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                          THE CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND

1. Intro
2. Walkthrough
3. Copyright

  Welcome to my "Curse of Monkey Island" walkthrough!  If you're reading this, 
you're probobly having troble so I hope this will help you!  Hopefully, you won't 
have to read this from top to bottom but this game can get quite challenging.  I 
hope this can help you get past those, rip your hair out, moments and on to 
experience it all!

                The Demise Of The Zombie Pirate LeChuck

  Let me start you off at the beginning; you're trapped in a lttle cabin on 
LeChuck's ship.  Go talk to the midget pirate and after he gives you the 
literature, tell him that he's a failure as a pirate.  Uh-oh, you hurt his 
feelings, yea,yea.  Pick up the fake hook that he threw on the ground.  Now walk 
over and take the ramrod on the wall,(how does it fit in his pants?).  Now here 
comes the fun part, click on the cannon string and you'll go into first person mode 
on the cannon. Now all you have to do is sink all the skeleton boats.  Once you're 
back to you're normal view, Guybrush will notice all the nasty bones floating 
around, so what do you do?  Look the window and check 'em out!  After you talk to 
Murray go to your inventory and put the ramrod and hook together.  Now use your new 
gaff on murray to knock him into the water, sweet relief!  Also use it on the 
derbies, cool a sword!  Now go back inside and use the sword on the cannon 
restraint rope.  Once again fire the cannon.  BOOM!

  After a quick cut-scene, you find yourself in the treasure chamber.  Now pick up 
that little, brown, unattractive bag at your feet, surprise, there's a massive 
diamond ring underneath.  Pick that up too.  Now use the ring on the porthole, hope 
you can swim!


                            The Curse Gets Worse

  It seems you've had a little accident, huh?  Well now you have to lift the curse, 

  Go down the path, past the chicken and into the mist.  You'll come to a wide shot 
of the island you're on, so click on the swamp in front of you.  After you talk to 
Murray again, go into the over turned ship.  First take the pin out of the voodoo 
doll on the floor.  Next take the bag that you got on LeChuck's ship (which turns 
out to be a bag of wooden nickels) and use it with the gum machime. Now go over to 
the stuffed alligator and pull it's tongue.  Talk to the voodoo priestess that pops 
up.  She will tell you to hide Elaine, (don't worry there was nothing you could 
do).  After you finish talking to her, leave the swamp and go to the town.  Go 
through the side door on the building that says 'Speare'(the front doors are 
locked).  Take the glove from the coat pocket and the dandruff from the shoulder, 
EWWW!  Finally, take the wand and go back the way you came.  Go down the stairs 
to 'The Barbery Coast'.  Talk to the pirate barbers by the door; the one cutting 
hair won't talk.  Bill tells you that he will join your crew to Blood Island if you 
find gold and Van Helgan asks for a gentleman's duel. He won't duel you unless you  
challenge him.  So whip out your glove and and use it on him.  It's off to the 
arena!  You will be able to choose what weapon you want.  Close the lid on the 
middle box and choose the banjo. Now you'll play a little memory game.  He will 
begin strumming on the banjo until he stops and hits one string.  He'll do it a few 
times so watch what strings he hits. Once it goes Guybrush's banjo, repeat what 
strings he hit.  Finally Van Helgen will start playing insanely well.  Now walk 
over to the gun pile and take a pistol, he, he.  Use the gun to shoot the dueling 
banjo.  Now your a true pirate!

