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FAQ Title: A Good And Yet Another Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Guide
Author: Saria

                            Table Of Contents

Part 1: Story

Part 2: Controls

Part 3: Chacters

Part 4: Enemys
A> Foes
B> SubBosses
C> Bosses

Part 5: Places

Part 6: Equipment
  a) Link's Equipment
  b) Upgrades

Part 7: Walkthrough
A) Kid
A> Kokiri Emerald
B> Goron's Ruby
C> Zora's Saphire

Light Medallion
D> Forest Medallion
E> Fire Medallion
F> Water Medallion
G> Shadow Medallion
H> Spirit Medallion
I> Gerudo Training Grounds (Ice Arrows Guide)
J> Ganon's Castle And Ending

Part 8: Secerts

A> Secret Areas
B> Cheats/Tricks
C> Oddities
D> Rupees
E> Game Shark

Part 9: Heart Piece Locations

Part 10: Gold Skulltula List

Part 11: Side Quests
A> Great Fairy Fountains
B> Four Bottles
C> Getting Epona
D> Fishing Guide
E> Soil Locations
F> Happy Mask Shop
G> Getting the Biggoron's Sword
H> Getting the Lens of Truth
I> Fairy Fountain Locations
J> Gossip Stones
Part 12: Frequently Asked Questions
Part 13: Mini Games

Part 14: Rumor Killers

Part 15: The Ocarina And The Melodies

                                     Part 1: Story

Here's the actual story from the Zelda instruction booklet
(contains tiny little spoilers about bits and pieces of the


Before life began, before the world had form, three golden
goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule, they were
Din, the goddess of power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom and
Farore, the goddess of courage.

Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to
create the earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to
give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich soul
created all life forms who would uphold the law.

These three great goddesses returned to the Heavens, leaving
behind the Golden Sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce
has become the basis for Hyrule's providence, where the Triforce
stood became sacred land.

In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree served
as the guardian spirit. The children of the forest, the Kokiri,
lived with the Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri had his or her own
guardian fairy, except one. His name was Link.

Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It was the same
nightmare he had every night. During a storm, Link would find
himself standing in front of a mysterious castle. A rider on
horseback, carrying a girl, would race by. The girl would look
at Link as if to say something. Then, another rider would appear.
This big man clad in black would look down menacingly at Link.
Link would then awaken.

"Link! Hey, get up, Link! The Great Deku Tree wants to talk to

As Link opened his eyes, he saw a fairy floating in front of
him. This fairy's name was Navi. Navi was sent to summon Link to
the Great Deku Tree.

"Oh Navi, thou hast returned!" said the Deku Tree. "Thank
you, Link, for coming. Thy slumber these past moons must have
been restless, and full of nightmares. A vile climate pervades
this world. Verily, ye have felt it. The time has come to test
thine courage. I have been cursed. I need you to dispel the
curse with your wisdom and courage. Art thou prepared?"

Link entered the Great Deku Tree and broke the curse.

"Well done, Link! I knew that ye were worthy of carrying out my
wishes. A wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse on
me. Employing his vile, sorcerous energies, the evil one is
searching for the Sacred Realm connected to Hyrule. For it is there
that one will find the divine relic. The Triforce, that contains
the essence of the gods. Whoever holds the Triforce can make their
wishes come true. Thou must never allow the desert man to lay
his hands on the Sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer that man
to enter the Sacred Realm of Legend. Link, go now to Hyrule Castle.
There, ye will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. Present this
stone to the Princess. I have foreseen that she will understand

The Great Deku Tree gave Link the Spiritual Stone of the Forest.
Before dying, the Deku Tree's last words were, "The future
depends on thee, Link. Thou art courageous."

Here is a story that kind of summarizes the entire game, typed
up by myself. It includes spoilers and I don't recommend it if
you haven't beaten the game:

In the land of Kokiri Forest lives a young boy named Link, where all other
Kokiri children live with their faries to guide them. For some mysterious
reason, Link does not have a fairy, and feels different from all the other

One day, a fairy without a kid, is asked by the Great Deku Tree, ruler of
Kokiri Forest to get Link and bring him to him. So, Navi the Fairy wakes
him up, and tells him to come and talk to the Deku Tree.

