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1. A little reminder
2. FAQ

1. This took a lot of work, so NO copying please. 

2. Q.When does that old man who says that I can't cross the private proprety go away?
   A.You must go inside the pokemart and take an order for oak. Then, when you      
return he will be gone.
   Q.When I beat the gym leaders, some of them say that I will be able to use cut, 
flash, strengh, ect. outside a battle! What are those and what do I do with them?
   A.Flash, strengh, cut, fly, and swim are HM moves. You use them in places such as 
the rock cave(you need flash), water(swim), to move boulders(strengh), to cut small 
bushes(cut), and to get to places quickly(fly).
   Q.Where do I find Articudo and Zaptose?
   A.Articuto is found somewhere in the Seafoam Islands and Zaptose is found in the 
power plant.(little note about the power plant, use your item finder to determine 
what is a pokemon and what is an item).
    Q.How do I get past the guards to Safferon?
    A. By byeing water in the store in Celadon.
   Q.How do I get to Cinnibar Island?
   A.Go to the southest part of pallet town where there is water, and swim. Keep 
going in the same direction, until you see land, which is the Cinnibar Island(little 
not about Cinnibar Island, this is where you use your old amber and your fossil).
   Q.How can I make Pikachu love me faster and how do I make him evolve into Raichu
   A.When you get Pikachu use three potions on him when he has pefact health(it will 
say no effect). When you look at him a heart will appear and he will love you! 
Unffortunatly, you cannot make Pikachu evolve in this version, only in blue or 
green. If you could, you would need the thunder stone.
   Q.When I go to the tower in Lavender town, some attacks on the pokemon there 
don't work! Which attacks do?
   A.It'll be easier to say which attacks don't- all the normal ones(mega-punch, 
double-kick, swift, leer, etc.). 

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