  Once back at the barber shop, go over to the barber chair.  When the barber puts 
the comb down take out the lice from the coat and put them on it.  Once Captain 
Rottingham is gone talk to the barber.  When you ask him to be part of your crew, 
don't agree to a caber toss.  Instead ask for a hair cut.  When you're in the chair 
pull the lever on the side.  Guybrush will kick the paperweight off the hair 
styling manual and Haggis will go look for a new one.  When he's gone, keep pulling 
the lever until you're as high as you can go.  Now pull the scissors out of the 
ceiling and go down.  Just before going out pick up the jawbraker on the floor.  
Once outside go back across the bridge and around the restaurant.  Go down the 
little path and use the scissors on a flower.  After you get it, Guybrush will read 
a sign about it, remember what it says.  Once again pull out your scissors and use 
them on the dense foliage to cut your own path.  You'll come to a clearing with a 
sign that says 'snake crossing'.  As you pass a huge snake will eat you.  Don't 
worry about getting a weapon, i's impossible (yes I tried to get the machete too).  
Once inside the snake, pick up the Faberge egg and the vacuum attachments then lots-
o-stuff.  Right click and you will see tons of stuff added to your inventory 
chest.  Now mix the Ipecac flower with the maple syrup (remember what the sign 
said)?  Now use the Syrup Ipecac on the snake's head and he will sneeze you out.  
You end up in quicksand (nothing ever goes well for Guybrush).  Pull out the reed 
on your right and grab a thorn.  Now go into your inventory and put the reed and 
thorn together and the paperweight and balloon.  Once you put the later together a 
balloon will float in front of you.  Click on it and select the talk icon to blow 
it.  Once it stops over the vine use the peashooter on it.  It will knock the vine 
towards you and Guybrush will pull himself up. YOu will end up on the shores of 
Danger Cove.  If you go to the ship you will just walk the plank so go up the stony 
path.  Go back to Puerto Pollo and go into the restaurant.  You will have picked up 
a reservation slip in the snake so tell Captain Blondebeard that you have one.  
First, go push the quiet patron.  Ahhh, he's dead!  Take the serrated bread knife 
from his back.  Next take the club card out of the chicken bones.  Now go talk to 
Blondebeard again and learn about the 'Demon Chicken'.  Now give him him the 
jawbreaker that you found on the floor of the barber shop.  This will loosen his 
gold tooth.  Now gim him the steak-flavored gum.  When he blows a bubble pop it 
with your voodoo pin.  His tooth will come flying out so go grab it.  Now go back 
to the barber and give the tooth to Cutthroat Bill.  Now you only need one more 
crew member.  Go to the fort and grab the burning ember from the wrecked dinghy.  
Now go back to Puerto Pollo and to the arch way to the right of the Theater.  You 
will end up back in the dueling arena.  Go up on the grassy knoll.  Use the 
serrated bread knife on the sawhorse and the barrel of rum will roll down towards 
the rubber trees.  Now use the ember on the trail of rum.  The barrel will explode 
and blow one of the rubber trees onto the log pile.  Once done, go back and talk to 
Haggis and agree to the caber toss.  Once on the dueling field, Guybrush will get 
the rubber tree, which will bounce further than Haggis's.  
  So now you have all of your crew.  Now you need a map to Blood Island.  So go 
back to the Teater and go on the stage.  Go talk to Cromwell and learn about his 
agent at the Brimstone Beach Club.  Now go down, past the barber to the beach.  
Talk to the Cabana Boy and he will tell you that you need a membership card.  So 
give him the card you found in the chicken bones.  Now go take three towels from 
the bin and use them with the ice bucket to get them cold and wet.  Now go onto the 
beach and walk out onto the hot sand.  Guybrush will do a little jig and say that 
the sand is too hot to cross.  So use the wet towels with the got sand.  Do this 
three times untill you're safely across.  Now talk to the sunbather and learn that 
he has a map to Blood Island tattooed on his back.  He will ask you to get him 
another drink so pick up his mug.  Now open the gate and go back to Purto Pollo.  
Next , go talk to the small prate at the lemonade stand. Ask for some lemonade, but 
because of the bottonless mug policy, you don't get any!  Now use Palido's mug with 
the bottomless one and Guybrush will switch the two.  Now ask for some more 
lemonade and you'll get to enjoy it!  Because of this, Kenny will run away.  Don't 
you feel bad that you put a young entrepreneur out of business?  Of course not!  
Now take the pitcher and fill it with the die from the die vats.  Now go back to 
the beach and give the bottomless mug to Palido.  Use the pitcher with the mug and 
the die will come out of the bottom.  Once Palido believes that he got burnt he 
will turn over and you can see the tattoo.  Now go out the gate and back to the 
cabana.  Take one towel and soak it in the ice bucket.  Now use the wet towel on 
the cabana boy.  Guybrush will use it to slap him and he'll run away.  Now go in 
and take the cooking oil.  Now go back to the beach and use the oil on Palido's 
back.  It will start to cook and you can peel the map right off!  Ewww!  

