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First of all I'd like to say thankyou for reading this FAQ. If you like it 
please rate "yes" that you like it.Goodlucky on getting 99 Thieving!

Here is a fast way to get 99 Thieving:

LVL 1-5:When you first start out thieving, there is no choice of what to 
thieve. You must start out thieving men and women because they are the only 
thing you can thieve at levels 1-4. 

LVL 5-25: Once you reach lvl 5 Thieving you can make your way to the Thieving 
capital of Runescape, Ardougne! Almost every single thing that you can thieve 
is in Ardougne. Anyway, after reaching level 5 thieving you can now thieve 
items from the Baker's stall, which is the best experience at your level for a 
while. I recommend thieving from the Baker's stall in Ardougne until about 25 

LVL 25-42: Finally, you can thieve more things around the RuneScape world! You 
should start thieving warriors to get your level up then when you reach 32 you 
can try rogues' castle in the wilderness. They are good experience, but you 
should probably keep going with warriors. Also, you could steal from Baker 
stalls in Ardougne. They are fast XP up until you reach level 42. 
Alternatively, you could also steal from Master Farmers in Draynor Village at 
38, but to sucessfully thieve from them regularly, it is recommended you start 
at around 40.

LVL 42-65: You should be 42 thieving now and stealing from guards. Yes, the 
guards catch you a lot and use food, but they are good for your level. Thieving 
the guards in Ardougne would be the best recommended location. You could thieve 
some lighter food from the Bakers Stall whenever your health starts to get low. 
If you do wish to take a break from guards try the master farmers, they are 
easy left click theiving and should catch you less than the guards. Once you 
hit level 57 thieving (or 55 with gloves of silence) you could change things up 
by pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne. This provides a more efficient experience 
per hour rate, but your chances of getting caught are greater.

LVL 65-72: You can thieve without having to waste your own food! You should 
head down to the Yanille Watch tower or teleport over there if you have 
completed the Watch tower Quest and begin. If you escape detection every time 
you steal from a Yanille Watchman, they will give you some bread and GP. 
Although that sounds like a good deal you should probably bring 10 units of 
food until you steal from a few Yanille Watchmen or are a higher level. If you 
have happended to have done the The Feud quest, you can thieve Menaphites, 
provided you have access to the Menaphos desert city, using a blackjack at 
level 65. This can get you up to 150k xp an hour, depending on your thieving 

LVL 72-99: You can thieve Paladins at lvl70 Thieving, but you have 2 options:
1. If you want to make a lot of money, you should thieve paladins to whatever 
level you wish. 
2. If you want to make less money and get the best experience then you should 
go find a knight and begin thieving. 
Whatever you choose it only gets easier from here to thieve things with every 
level. The best and also the fastest way to train your thieving at this level 
is to use Pyramid Plunder. You can get up to 150,000 experience per hour at 
level 71 and the experience gets better by every new room you can access. 
Head to the Thieving master for your Cape of Accomplishment!

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