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|    |   /     /  |   |    |   |    /  ---  \
|    |  /     /   |   |    |   |   /  /   \  \
|    | /     /    |   |    |   |   ---    |  |
|    |/     /     |   |----|   |         /  /
|          /      |            |        /  /
|         /       |   |----|   |       /  /
|    |\   \       |   |    |   |      /  /
|    | \   \      |   |    |   |     /  /
|    |  \   \     |   |    |   |    |  /----| 
|    |   \   \    |   |    |   |    |       |
------   -----    -----    -----    ---------

Kingdom Hearts 2

*please note: I am replaying the game so I can tell you EXACTLY what you need to 
know, so it would be nice if I got as much confusion out of the way, as to why I'm 
not getting this updated often.*
Section 1
 -From Guide
 -From Guide

Section 2: Twilight Town (first visit)
Section 3: Hallow Bastion (first visit)
Section 4: Land of Dragons (first visit)
Section 5: Beast's Castle (first visit)
Section 6: Olympus Collisuim (first visit)
Sectoin 7: Hallow Bastion (first mini visit)
Section 8: Disney Castle
Section 9: Timeless river
Section 10: Atlantis (first visit)
Section 11: Port Royal (first visit)
Sectoin 12: Agrabah (first visit)
Section 13: Halloween Town (first visit)
Section 14: Pride Lands (first visit)
Section 15: Twilight Town (second visit)
Section 16: Hallow Bastion (second visit)
Section 17: Space Paranoids (first visit)
Section 18: Land Of Dragons (second visit)
Section 19: Beast's Castle (second visit)
Section 20: Olympus Collisuim (second visit)
Section 21: Atlantis (second visit)
Section 22: Port Royal (second visit)
Section 23: Agrabah (second visit)
Section 24: Halloween Town (second visit)
Section 25: Pride Rock (second visit)
Section 26: Space Paranoids (second visit)
Section 27: Atlantis (third visit)
Section 28: Twilight Town (third visit)
Section 29: The World That Never Was
Section 30: Weapons
-Sora's Weapons
-Donald's Weapons
-Goofy's Weapons
Section 31: Sora's Transformations
Section 32: Optional Quests
-100 Acre Wood
-Underdrome Tournaments
Section 33: Summons and Team Attacks
 -Chicken Little
 -Peter Pan
-Team Attacks
Section 1
  -Out of battle
   Triangle: Action Commands (exe. Talk, Jump, Jump on)
   Circle: Jump
   Square: N/A
   X: Use commands
   Left Analog Stick: Move Sora
   Right Analog Stick: Rotate Camera
   Start Button: Bring up Start Menu
   Select Button: First Person View (very fun to use)
 -In battle
   Triangle: Action Commands (exe. Rising Sun, conters ect.)
   Circle: Jump
   Square: Use Guard (when equipped)
   X: Use Commands.
   Left Analog Stick: Move Sora
   Right Analog Stick: Rotate Camera
   Start Button: Pause
   Select Button: First Person View
  -From Guide: One stormy night, a terrible darkness invaded the Destiny Islands, 
transporting Sora to another world far away from his friends. There he met Donald 
and Goofy who told him of a mysterious threat to many worlds. The three of them set 
off on a journey to find their missing king and Sora's friends. Their adventure led 
them to meet new people, overcome great ordeals, and finally to reunite with the 
ones they had been searching for. But in order to save the worlds, a special door 
would have to be locked, once again seperating Sora, Donald, and Goofy from their 
friends. Once the door was closed, they would never see each other again... Sensing 
Sora's hesitation, the King said: "Don't worry. There will always be a door to the 
light." Thus, the three heroes departed on yet another journey... TIME PASSES 
QUICKLY... In their search for the door to the light, Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet 
many new people and reunite with old friends. But theirs is a perilous path, 
fraught with enemies that attack them relentlessly. Heartless, Nobodies, and 
Organization XIII... Each group has it's own agenda. What will remain for Sora and 
his friends after they've all had their say?

  -Custom: About one year ago, darkness took over a world known as the Destiny 
Islands. Three friends were seperated from each other. Sora, one of the three, met 
Donald and Goofy in a faraway world, called Traverse Town. He joined the two, 
because they said they would help him, if he helped them. So basically, they 
traveled many worlds and met many people in their quest to find King Mickey, and 
Sora's friends Riku and Kairi. After saving many worlds, there was one being 
standing in the trio's way. The being named "Ansem", who seemingly wanted 
something...Kingdom Hearts. Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeated Ansem, who then called 
for the power of Kingdom Hearts. Ansem was destroyed and Sora found his two 
friends, but Riku was on the other side of the door to the light. Sora hesitated to 
close this door, because as soon as he did, he would never see his friend again... 
But he was reassured by the King that they would see each other again, so he closed 
the door, in search for the next door to the light. But, there is one thing that 
happens...Sora is put into a deep sleep by a witch named, "Namine" who is actually 
a being called a nobody. Then, one year later, Sora's Nobody, Roxas, awakens Sora, 
Donald and Goofy. The tree continued thier search, but this time, they'll have more 
than heartless to deal with. They have new enemies, called Nobodies and 
Organization XII. Every group seems to want the same thing, Kingdom Hearts...but 
will they get it when Sora and his friends have their piece of this story?

 -From Guide
   -Sora: The hero of this story. Chosen by the Keybladem this 15-year-old is on a 
journey to reunite with his friends. His best friend Riku has gone missing, while 
Kairi has been left behind in their homeland of Destiny Islands. He has a cheerful 
disposition and while a little naive, his sense of justice is extraordinary.
  -Donald Duck: Disney Castle's Royal Court Magician. Donald Embarks on a journey 
with Sora and Goofy to search for their missing king. Always impatient, Donald is 
never at loss with an opinion.
  -Goofy: Captian of the Royal Knights at Disney Castle. Goofy has set out with 
Sora and Donald. He is an etarnal optimist, who takes life in stride. Although he's 
a bit clumsy, he still notices things that others miss, and his intuition is 
surprisingly accurate.
  -King Mickey: King of Disney Castle. King Mickey was one of the first to 
recognize the mysterious thread. Left behind in the realm of darkness with Riku, he 
continues his investigation apart from Sora and his friends.
  -Roxas: A boy who lives in Twilight Town, where out story begins. He and his 
friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette are enjoying what's left of their summer 
vacation, but mysterious events are unfolding around them are making Roxas anxious.
  -Heartless: Mysterious beings that attack relentlessly. Sora and friends have 
encountered several types of these creatures on their previous adventures.
  -Nobodies: "Nonexistent beings" under Organization XIII's control. Another 
powerful force, separate from the Heartless.
  -Organization XIII: An inscrutable black-coated organization that makes its 
appearance with Nobody underlings. As their name implies, they were comprised of 13 
members, but Sora and friends have practically reduced their members to half.
  -Sora: The Hero. He is constantly looking for Riku now, because he knows that 
Kairi is safe back in the Destiny Isands. After a while, both are put to find his 
agenda of things to do. It's right below, "Bash Donald's face in with a steel 
folding chair." (not really)
  -Donald Duck: One of the two sent to follow the Keyblade weilder by Queen Minnie. 
Sometimes rude and selfish, Donald is probably the partner that you'll switch out 
when you can...
  -Goofy: The other of the two sent to follow the Keyblade weilder. He is the 
comedy of the group, and is probably the partner you will keep most of the time.

*more coming later*

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