  Now you have a crew and a map, all you need is a ship and most importantly, 
Elaine.  Go into the theater and use the wand on the hat and a book will magically 
appear.  Go to Danger Cove and use the little boat to get to the ship.  pull out 
the serrated bread knife and use it on the plank.  Now go up and open the door.  
Since the plank is gone they will tar and feather you.  Once back on shore go to 
Puerto Pollo and into the restaurant.  Remember how much Blondebeard hates El Pollo 
Diablo?  Well what do you think you look like?  Naturally he'll mistake you for the 
devil chicken, whack you over the head with a frying pan and stick you in a bucket 
of fried chicken.  you will end up back on the ship in Danger Cove.  You will over 
hear Mr. Fossy talking to the 'captain' LeChimp!  Use the ventriloquism book on 
LeChimp and Guybrush will tell Mr. Fossy to give up pirating.  When he leaves 
Guybrush will hop out and grab the treasure map.  Now open the porhole and jump 
out.  Now go back to the theater and go upstairs.  It seems the 17th century, 
electrical wiring is messed up.  Examine the treasure map and pull the handle to 
reveal where Elaine is hidden.  Once downstairs use the chicken grease on the 
cannon balls.  Cromwell will juggle them, slip and fly off stage.  Now come on 
stage grab the shovel and start digging!

                        Three Sheets To The Wind

  So you've finally set sail!  But just your luck, Captain Rottingham steals the 
map to Blood Island while the crew is looking at a whale.  After their little song, 
Haggis will ask you what kind of a captain you are.  If you choose to let them help 
you then you will defeat all of your opposing ships the first time you hit them.  
If you choose to be independent then you will have a much harder time of it.  Once 
you've chosen, look at the navigational chart.  Go meet the ships with question 
marks.  Once on board you will have to insult each other with insults that rhyme.  
Every time you defeat someone and take his treasure, go back to Plunder Town Harbor 
and buy an upgraded cannon from Kenny who has gone into a new business.  When you 
have taken all the pirates' treasure and gotten the state of the art cannon (the 
one with the fax modem) and learned a lot of comebacks you are ready to fight 
Rottingham.  He will use different insults but you can use the same comebacks, you 
just have to figure out which goes with which.  When you finally defeat him (this 
will likely take a few tries) you will ge the map back. After that it's straight on 
till' morning!

                The Bartender The Thieves His Aunt and Her Uncle

  When you crash on the shore of Blood Island Haggis will tell you that they are 
leaving you and going back to their barber shop.  First pick up the bottle iying in 
the sand.  Now go up to the hotel.  Once inside talk to the fortune-teller and 
learn your future.  Pick up the tarot cards that Madame Xima put down on the 
table.  Now walk over and talk to the bartender and he will tell you that he will 
talk to you if you find a remedy for his terrible hangover.  Pick up the recipe 
book from the bar, go into your invetory and look in it.  Flip the pages until you 
come to Appendix A: A Pirate's First Hangover Cure and you will see the 
ingredients.  Next, take the torn cushion from the barstool.  Now go out of the 
hotel and into the graveyard.  Go over to the dog in the further area of the 
graveyard and take it's doggy treats.  Now give the treats to the old dog and he'll 
bite you.  Now take a bit of his fur and you'll have the hair of the dog that 
bit 'ya!  Now grab the mallet and chisel and head for the beach.  Go under the tree 
with the egg in it and use the cushion on the rocks.  Now use the mallet on the 
tree to make the egg fall right onto the cushion.  Next go up to the windmill and 
simply pick the pepper off the pepper plant.  Now you have all the ingredients.  So 
head back to  the hotel.  Give the bartender everything he needs to make the 
remedy.  Once he's recovered, talk to him and order a drink.  Use the chisel on the 
hangover remedy that Goodsoup gave you then use that with the drink.  Select the 
parrot icon to drink it (don't try this at home)!  

