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$$$$Sims Superstar$$$$

So your wondering how do I become a superstar????
Easy!!!! I can tell you. First of all you need to create a character. Most likely 
to be a man or woman. When desining their outfits make sure they look flashy!! Next 
is to move into a non-expensive home. So you can buy expensive stuff. When buying 
things for your home make sure you buy a REALLY COMFORTABLE BED!!!! When you are 
becoming a star you need alot of REST!!! Next the bathroom: Toilet, sink, shower. 
Kitchen: Fridge, 4 counters, Toster oven, that copping thingy and a cofee maker. 
Now the most important part! You need a workout machine, a mirror, a guitar, and a 
bookcase. Before you reed the star magazine and get an agent. Get 5 body, alot alot 
alot of chraisma, alot alot alot of creativity, and about -3 cooking so you don't 
burn the house down. If you do it now you won't have to do it later. Being a star 
is very hard work. You have to be at studio town at every two days or your star 
level will decrease. Every time you go to studio town go to sleep right when you 
get home and always hire a gardener and maid. Throw parties sometimes. Very little. 
And when you do make sure you hire a caterer from a buffet thing or serve alot of 
food!!! Always keep up your social bar!!! Your superstar sim needs it. If you want 
to be in the music buissness, i suggest you do, always go to Camerons Lounge. You 
can sing there, raise your star level, and get paid. If you want to be a fashion 
victim, walk on runways alot and do photo shoots, you get paid from $80 to $120 for 
photo shoots. Note: Get alot of friends before starting the superstar buissness. 
Friends are really important!!! If you try to make friends later all you can do is 
brag about yourself and give them your autograph which they won't take. Once you 
get up to two stars sometimes people will come to your house and ask for your 
autograph which you will reject. Your sim controls that not you. If you want to 
make friends with the somebody's and anybody's I suggest Paige anybody and Jason 
somebody. You need 1.5 stars to get to a photo shoot but you have to start at 
commercial or you will get rejected. You will get $80 the first time. Dependig how 
good you are. And $90 the next time and so on so forth. I have 2 stars and where 
there are like these hospital looking things you can do an inheritance scene, 
emergency scene, and one other and do the other one once you get two stars. So you 
are probaly on your way to stardum!!!!!!!!!!  If you connected the unleashed 
expansion pack and the vaction expansion pack you will be better off. Try getting an 
animal or two and you will get your social up. If you are a girl aim for guy friends 
they will bring you up and even get a boyfriend and he will always be happy to come 
over and bring you flowers or brownies. Same thing if you are a 
boy .Girlfriend,flowers,brownies,yadayada,ect. Being a star is like having a job. 
You have to do other things to get promoted except you get to see yourself at 
work!!! OK so want to make things easier cuz` your sim is always 
Click on the studiotown button and go to your favorite place there. What your sims 
need most like fun or social add toys, games, a massage theripist and other things 
that will keep your sim in a good mood and make more other sims come there!! If you 
want your sim to have a good mood, comfort, and hygine at the same time get a hot 
tub!! When you get higher in the star area you will get different vehicles to go in 
and paparatzi will be bugging you like your adoring fans and you get to get to 
studio town for free!!!!!!!!!!But as you get higher the fans will be a problem!!!! 
They will try to steal your tropies, awards, and my way of callinkg them--{} The 
golden globe awards and grammies!! Well that is all for now!!! If you have any 
questios~~Don't be shy to ask me at [email protected] I'll understand and 
answer them when I get the time. Thank you!! P.S. I haven't got any e-mails so help 
me plz!!!!!!!!!! More will be coming soon!!!!!!!!!! Bye-Bye!!!!!!

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