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A guide to the music! 
By Greysmm

Here is a guide to the records in the game you may have trouble unlocking. 
There are 21 different songs in all, and some of them appear in the game more 
than once. (But you can only unlock them in certain parts of the game.) There 
is also a little about the song. (If I know.)

Song #1- Mario Tetris, standard Lv. 1,2,8,9. You can unlock this song in 
Standard mode. It's automatically unlocked when you start level one, even if 
you lose. The song also comes up in levels 2, 8, and 9. This song is a more 
current version of the original song which first appears in the game Super 
Mario Bros. on the first Nintendo. Yep! Old, huh?

Song #2- Zelda Tetris, mission. This song is the first song that you will hear 
during Mission mode. (I'm not exactly sure where the song first appeared 
though.) It also comes on during level 11 on Marathon mode.

Song #3- Death Mountain, mission. This song also appears in mission, but it 
comes on whenever the blocks are dangerously close to the top or (if you are 
playing on Marathon mode) when your time is almost up. 

Song #4- Destruction Trip, touch. This song will come on during Touch mode. (In 
either Tower or Touch Puzzle mode.)

Song #5- Metroid Charge, catch. This song plays throughout Catch mode. It gets 
kind of tiring to me but I still like it! This comes on during level 12 on 
Marathon mode as well.

Song #6- Total Yoshi, puzzle. This song appears when you play Puzzle mode. 
Also, did you notice that the background where the chef guy is at is an egg 
whisk in a bowl? Cool, huh? Don't get too hungry.

Song #7- DK Push, push. This song appears during push mode unless you are about 
to lose or close to about to lose. I've only heard this song in one other 
place, and that was in the Frantic Factory level of Donkey Kong 64. (Nintendo 
64) Wow...

Song #8- 10,000 Tetris Points, record. This song when you go to the Records 
place. It's also kind of tiring but I love it! By the way, I HAVE been trying 
to get 10,000 Tetris points. I'm only at about 8,000! (You get Tetris points 
when you set records.)

Song #9- Multiplayer Tetris, multiplayer. When you play Multiplayer, this song 
comes on before the game starts, when everything is being done like picking 
teams and levels. (To play Multiplayer, you need at least 2 Nintendo DSes. One 
person starts the game and if it has a 2-player or Vs. option they go there. 
The remaining Ds or DSes turn on their DS and go where it says DS Download 
Play. Wait for the game to come up and go from there!)

Song #10- Winner Theme, multiplayer. When you win during Multiplayer mode, this 
song will come on. I hear it alot playing against my siblings. 

Song #11- Loser Theme, multiplayer. When you lose during Multiplayer mode, this 
song will come on. But don't cry. 

Song #12- Mario, Link, and Yoshi, title screen. Does this song sound familiar? 
It comes on at the main screen. This is the first song you hear.

Song #13- Basement Tetris, standard Lv. 3,7. On levels 3 and 7 of Standard 
mode, this song comes on. It comes on in alot of levels if you are familiar 
with Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo!

Song #14- Mario Tetris 3, standard Lv. 4,5,6. The song comes on during levels 
4, 5, and 6 during Marathon mode. This is also a song from the original 
Nintendo, but it is from the game Super Mario Bros. 3 and it has a little twist 
to it.

Sont #15- Bowser Battle, standard Lv. 10. During level 10 (a song that shows 
you are halfway done!) this song comes on. It also comes on During the Bowser 
levels in the game Super Mario Bros. on the first Nintendo. 

Song #16- Tetris DK, standard Lv. 13. Hurrah! Finally a different song. Ok, so 
it's the song you hear during Push mode, but it is different. By the way, it 
comes on during level 13 on Marathon mode. 

Song #17- Balloon Tetris, standard Lv. 14. This song comes on during level 14 
of Marathon mode. It kind of sounds like the song that plays when you defeat a 
level or puzzle during Touch mode, but there are a few differences. 

Song #18- Tetris Climber, standard Lv. 15. You will hear this song during level 
15 on Marathon mode. It's just an average song. 

Song #19- Rushed Tetris, standard Lv. 16-19. I like this song alot! It comes on 
during, as you guessed, levels 16-19 during Marathon mode. 

Song #20- Ancient Tetris, standard Lv. 20. This is my favorite song in the 
game. It comes on during the last level on Marathon mode. That is one of the 
reasons I like it. 

Song #21- CongraTetris, ending. This is my OTHER favorite song in the game! 
Once you defeat level 20 during Marathon mode, the credits come on and this 
song plays. Plus you unlock another option during Marathon mode. But that's for 
you to find out. 

So, there's the end of my song FAQ. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped 
you! If there's anything else just email me at [email protected] Bye! : D

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