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Table of Contents

A1.) Your rights to this Guide
A2.) How To Get This Car
A3.) A-spec it or B-spec it
A4.) Thanks and final notes

A1.) Your Rights to this Guide

All Rights Reserved. Don’t even ask if you can use this guide, I’ll say no. I 
am not going to go on your website to figure out it is a pornography website or 
that it is a dangerous website containing malware, spyware, viruses, Trojan 
horses, etc. My computer runs slowly enough as it is. I don’t need to do a hard 
drive wipe or reinstallation because one of you sent me a link to a “bad” 
website. Now, let’s begin.


A2.) How to Get The Touring Car (While Retaining Your Money)
	In order to get the Mercedes CLK Touring Car, you will need to win the 
Legend of the Silver Arrow race in the Mercedes-Benz Showroom, under the German 
Flag. If you don't have 700,000 dollars to buy and tune up the SLR, then buy 
the SL 65 and give that car a Level Four turbo and other items you 
find “appropriate.” Win the races, and give the prize car a level four turbo.

A3.) A-Spec and  B-Spec? 

Race One - Opera Paris
	Race one is located in Opera Paris and not the best at Opera Paris. 
This is optional depending on your general opinion of Opera Paris. For A-Spec, 
be patient, especially in the tight corners of the track where you’ll downshift 
to 1st gear. Just don’t forget to brake on the back straight because hitting 
that wall is costly.
	For B-Spec, take straights on 5, and corners down to 3, leaving 
overtake on and X3 on. This will help in run faster. So general strategy is 5 
on straights and 3 on corners. When you have the lead, set it to 3, but leave 
overtake on. Go make a sandwich or something and let the race run through. 

Race Two - Midfield Raceway
	Here we are, Midfield Raceway. Can you smell the victory? If you like 
the track, go ahead and A-Spec it. The turbo will easily help you massacre the 
straights, and the abundance of straights makes this an easy victory. If you, 
for whatever reason, hate Midfield Raceway, then qualify and secure 1st and let 
the race run through on 3.Still an extremely simple victory. However, if you 
feel like making it painful, then you can set overtake on and put 5 on the 
straights, and 3 in the corners. 

Race Three - High Speed Ring Reverse

	I can not stress enough the importance of not over steering here. The 
corners look friendly, but if you put too much faith in your car, it will dump 
you like yesterday’s trash. So, now to the matter at hand. For A-Spec, try to 
be conservative and let the car’s large grip (and level 4 turbo) save you from 
over steer. Another easy victory. 
	For B-Spec, 5 on the straights and I believe you can go 4 on corners if 
you don’t push it. Very simple rules aren’t they? It is all a routine by now. 
However, there is an exception. It would be, at best, unwise to go through the 
S-Turn on 4. Try to do it on 3.

Race Four - Nurburgring Nordschleife or “The Ring” (Did I Spell That Right?)
	What a mammoth of a track the Nurburgring is. I’m not going to add 15 
pages by going into detail on the A-Spec elements of this track; so in general, 
you’ll have to learn it yourself. If you did the licenses you should have an 
idea though. Just beware of the blind corners and you’ll survive. 
	For those who aren’t high, we salute you. The B-Spec here is simple. 3. 
If you, by some act of god, aren’t ahead by the straight, turn it up to 5 and 
turn on overtake and let it fly.

Race Five - Fuji Speedway 2005 GT
	Here it is. You thought you could avoid the most abused track in Gran 
Turismo 4 didn’t you? They find ways to put this track in a series for 
virtually no reason whatsoever. For A-Spec, skip the chicane IF YOU CAN. I 
know, I know. IT’S CHEAP!!! You hasses no skilz. Yeah, I’m awful. Anyways, if 
you genuinely care for this sort of thing, don’t skip the chicane. 
	For your B-Spec pleasure, all you have to do is 5 on that top straight 
where you start and 3 everywhere else. Remember to leave on overtake and get an 
easy victory. 

A4.Thanks and Final Notes
	Thanks out to you the reader, especially those who preferred it. I made 
the original off of notepad and lost all my data when my computer got hit with 
a deadly worm. Wiped my hard drive and I had to reinstall windows. It was bad. 
 	Thank you to Polyphony, even if you are a branch of Sony, the games you 
make are tremendously realistic and yet, they are still fun.
	Thank you to… Sony? Despite how much I hate Sony, they make durable 
consoles! 
	So, Johnny, tell him what he’s won! 

You’ve won somewhere in the vicinity of 135,000 dollars, and a BRAND NEW CAR! 
This AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car 98 sells for a lot more money than it 
should, and to my knowledge, can single-handedly pay for a Mercedes Benz SLR 

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