  After the hilarious 'ending ' scene use the chisel with the coffin.  Once you're 
out, pick up the nails in the coffin you just came out of.  Now use the chisel on 
the middle coffin and the insurance broker, Stan will pop out!  Once you've opened 
the door, go back to the hotel.  No one will care that you came back from the dead 
so go upstairs.  Go into the room right infront of you.  Look up and use the mallet 
on the nail sticking out of the wall.  Go back into the hallway and you'll see that 
a picture frame fell.  Pick up the nail and go into the room further down.  Pull 
down the bed and you'll see a skeleton holding a book.  Use the coffin nails on the 
bed and Guybrush will say that they're not going to hold it so use the nail from 
the hall.  Now take the book and go back downstairs.  Talk to the bartender and 
find out that you can't be buried in his crypt unless you're part of the family.  
When he tells you this say, "Uncle Griswald, don't you recognize me?"  Next tell 
him that you could talk about family history all day.  Once he's convinced ask for 
another drink.  Once again use the Head-B-Clear on it and drink it.  This time you 
will end up in the Goodsoup family crypt.  This time Guybrush will get himself out 
and walk over.  Yikes, it's a ghost!  Talk to her and learn about LeChuck and the 
wedding ring.  She says that she won't give you the band until she finds her true 
love.  So walk over to the other side of the crypt and take the crowbar.  Walk 
around the coffin and Murray will drop down. trying to scare you.  Pick hum up and 
walk to the crack in the wall.  Look through to see Mort the gravedigger.  You can 
talk to him, but he'll only think you're some kids playing a prank.  When you're 
done talking to him use the skeleton arm with the lantern to grab it through the 
crack.  Now put the lantern on the coffin lid and use Murray with the lantern.  
There'll be another funny scene when Mort thinks that he saw a ghost.  He will open 
the door for you so you can walk out.  Now visit 'The Mutual of Stan' and ask him 
for an insurance policy.  You will need to pay somehow so give him the gold tooth.  
Once you have it, go back to the hotel.  Go into the storage room at the back of 
the lobby.  First take the magnet from the refrigerater and take the death 
certificate.  Now use the chisel on the Wheel-O-Cheese to get a big hunk of it.  
Now go back to the bar ande take the empty jar.  Go back to The Mutual of Stan and 
talk to Stan.  Guybrush will shiw him the death certificate and you will get a big 
heap of gold from the life insurance,(oh, yea).  Now go up to the mysterious lights 
and you will find a deserted village.  Go over to the table in front of you and 
pick up the measuring cup and auger.  Now go back to the windmill and go up through 
it to the barrel.  Use the empty jar on it to fill it with sugar water.  Now go 
down to the clearing right abouve the shipwreck where you will see Elaine.  Use the 
jar of sugar water with ythe stump and all the fireflies will go in.  Next use the 
chisel with the jar lid and use that with the jar.  With the fire flies trapped 
inside, you'll have your own lantern.  So head to the lighthouse and once inside 
put the lantern on the lantern post.  The lighthouse is working again!  Now go down 
to the beach and you will see a mysterious figure in a little boat.  Talk to him 
and he will tell you his story.  Ask him for a ride to Skull Island but he says 
that he won't, without a compass.  So use the measuring cup with the seawater to 
fill it up.  Now go to your inventory chest and use the pin with the magnet to make 
it magnetic.  Next use the pin with the cork and that with the measuring cup.  
Congrats, you made your own compass!  Give the compass to the Flying welshman and 
ask once again to go to Skull Island.  Guybrush will get in and you'll be taken to 
Skull Island,(warning the shape of the island is not for the faint of hart).  
Guybrush will go to the top of the cliff so talk to the winch operator.  Tell him 
to let you dow to the smugglers' cave.  He will lose hold of the handle and you 
will start to fall.  Quickly look in your inventory and use the umbrella and you 
will float down to the cave.  When you go in tell the smugglers that you have so 
much money, it's almost embarrassing.  Then ask if you could work out a deal.  
Agree to their challenge to a game of poker.  When all the cards are dealt, take 
out your five tarot cards and give them to Andre.  You'll win the game, but being 
criminals, instead of giving you the diamond, they pull a gun on you!  But don't 
worry, LaFoot comes through the door and the wind blows out the candles.  In the 
darkness Guybrush will grab the diamond and escape.  Once back outside, Guybrush 
will ask the Welshman to bring him back to Blood Island.  Once back on the beach, 
go to the hotel.  Go upstairs to the far room.  Use the crowbar on the boarded hole 
making a big hole in the wall.  Now use the crowbar with the bed to send the 
skeleton flying.  He lands in the Goodsoup crypt for a hilarious cut scene.  Now 
that Minne has found her true love she takes off her ring.  Guybrush will 
automatically come to the grave so all you have to do is pick up the engagement 
band.  Now use the diamond with the band and you have a completed diamond ring!  
Now go back to the village and pick up the huge block of tofu.  Use the auger with 
the tofu to make a tribal mask.  Now go through the archway and talk to the 
islander.  He will tell you that they are expecting a vegetarian visitor for their 
sacrifice to the lactose intolerant, volcano god.  When you are finished talking, 
walk back into the shadows and put on the tofu mask.  Approach Lemonhead and he 
will bring you to the cermony.  When it's over and they're toasting marshmallows, 
throw the cheese into the seething caldera.  The volcano god, being lactose 
intolerant, will erupt, causing the lava to flow down the mountain.  Luckily you 
got out okay, so head down to the shipwreck.  Ask Haggis if you can borrow his hand 
lotion.  Keep asking him until he tells you that if you find him a replacement for 
tar then he'll give you the whole bottle of lotion.  So go back to the hotel.  Once 
you're in the courtyard, go over to the barbecue.  The lava is heating it now so 
put the rest of the cheese into the pot.  Pick up the pot and Guybrush will say 
that he'll take it to Haggis.  With the sticky cheese as a replacement, you can 
pick up the lotion.  Go to the clearing and use the lotion with Elaine's ring.  
Pull off the cursed ring and it will explode.  Now slip your ring on her finger and 
the cuse is lifted!  Think they'll live happily ever after now? Think again!  