However, while on your way, the little Kokiri boss, Mido, won't let you
through. It is your responsibility to equip yourself with a proper sword
and shield. After doing so, the Deku Tree asks you to enter his body,
and save it from the enemies inside. After you do so, he will tell you
a story about the most prestigous treasure in the land of Hyrule, the
Triforce. It is your job to collect all three spiritual stones, and
get to the Sacred Realm. The Deku Tree will then tell you that he was
cursed by an evil man from the west, where if he gets his hands on the
triforce first, Hyrule will go through a period of evilness. The Deku
Tree will reward you with the first spiritual stone, and tell you to
move on with your journey.

You will now meet people and go places in order to save the land of Hyrule.
You will even meet the princess herself, Zelda. She asks you to get the
other two stones, and she will protect the ocarina of time from the evil
Ganondorf, King of the Gerudos.

Along your way to the gorons ruby and zoras sapphire, you will meet some
important people that tell you, if you save them and their people, you will
be rewarded the stones. This includes saving the Gorons from King Dodongo
and becoming a sworn brother of Darunia, king of the gorons.

Next, you will have to enter a whales mouth and save Princess Ruto,
princess of the zoras, for King Zora himself. After achieving this,
you will complete your mission of collecting all three spiritual stones.
As you head to the castle to once again meet the Princess and obtain
the Triforce, you spot Zelda being taken away into safety from
Ganondorf who chases her out. He intimidates you as a little kid, and
confronts you. Then he leaves.

You noticed that when you saw Zelda escaping, she threw an object into the
moat for you to retrieve. It is indeed, the ocarina of time! You are told
to play the Song of Time she teaches you in the Temple Of Time to open the
doors that lead to the Triforce. When you do, the door ears have passed as you
grabbed the Master Sword, and as the Great Deku Tree told you, Hyrule
has gone into a time of evil due to Ganondorf owning the Triforce.
Rauru tells you that as the chosen one, it is still your job to obtain
the triforce from Ganondorf.

He says that in order to open the doors to Ganon's Castle, where you fight
him for the Triforce, you must awaken six sages from their temples and
collect their medallion. Being the Light Sage, Rauru starts you off by
giving you the Light Medallion. Now it is you job to continue your journey
and awaken the six sages from their hidden temple: One in a deep forest,
one on a high mountain, one in a vast lake, one in the home of the dead,
and one far in the west.

As you are on your journey to awake the six sages, you will meet new
people, and learn your destiny and what happened in your past. After
collecting all medallions, you are now skilled enough to enter Ganon's
Castle, destroy the barriers feeding the room where he lurks, defeat
Ganon himself who made you look like nothing seven years ago, save the
Princess and everyone in the land of Hyrule, and finally, obtain the
third and final object of your quest, the Triforce itself.

                                 Part 2: Controls

Believe me when I tell you that Zelda 64's controls are extremely
unique. This section will help you because sometimes adjusting
to these controller settings can be difficult. One thing you should
know before I start this section is that there is no button that
allows you to jump! If you walk up to a ledge, or a pit, or some
gap of any sort, you will automatically jump!

A Button - On the top of your screen at all times, you will notice a
Blue Button that looks a lot like the A Button. This, in the game, is
referred to as the 'Action Icon.' Basically, whatever this blue button
says during the game is what the A Button will do. For instance, if
you walk up to a small passageway that you can't walk in, the Action
Icon will say "Crawl." So if you press the A Button, you will make Link
crawl. Other things that the A Button does is open treasure chests (that
will become a frequent thing in this game), roll (although it will
read 'Attack' in the Action Icon), push or pull boxes or other
objects that may stand in your way, and make Navi go away or come

B Button - The B Button is used for your sword only. Pressing B pulls
it out if you were storing it on your back, and the B Button puts
the sword away if you are not moving. The B Button swings your sword
for you, which is probably the easiest control in the game. Also, holding
down the B Button when your sword is out makes you go down to one knee,
and do a spin attack with the sword if it is out (and you get a fire
attack if you have already recieved the spin attack spell).

Z Button - The Z Button is the basic attack guide button in this
game called 'Z-Targetting.' When you press Z near an enemy, a small
yellow box appears around him, allowing you to get your hits in on
him whether it be with your sword or another button. Also, the Z
Button can change your view, and when Z-Targetting an enemy, you
can press C-Up and Navi will give you a description and the name
of the enemy you are facing.

Analog Stick - Naturally, the Analog Stick in this game allows you
to move. It may sound hard to do with the 3D character, but it's
actually very easy. Play Super Mario 64 for great practice using the
Analog Stick in a 3D game.

R Button - The R Button makes you put up your shield and defend
yourself. Depending on where the enemy is and where he's coming from,
Link may crouch down.

