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			A Quick Guide to Aide You!!


Here is a guide to the starters and their advantages and disadvantages type and etc.

Treeco: Advantages: Good for the first Gym Fight but in the long run it's not as good
as the other two choices. It also is very good against Rock and Water   
Disadvantages: weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, and Thunder.

Mudkip: Advantages: Also good for the first Gym Fight it's better in the long run
than Treeco. It is also very good against Rock and Fire. When it evolves it also has
different qualities it is better against Steel and Thunder but is much weaker than
Grass so be careful. Disadvantages: Grass ( even worse at second evolution)and thunder.
Type: Water and then Water and Rock at second evolution.

Torchic: Advantages: Better at the long run than any other starter but in the
beginning it is much weaker.  It is also very good at Grass, Bug, Steel, and Ice.
During second evolution it is stronger at dark (steel becomes much more easier) rock
(ice becomes much easier) as well as normal. It is weaker at Psychic and Flying. 
Disadvantages: Water, Flying, Psychic and Ghost.


1st  Rock
2nd Fighting
3rd Thunder 
4th Fire
5th Normal
6th Flying
7th Psychic
8th Water

				Elite Four 

1st  Dark
2nd Ghost
3rd Ice
4th Dragon 
5th Steel

Treeco: Torchic
Torchic: Mudkip
Mudkip: Treeco


For more information on any of the game email me at [email protected] title
your subject as Help or Pokemon or anything related to those two.

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