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This is my first FAQ so spare me if it's bad!!=}

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Saibara: Spring 11
Barley: Spring 17
Sasha: Spring 30 {p.s. if you get to know Karen's family, her heart points will go 
Lillia: Spring 19


Zack: Summer 29
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Kai: Summer 22
Ann: Summer 17
Basil: Summer 11
Cliff: Summer 6
Harris: Summer 4
Popuri: Summer 3


Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Manna: Fall 11
Karen: Fall 15
Docter: Fall 17
Carter: Fall 20
Anna: Fall 23
Rick: Fall 27


Gray: Winter 6
Doug: Winter 11
Ellen: Winter 13
Duke: Winter 15
Won: Winter 19
Mary: Winter 20
May: Winter 26
Jeff: Winter 29

   Harvest Sprites'

Bold: Spring 19
Staid: Spring 15
Aqua: Spring 26
Timid: Summer 16
Hoggy: Fall 10
Chef: Fall 14
Nappy: Winter 22
{p.s. The Harvest Goddess's Birthday is Spring 8!}


I don't have much on animals, Sorry!!

When you first start the game your first animal should be a chicken. You may not 
get rich off them but you will make a profit. Every day pick up your chicken and 
feed it, take their eggs and either,
*Put in the shipping box or
*Put in the incubator
If you put it in the shipping box Zack will give you gold for it and if you put it 
in the incubator a chick will hatch in three days. NOTE:Chicks do not lay eggs so 
wait untill you have two full-grown chickens, sell one at Yodel Farm at you get 

Cows cost 5000g so get them if you want and just remember to feed it every day and 
milk it and you will have a happy, healthy, cow!!

Sheep are like cows, feed them, talk to them, and shear them every 7 days and you 
have a Real Farm!!

I have a couple secrets to share so TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!

If you marry a girl you can unlock places:

Karen: Unlock backroom in store, also opens earlier and closes later

Ann: Unlock room on first floor in Doug's Inn

Elli: Unlock upstairs in hospital

Popuri: Unlock upstairs of her house

Mary: Unlock upstairs of her house

If you befriend the priest,Carter, you can unlock a secret door in the church that 
goes outside, there are truffles and mushrooms there.

If you throw things in the HotSpring pond that the Harvest Goddess likes ex. wild 
flowers, you can go further in the mines.

4.Email me!!!

Don't worry I have more coming! Email me at [email protected]
Taa Taa

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