Left C, Right C, Down C - These are your buttons to use your other
weapons and items. For instance, if you set your deku nuts to C-Left,
you will press C-Left to throw them. You'll understand it better
once you start playing the game.

Up C - Lets you talk to your fairy, Navi, when she wishes to speak to you,
and allows you to look around with an inside the character view.

Start - Pauses the game, and lets you set your items to C, save, and
look at some of the items you have collected.

Z + A - Lunges at your opponent during a battle.

                                    Part 3: Chacters

Your (*Friends* and (Nice People)*)

** = Friend () = Nice People or Important people (**) = Friends and important people

*Navi the Fairy*
Is the first friend you'll have in the game. She'll be the
first one to meet you and wake you up. Then throughout the rest of the game,
she'll guide you through the levels, and give you tips and strategies on
what to do.

Saria is like your lifelong friend, and she also holds the fairy ocarina and is the 
Forest Sage. She plays an important role in the game as your friend, and she will 
help you with advice whenever you need it.

(The Great Deku Tree)
Allowed you to stay in Kokiri Forest as a Kokiri, because he feels you are the 
destined one. He is the holder of the Kokiri Emerald and is the owner of the Forest.

Though annoying at times, the owl is your friend. You'll spot him in different 
places and he'll give you advice, and offer things to you. He is also the guy that 
gives you the map of Hyrule Field.

Malon, who you meet as a kid and keep a friendship with as an adult, is a surprise 
in the game, as she doesn't hold any medallions or stones. She is the daughter of 
the owner of Lon Lon Ranch and she teaches you Epona's Song with later allows you to 
keep Epona.

Talon is Malon's Father, and the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. You don't really
get to know him that well but he's a nice guy.

(*Princess Zelda*)
The Princess is the one who tells you your destiny, and has you go out and
save Hyrule. She plays an important role in the game, as her strong powers
help you defeat Ganon (see part 7 Section J).

Impa is Zelda's guardian when you are a kid, and the Shadow Sage as an
adult. She is pretty much Zelda's caretaker as she makes sure Zelda is well
protected. Impa is also one of the Sheikah who many people thought died out.

(Cuccco Lady)
Alright, not really your friend, but she's nice enough to reward you with a
bottle and other goodies if you help her out.

(Guard On Death Mountain)
He's not so generous until you show him Zelda's Letter. But after that he's
a nice guy. If you show him Zelda's Letter then go buy the Hylian Shield
from the Bizarre in the market, you really get a 30 rupee discount!

The gorons are friendly individuals who always offer kindness to you.... But
what do you expect after saving them twice? (Dodongo's Cavern, Fire Temple).

Darunia has quite a role in this game. Not only is he the ruler of the
goron's, he is also the Fire Sage and the keeper of the Goron's Ruby. He
also becomes your sword brother. What a guy. LOL.

(Great Fairies)
The Great Fairies give you the power to move on by rewarding you with items
and refilling your life energy. Navi must be real jealous.

(*Medi Goron*)
Medi Goron is the fat Goron in Goron City that sells you the Giant's Knife.
Not so great, but at least he doesn't try to kill you.

(*Big Goron*)
Big Goron really becomes your pal in this game. He is the talented sword
maker that lives on top of Death Mountain. He makes the Biggoron's Sword for
you, and he is as big as the mountain.

Zoras are like the gorons only in the water habitat and not the fire. They
are nice people that except you.

(*King Zora*)
Rewards You With A Bottle If You Offer To Go Rescue Princess Ruto. He Is Also The 
Guy Who Rewards You With A Zora Tunic If You Save Him As An Adult.

(*Princess Ruto*)
The Princess Of The Zoras, And The Daughter Of King Zora A.K.A Water Sage. She Also 
Plays A Huge Role In The Game. She Is The Keeper Of The Water Medallion, The Zora's 
Sapphire, And, She's Your Fiance.

The Head Of The Sages A.K.A Light Sage. He Rewards You With The Light Medallion.

(Dampe Spirt)
The Gravekeeper Of Kakariko Village. Even Though He's Grouchy During The Day, He's 
Cool In The Graveyard At Night, And He Is The One That Gives You The Hookshot(See 
Part 6).

Teaches You The Melodies(See Part 15) For Your Ocarina That Warp You To The Temples, 
The Temple Of Time, And He Will Clues You In On What To Do A.K.A. (See Part 7 
Section J).

Head Of Gerudos A.K.A Spirt Sage.

                                         Part 4: Enemies

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