A Simple Way To Get A Complete 106%! - Guide for Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

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A Few Steps And You Win!!!

Step 1

Easily gather 25 crystals, defeat 5 bosses, and gain 5 powers.

Step 2

Go to the Following levels for prizes:

Antic Arctics             Blue Gem
Wizards and Lizards       Green Gem
The Gauntlet              Purple Gem
Crash and Burn            Red Gem
Gold Rush                 Yellow Gem

Step 3

Use each gem as follows:

Compactor Reactor         Yellow Gem Rail/Road
Bonzai Bonsai             Red Gem Ride(Recieve Gem And Power)
Tsunami                   Blue Gem Ride
Droid Void                Purple Gem Ride
Cortex Vortex             Green Gem Ride

Step 4

Collect the rest of the Gems in the 1st 5 Warp Rooms.

Step 5

Collect the following number of Relics to open up a new level:

5 Relics         Knight Time
10 Relics        Ghost Town
15 Relics        Ice Station Bandicoot
20 Relics        Solar Bowler
25 Relics        Force Of Nature

Step 6

Collect all Secret Level Gems. After that, defeat the 5th Boss again.

Step 7

Collect the last 5 Relics in your game.

Step 8

Congratulations! You have just completed all 106% of your game!

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