SELECT button 
to activate the map.  You can zoom out almost 10 miles above the city.

B) Do Whatever A Spider Can

Aw, darn it we're still kinda restricted!  We don't have many MOVES.  We need 
to get new stuff and you can find out how in Part 7 (Buy Whatever A Spider 
Everyone looks at the controller and whines "There's only one attack button!"  
C'mon give me a break I mean just because there's only one button called 
Attack doesn't mean it's the only one to attack.


3. Did Somebody Say Roadtrip?

Well, no, nobody said `roadtrip` but they did say `WEBtrip` and that's exactly 
what Spider-Man does!  Welcome to this part, where we break down  the 
Manhatten steak into small bits that are very easy to swallow.
Manhatten is a very big place, and if you include Roosevelt Island, Ellis Island, 
and Liberty Island (which is exactly what the developers did), you get a 
city-shaped maze full of morons, weblines, cars, skyscrapers, and a 
Spider-Man with a taste for surfin' the web.  Weblined city, that is.
If at times you feel the buildings are swallowing you, push the SELECT button 
to see the map, which has saved my neck in the most un-neck-saving times.

Sometimes I wondered to myself, "How do I get to Liberty Island?"  I tried the 
buoys, but I was sleeping with the fishes on that idea.  I tried jumping onto the 
yachts, but the water is so cold!  I tried swimming, but Spider-Man can't swim.  
only flaw in a perfect game.  Finally, I jumped on a building and thought.  I 
noticed the next thing that got me there.  Helicopters.  Spidey can swing from 
helicopters.  Give it a try!  You'll get a neat tour of the place and can get to 
Ellis and Liberty Island.

From time to time, you come across the HINT MARKERS.  These green rings 
with `?` in 
them can be helpful, unhelpful, or just plain silly.  There are over 200 hint 
markers in the game and you get a boatload of hero points and a new hero 
title if 
you find them all.

You know you should go to the main street at night.  All the lights, its great.

Central Park is always good for a visit.  Sometimes I head over to the train 
for a short tour.

Found a flagpole? You can swing around it (orbit) or up and over it (loop).

Make a home.  There are hideouts throughout the city.  They appear on the 
red buildings.  Look for the entrance.

Not to mention an arcade.  Hidden somewhere in the city is an arcade.  It's 
close to 
a Spidey Store.

Other places you can enter appear as light-blue buildings.

Here's a bit of info for ya: The Liberty Statue was actually a gift from the 
French.  It was built in France, taken apart, shipped to New York, 
re-assembled, and 
was accepted October 1860.  Hope your taking notes 'cos there's gonna be a 
pop quiz 

4. Criminals - Moronic Buffoons With Guns

Okay let's see, tourists, business people, bums, homos, morons...oh yeah!  
criminals!  These loonies live a life of crime without a thought of how much it 
would hurt others.  They can and will:

Steal cars
Tease Spider-Man
Pick on others
Shoot Spider-Man
Shoot police
Fight Spider-Man
Steal money
Whack Spider-Man
Break into a building
Hurt spider-Man
Use robots to terrorize
Ambush Spider-Man
and many more...

And if you're a good fighter, your purpose will be to watch them get their butt 
kicked.  If you're pretty crappy at fighting, you'll get a bullet lodged in your 

Future upgrades from the store will increase winning chances.  One of my 
favorites is the one where you can hang the muggers and thugs from 
It's funny to watch them struggle, trying to break free and moan, "Aw man why 

As you swing around the city, all the people walking around will call for you.  
They will have a green ? sign over their heads.  Talk to them to grab a new 

Sometimes you will be forced into a petty crime, which appear as indigo ! 
signs.  These range from stopping lockpickers to rescuing some snotty kids 

Stuck?  Some guy getting you down?  Always ending up on the wrong side of 
butt-kicking?  Then press L1 or UP on the D-Pad to activate Spider-Sense.  In 
this mode, everything (except Spider-Man)slow down, making it easier to 
dodge attacks, and kick some bad-guy butt.


5. This Spider Collects Tokens, Not Flies

Scattered around the city are special collectable tokens.  These are thin yellow 
floatin' disks (there's something I've always wondered.  If this is supposed to 
be real-life games, then why are things floating around?  Plain weird, if you ask 
me)that Spidey can collect for his uh...collection.

The tokens found are Buoys, Skyscrapers, Hideouts, and Secrets.
The Buoys are the hardest.  They float around on the buoys on the water.  One 
slip and Spidey takes a dip.  ("Great.  Nothing better than a soaking wet 
costume.  Blech")
The Skyscrapers are found on top of buildings (no I mean the BUILDINGS, not 
those small piles of bricks you call apartments).  Spidey needs to climb all the 
way to the top of the city to collect these.
The Hideouts are found in the hideout places (remember the red buildings on 
the radar?).  Just watch out.  Sometimes the hideout is occupied by thugs who 
have claimed their turf.  They could be hiding in a gym ("Hiding in a gym.  
How's that workin' out for ya?"), a disco ("You must be the dancing fools I've 
heard so much about"), a restaurant ("Excuse me, I'm working my way through 
college selling grit"), or even a warehouse ("Nice place you have here.  Very 
homey...in a mansion family kind of way").
Finally, the Secrets.  These aren't a buoy, skyscraper, or hideout.  They could 
be anywhere.  Here's one:  On the train tracks at El Barrio.


6. More Than One Way To Web A City

Ohkay-dohkay....we figured out the criminals, the tokens, the roadtrip....what's 
left?  Hmm.  I'm gettin' tired....perhaps YOU have a secret ya wanna let 
everyone know?  If that is true send it to [email protected] and it'll be 
printed here.  No?  No secret?  How about a question?  I've completed the 
game, you let me know what you want to know and I'll get the thing answered.  
Check here to see if it goes.


7. Buy Whatever A Spider Can

Ahh.. the Spidey Store.  I go there often.  Ya need hero points to buy stuff but it's 
worth it.  Mostly it's just attacks but other things include new places to go like 
the movie theater or swingin' speed.
Check it out:

Swing Speed Level 1to 8

These increase how fast you whizz through the city on that webline.

Punch Attacks

Use this for more combos or attacks.

Web Attacks

More tyin' up the morons and less gettin' hit in the face.

Combo Moves

More pushing the X button in midair.

Spider-Sense Attacks

The attacks that you can't do except in spider-sense.


Such power-ups like new places (theater, arena)or health.

Hmm.  All out of hero points?  Your spidey wallet has a spidey web in it?  A 
mission or crime or hint marker or challenge marker will do the job nicely.


8. Endin' The Day With Legal Stuff

Huh?  That's it??  The FAQ is finished???  Ah, well....at least it was a goldmine 
of info, eh?

Have a question?  Send it over to [email protected] and I'll see what I can 

Copyright doogy300 2004 Date of Completion: October 25th

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