                      The Kiss Of The Spider Monkey

  You'll be taken to the carnival of the damned.  Talk to LeChuck for a while then 
tell him that you've heard enough on his evil storys and to get it over with.  When 
you cover your ears he'll tell you that if you're going to act like a child then 
he'll put you in mood.  After he leaves, open the door of the ride and Guybrush the 
little kid will walk out!  Once you are in the carnival, go talk to Dinghy Dog.  
Ask how you can win a prize and bet him on how old you are.  When he guesses the 
wrong answer you get your choice of prizes.  Choose the anchor,(you can pick the 
other ones but you'll always end up with the anchor).  Put the anchor in the stack 
of pies.  Little Guybrush will ask to see the cannon fire and the rat will fire the 
pie with the anchor in it, knocking out the mime in the window.  Now open the gate 
and look through the hole.  The Wharf Rat will fire a pie at you and Guybrush will 
take the meringue.  Next go to Dinghy Dog and push him.  Do this four times until 
he bites you.  When he does, Guybrush will pull off a bit of fur from the costume.  
Now go over to the snowcone stand and take the pepper mill.  Talk to the soda jerk 
and order a plain snowcone.  Look in your inventory and put the meringue, pepper 
and hair on it.  Now eat it and Guybrush will grow back to his normal size.  

                       Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again

  You'll appear on LeChuck's 'coster.  Get off at the first stop and take the 
fallen rope.  Now hop into the next car and ride to the next spot.  Get out here 
and take the keg o' rum.  At the next spot grab the flask of oil.  Be quick a each 
spot or else LeChuck will catch you and try to burn you to a crisp; don't worry 
though, you'll  dive into a passing car and make your escape.  Finally get out at 
the snowy spot.  Go to your inventory and use the rope with the oil and then with 
the rum to make a fused bomb.  Use it with the Dynamo-Monkelectric Giant Snow 
Monkey if you're quick enough.  Now go down for your final showdown with LeChuck.  
Just before he burns your feet use the pepper mill on him.  He'll sneeze out fire 
and light the fuse.  Guybrush jumps into a passing car.  BOOM! Say goodbye to 
Captain LeChuck!

                                THE END

  I wrote this walkthrough and I wish it to remain as seen above.  Under no 
circumstances do I wish it to be changed or tampered with.  However I do hope that 
this walkthrough will help to guide you through this challenging yet awesome game!

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