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Game Name:Chicken Run Fun Pack
Type of game:"Desktop Utilities"
Game Copyright:Dreamworks, Pathe', and Aardman ltd. 2000
Game content age rating:All ages(My opinion)
  "E" for Everyone(ESRB's opinion)
Game Content indicators:Violence toward innocent little
 chickabiddies, comic mischief
Type of guide:FAQ
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:All ages
Guide content indicators:Discussion of Violence toward little
 chickabiddies, mentions Monty Python.
Version Number:1.00
Date of Creation:September 10, 2001
  Part 6 of a series of FAQs of unpopular games, the whole
list being:
Neophyte 1-FAQ
Neophyte 2-FAQ/Walkthrough
Neophyte 3-FAQ/Walkthrough
Wandering Hamster-Walkthrough
Wandering Hamster-Item and weapon list
Chicken Run-FAQ
  Table of Contents:
Section 1:Introduction
Section 2:Features
Section 3:The Games!
 Chapter 1:Run Ckicken Run!
 Chapter 2:Spring Chicken

 Section 1:Introduction
  One of my favorite programs currently installed on the
computer, the Chicken Run Fun Pack is quite similar to
"Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time", only without the
stupidity and partial nudity.  It contains a lot of fun
features, none of which I'll mention here because it would
steal some of the thunder from my next section, Features.
Rest assured however, there are a bunch of great features
in it that you'll really like.  Ah yes, and the best part-
Gamestop.com sells it for two bucks(You then pay seven in
 Section 2:Features
  The Chicken Run Fun Pack is choc full of great features!
Fowl Play:Short clips from the movie, located on the CD.
EggSavers:The ULTIMATE screensaver for any half-decent
 computer.  Contains three setting:Stills from the movie,
 Chicken escape attempts, and escape plans that slowly draw
 on the screen.
Chickenizer:A great tool to give your computer a chicken 
Rocky's Radio:A CD Player
Clock-a-doodle-doo:I'll let you guys guess on this one, okay?
Games:The funnest part!  They're covered in the next sekshun.
 Section 3:The Games
  Chapter 1:Run Chicken Run!
   This game requires you to lay out a set of bridges to
help your poor little chicken buddies to the exit.  Here are
a few pointers:
1. Exclamation points show the next planks to be removed
2. Flashing red planks will collapse soon
3. Fat chickens weaken planks faster than thin ones
4. Thin chickens run faster
5. Play the training mission first
  Chapter 2:Spring Chicken
   This game requires you to help the st*pid chickens escape
over the fence and to freedom.  You play as Nick and Fetcher,
a couple of stupid dirty evil rats(Sorry, rat problem in MY
henhouse).  You have to move a cushion back and forth with 
the arrow keys to rescue the cluckyhens.  Here are some 
1. Don't wory if you miss a chicken-you just have to make
 the level quota.
2. Hitting with the front half moves the hens forward;the 
 back half, backward.  Use this to juggle the chickens.
3. The white chickens launch the highest; orange, the lowest.
4. The formula to solving how much a chicken is worth:
 25XY=V, where X is the level you're on, and Y is 2 IF you
 have already made the quota.
5. Algebra is fun!
  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them to
me at [email protected]

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