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Fighter Necromancer Guide…

	This will be very difficult until you are Level 20-30. The reason this will 
be difficult is because this Necromancer is not a Zookeeper, he is a Fighter 
Necromancer…  I have tried this strategy and it is very, very effective!  

Summoning Skills…
1.  What you should do before anything is add 5 points to Skeleton Mage (these guys 
are really good because they work as decoy’s and also attack enemy’s without being 
killed if they are in a bone prison), and add ONLY ONE point to Raise Skeleton.
2.  Then, add 1 SKILL POINT ONLY to Clay Golem and Golem Mastery, you should also 
do the same for Blood Golem, then once you can MAX OUT your Fire Golem Skill.
3.  Then, you should add only 3 skill points to Revive.
Poison and Bone Spells…
1.  Add 5 points to Bone Armor.
2.  Then, add ten points to Bone Prison.
3.  Then, add only One Point to Poison Nova because this Skill is Worthless after 
Normal Difficulty, but will stop them from healing.
4.  Only add 1 or 2 points to bone spear because it is more of a crowd-controlling 
5.  Put 20 on Bone Spirit because it does more damage and seeks a target but only 
attacks 1 monster unlike Bone Spear… Therefore it is really your choice between 
Bone Spirit and Bone Spear.
1.  If I were you I would concentrate on raising Iron Maiden only (to 20 points).

Zookeeper Necromancer Guide…

	This is the easiest and still a favorite way to be a Necromancer.

Summoning Skills…
1.  Put one point on Raise Skeleton and then Skeleton Mastery and keep on doing I 
in that order till they are both level 10. 
2.  Then, put 10 points into Skeleton Mage.
3.  After that, put one point into Golem Mastery and Summon Golem and keep on doing 
that till they are both level 10.
4.  Then, keep on putting points into Blood Golem until you can Summon a Fire Golem.
5.  Then, max out your Fire Golem Skill.
6.  After that put 10 into Revive and revive the best (non-boss or magical creature 
or human) that u can find (just a normal one).
7.  Then from there on Max out your Golem Mastery and Bone Prison and Bone Armor 
skills in that order. 
Some Equipment You Should Consider For A Necromancer…
Wormskull Helmet
Very Good Light Armor (because a Necromancer needs to run away from battle A LOT)
Tuang-Oul’s Set
Tower Shield with 3 Perfect Amethyst (Purple) Gems.
Goblin Toe Boots
Necromancer Wand +2 Necromancer Skills

Good High Level Dueling Tip For The Necromancer…
Whenever you are in the Blood Moor (whenever no-one is looking) go to the Way Point 
(WP) and go to The Cold Plains. Then, kill some monsters and raise 10 Bone Mages 
(Make Sure Skeleton Mastery is at Level 10) Summon a Level 20 Fire Golem a Level 3 
Revived corrupted Rogue (probably an archer). Then, make sure that your Bone Prison 
is at Level 10 and Bone Spirit is at Level 20. If all this is capable then go back 
to the Blood Moor (without using the Way Point ~WP~) and make sure that they stay 
imprisoned with a Fire Golem inside of the cage with them and Skeleton Mages firing 
at him while you blast him with Bone Spirit.	
A Few Basic Tips For A Necromancer…
1.  Make Sure you are at least Level 30 before fighting Diablo on Normal if you 
don’t want to take Massive Damage.
2. Make Sure you are at Level 35 to go into the Cow Level.
3. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT!!! Kill the Cow King, because if you do YOU cannot re-
make the cow level on that same difficulty but you can still join in the level if 
someone else makes it.
4. Do Mephisto Runs (meaning basically, keep on making password games and make sure 
you are equipped with EVERY magic finding armor, rings, and amulets there are. The 
reason you should do this is because he drops a TON of Set and Rare Items whenever 
you do this. For example I found the Wormskull Helmet and Full Sigon Armor in only 
3 Games (3 Mephisto Runs).
5. Diablo does not drop near as good or as many Items as Mephisto. 
6. Whenever fighting Mephisto make sure that you move around constantly because a 
Ghost that you cannot attack will hold you for 10-30seconds while Mephisto pounds 
the shit out of you.
7. Never do Hardcore unless you want to lose your character FOR GOOD!
8. Never wear heavy armor unless you want to die a lot, because as a Necromancer 
you need to run to avoid battle a lot.
9. Never use a lot of skill points into the skills that I did not list above ( At 
beginning of First Page).
10. Level up Strength until it is 60 then Energy till 60 then Dexterity to 40 and  
Vitality to 40, after that it is your choice.    

This Ends The Guide To The Necromancer… For Now!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please e-mail me at 
[email protected]   

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